This is from the seventh book Little Town on the Prairie in the chapter 'School Time Begins Again'

These are Almanzo's thoughts when he walks Laura home for the first time (and the few times after that).

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder

It is a good thing I am not here to listen to Reverend Brown drone on and on about how we all need to save our souls from the sin that is all around us. I only want him to finish so I can find Laura and ask to walk her home again. I do hope she says yes and was not too upset about our lack of conversation last night. I know what I want to talk about this time. This time I will not let the silence go on. I'll start a conversation. Now that I know that I want to ask to walk her home I have been thinking of different things we can discuss. Should I start with school or all the events from this past winter? I could talk about The New England Supper we had back on Thanksgiving, or should I talk about Mr. Ingalls when he dressed as a Blackie….No, I want to know more about her so I'll start with a few things about myself to make her feel more comfortable and then ask her about herself. I am not sure why, but I really want to know more about Laura. Ever since that buggy ride I just have to know more about her!

Finally, Reverend Brown is done! Honestly, I do not understand what most people find so wonderful about Reverend Brown. He is a nice enough person, however his sermons seem more about saving your soul then about treating others with respect. That and his horrible grammar! Eliza Jane would be grinding her teeth if she could hear him. Then with all the shouting he does….not what I prefer, but to each his own I suppose.

I see Mr. Ingalls standing up and starting to walk towards the door. There she is, walking so quietly behind Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls. I wonder why she is blushing? She looks so darling when she blushes though.

May I see you home?


Well lucky me! She started the conversation talking about herself! I did not even need to start talking about myself to get her feeling more comfortable. How interesting! I did not know she had come from Plum Creek, Minnesota; at least that she lived there for a time. Not very close to Spring Valley, but neither is it that far. She seems interested in where I grew up, almost as much as I am interested in where she grew up. I wonder if that means anything…

Time seems to fly when we are together! What normally is a long and boring walk with only Royal for company seems to go by so quickly when talking with Laura. She is fascinating! She really knows how to hold your attention. The way her eyes start to twinkle when she is having a good time or making light of a situation…..

Good night.

What a wonderful night! I am actually looking forward to Reverend Brown's sermon tomorrow simply because it means I will get to spend more time with Laura and get to walk her home again. The Ingalls do not seem to mind that I am walking their daughter home; I hope that means they trust me with their daughter. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough for me!

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