The Green Eyed Panther's Light and Night

(Disclaimer) I do not own Harry Potter. If I did Snape wouldn't be a bully to an eleven year old orphan. Neville and Luna would be Harry's best friends and not the red headed weasel and the bossy beaver. Harry would have had an animagus form like a wolf or a panther.

Warning: Slash, Sexy Stuff, Character Death, Twincest, and Language.

Pairings: Harry/Severus (together since the middle of fifth year), Draco/Ron, Fred/George, Neville/Seamus, Remus/Lucius, Sirius/Bill and Theo/Luna, Dean/Susan.

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly, Lily, James, Hermione, and Ginny.

Things you must know before reading: Voldemort died the first time he attacked the Potters, but Dumbledore doesn't believe it. Harry, Neville Draco and Ron have been best friends since they were five years old. Lily and James are alive and the fame has got to their heads. Alice and Frank are alive and are loving parents to Neville. Arthur Weasley will have a backbone in this story. The story starts the summer after sixth year.

Chapter 1

A True Dark Family

Harry wakes to the sound of James and Lily fighting again. It was the third time in the one week he has been at the manor after sixth year. He wished that he could spend the summer with his mate Severus Snape and not with James and Lily.

He hasn't thought of the two fighting idiots as his parents since they sent hexes and curses at his uncles Moony and Luc for getting together when he was five. And when his godfather tried to talk to Lily and James about it they cursed his, called his a fag lover and told him he couldn't see Harry anymore.

After that his uncles gave him a pendent that had a wolf and a snow leopard on it that allowed him to go to their manor. Sirius now lives with his lover Bill Weasley in Egypt as a healer of different ancient dark and black curses.

Holding the pendent in his hand, he thought about going for the weekend to rest at the Malfoy manor, when he heard the floo. Getting out of bed and putting a Silencio spell around him. Harry when downstairs after he told Lux his pure white Siberian Husky, that Severus got him for their one year anniversary, to stay in the room. As he neared the living room he heard the familiar voice of Albus -too-many-names Dumbledore.

"The plan is really quite simple my dear."

"Headmaster, are you should this will work?" asked Lily in her Stuck Up Bitch voice.

"Yes my dear all we have to do is get rid of Severus then no one can tell that young Ginny is feeding Harry the love and lust potions to him. This will also stop Harry and Severus from being together, and ruining your good name.

After much thought I think Harry has gotten too independent with his friends around him, he needs to be more controlled and Ginny, Hermione and Molly will do a great job with that." said Dumbledore in his 'I am simply doing this for you', fake grandfather voice.

Harry couldn't believe it they were talking about killing his mate and enslaving him(Harry) as if they were talking about a new dusting charm.

"Headmaster has there been any news on You-Know-Who?" asked James 'Small Dick' Potter.

The wild black haired man had almost disowned Harry, when he was sorted into Slytherin, but Dumbledore said that it was best not to if they wanted to control Harry and have fame.

Harry had only found out about the almost disownment when his personal house elf Dobby popped the almost completed forms to him. Dobby had also showed him the memory of the Potters and Dumbledore's conversation when Harry was on the train to King Cross at the end of first year. After that Harry had all his friends use their own personal elves as spies on different people.

" I'm afraid not my boy. He seems to be still lying low for now." answered the Fool of the Goat Fuckers.

"Harry be resorted after he is with young Ginny, right Headmaster?" asked Lily.

"Oh but of course my dear we can't have the hero be anything but Gryffindor. Now I will be on my way, I have a meeting with our dear Potion Master in ten minutes and I can't be late."

Harry didn't like the way the old Goat said meeting it sent chills down his spine. When he heard the floo his mind went into overdrive, he ran to his room, thinking quickly he whispered, " Dobby."


As Dobby was about to open his mouth Harry put his hand over it and he shook his head no. Once he sure Dobby wouldn't talk he removed his hand and took out his wand and a potion vial. Thinking of the past five minutes, Harry placed the memory in the vial and handed it to Dobby.

"Dobby I need you to go to Malfoy Manor and tell them that Dumbledore is going to try to kill Severus. Take Remus and Lucius to Madam Bones and have them charge Dumbledore, Lily and James Potter with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Give that vial to Madam Bones only and make sure Fudge is nowhere near it. Now Go!" With a soft pop Dobby was gone.

Grabbing Lux and thinking of the room of requirement Harry vanished from the Potter Manor and reappeared in Hogwarts.

Letting go of Lux and getting his wand out, Harry thought of a door that would lead to Severus's chambers.

He and Lux ran thought the door only to stop in shock at what they saw. The living room was completely destroyed chairs, the couch and books were scattered in pieces throughout the room.

'Please be okay Severus.' Harry thought as he took in the damage around the chamber.


Hearing the loud bang Harry and Lux took off outside of the room and into the hallway.

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