This is from the seventh book Little Town on the Prairie in the chapter 'The School Exhibition'

These are Almanzo's thoughts when he walks Laura home for the last time in this book.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wonderful! She was absolutely wonderful! The way she presented herself was astounding. To be able to get up in front of the whole town and give such a presentation about our history is something I do not think I could ever do. Now with the whole town watching her I hope she will still want to walk home with me. I know I never did anything so impressive before. I am a simple homesteader. I can only hope that nobody else tries to walk her home. She may accept not realizing that I only want her walking home with me…at least for now. Every time we talk I want to spend more and more time with her. It never seems to be enough….

I wonder if I offer her something she cannot refuse then she will start to understand that I like spending time with her. I find her fascinating and I want to continue spending time with her, just the two of us. Now that I think about it, that time I gave her a ride with Prince and Lady she seemed enthralled by them. I am making a cutter…I wonder if she would want a ride in it once I am finished? It does not hurt to ask, if she says yes then I get to spend more time alone with her, if she says no then I know to stop walking her home because she does not want to be around me or spend any more time with me.

Mr. Owen dismissed everyone but now I cannot seem to find the Ingalls. I was watching them so carefully before and now with everyone standing up I cannot see. I'll just make my way over to the door so I won't miss them…..Oh, there they are! She's struggling with her coat, I should help her, and Mr. Ingalls has his hands full helping Mrs. Ingalls.

Good evening, Mr. Ingalls.

She looks rather surprised to see me. I hope that does not mean she does not want me here or that she did not want my assistance with her coat.

It is such a crush getting out of the church. She is so small; I do not want her getting hurt by all the people trying to leave at the same time as us. Once we are outside I will start a conversation. It is nearly impossible to hear anything in here anyway.

Oh stupid me! I never even asked if she wanted me to walk her home!

I guess I ought to have asked you if I may see you home.

Yes, but anyway, you are.

It was such a tussle, getting out of that crowd.

Should I ask now? I suppose it does not hurt to ask.

May I see you home?

She has such a beautiful laugh. So light and happy.

Yes. Are your horses tied on Main Street?

My horses? Should I take that as a sign to ask her about going sleigh riding with me? Alright Almanzo, tell her about the cutter….if she looks excited then ask if not move on to something else you can talk about.

No, I left them blanketed on the south side of the church, out of the wind. I am making a cutter.

Please look interested….YES! She looks so hopeful…I don't want to assume anything. I'll keep talking about sleighing and see if she keeps that look on her face.

If this snow holds, there ought to be some good sleighing. It looks like we're going to get another mild winter.

Yes, it does, doesn't it.

It takes some little time to build just right, and then I'm going to paint it, two coats. It won't be ready to take out till some time after Christmas.

Just ask her….

Do you like to go sleighing?

I don't know, I never went.

Please say yes!

But I'm sure I would like to.

She said she wanted to go sleighing with me! She is either really excited to ride behind my horses, although who wouldn't be, Lady and Prince are truly the best of horses, or she actually likes being in my company as much as I like being in hers.

Well we are almost at her door, I'll have to ask quickly or else I don't know when I will get another chance like this.

Well, I'll come around some time in January and maybe you'd like to go for a little spin and see how you like it. Some Saturday, say? Would that suit you?

Yes. Oh yes! Thank you.

All right, then I'll be around, in a couple of weeks if this weather holds.

What a wonderful night! She said yes! I'll have to finish the cutter a little faster than I expected to, but it will be worth it. Just thinking about spending all that time with her makes me want to shout with joy! All that time, just the two of us. Now I will be able to learn as much as I want about her and share my childhood stories with her.

I cannot believe how lucky I am. A few late nights ought to put me on track to be done in a few weeks…Until then Laura…..until then.

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