This is a crossover of Harry Potter and Victorious, I hope ya'll like it!

When Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid go to Hollywood Arts in the USA, they attempt to do magic, will they get caught? Might have a little Harry and Tori, if I feel like it I'm sorry but I might not use Ron very much, for all of you Ron Weasley fans

Third Person POV at Hollywood Arts

"Hey" Tori said as André and Cat came over to the lunch table.

"Hi Tori, look at my lizard" Cat said pushing a lizard into Tori's face.

"Eww…Cat, get that away from me!" Tori said, disgusted.

"I think he's kinda cute" Andre said.

"I know right?" Cat said.

"Why do you have that thing?" Tori asked.

"My brother gave him to me, his name is fluffy" She said.

"Fluffy?" Andre asked.

"Yeah, see his fur is fluffy" She said.

"Um…Cat, he doesn't have fur" Tori told Cat.

"What…Oh, but his skin is fluffy!" She said, hopefully. Andre shrugged at Tori.

"Yep Cat, his skin is fluffy." Tori agreed.

"Do you want some of my hotdog?" Cat asked.


"Not Really"

Hermione's POV

"Harry! Hurry up! Hagrid's going to miss us!" I shouted at the famous, Harry Potter, yes, the one who defeated Lord Voldemort not once, but twice! Now we were going to visit our friend, Hagrid, Ron had gone ahead, and was probably already at Hagrid's. "HARRY!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" He yelled, aggravated.

When we got to Hagrid's house, five minutes later, he and Ron were waiting in the pumpkin patch. "Where have you been!" Ron roared, sometimes, I think he has anger issues.

"We have been, or I have been waiting for Mr. Harry Potter to catch up to me." I told him. Then Hagrid decided to talk.

"Guess where we're going!"

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