The Green Eyed Panther's Light and Night

(Disclaimer) I do not own Harry Potter. If I did Snape wouldn't be a bully to an eleven year old orphan. Neville and Luna would be Harry's best friends and not the red headed weasel and the bossy beaver. Harry would have had an animagus form like a wolf or a panther.

Warning: Slash, Sexy Stuff, Character Death, Twincest, and Language.

Pairings: Harry/Severus (together since the middle of fifth year), Draco/Ron, Fred/George, Neville/Seamus, Remus/Lucius, Sirius/Bill and Theo/Luna, Dean/Susan.

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly, Lily, James, Hermione, and Ginny.

Things you must know before reading: Voldemort died the first time he attacked the Potters, but Dumbledore doesn't believe it. Harry, Neville Draco and Ron have been best friends since they were five years old. Lily and James are alive and the fame has got to their heads. Alice and Frank are alive and are loving parents to Neville. Arthur Weasley will have a backbone in this story. The story starts the summer after sixth year.

Chapter 2

Love's Pain

(Last Chapter)


Hearing the loud bang Harry and Lux took off outside of the room and into the hallway.

A yellow flash passed Harry as he opened the door to the hallway. First activating Lux's protective charm on his collar, Harry then jumped over the next curse that passed him by.

Looking down the hall way Harry could make out two shapes and one was on the ground. Staying close to the wall and having Lux crouching low to the floor as they neared the two dueling wizards.

Once Harry was close he could see that Severus seemed to be bleeding from a cutting hex across his chest and was the one on the floor. He could see that Dumbledore's white beard seemed to have caught fire during their duel in the hallway and that his left arm was hanging useless on his side with blood dripping down.

Harry never took the cowards way out but he knew that if Dumbledore knew that there was a witness to him using dark magic he would kill first and never ask questions later. So he gave Lux the signal to attack as he aimed his wand at Dumbledore's back.

What happened next felt like it was in slow motion. He stunning spell left his wand, while Lux jumped and bit down on Dumbledore's upper left arm. But before Harry's spell could hit Dumbledore a dark purple almost black light shoot out of Dumbledore's wand and hit Severus in the chest.

As Dumbledore crumbled to the floor Harry ran pass his to get to his mate after putting Dumbledore in a body bind. Harry knelt by his shaking mate, and grabbing his mate's cold hand in his, Harry started to gently ran his free hand thought Severus's soft hair.

"Come on Severus you have to open those beautiful eyes of yours for me." begged Harry trying not to let hos voice crack.

He quickly took off his jacket and put it over Severus's bleeding chest to stop the blood flow. Harry really wanted to move Severus to safety to get heal but knew that moving him could do more harm then good.

Thinking quickly he grabbed is wand and sent his panther guardian to Remus and Lucius at The Ministry to tell them to bring a healer to Hogwarts right now and to bring the aurors but not Tonks.

Harry watched with tear filled and dulling eyes as Lux made his way to them. His once pure white coat now had a red and pink tinged to it. Lux licked at Severus's face then jumped back waiting for Severus to scold him. When Lux didn't get scolded he made a pitiful whine and put his big head on Severus's slowly moving chest.

Harry felt Severus's hand squeeze his lightly when his eyes slowly opened.

"Severus Sev I'm here its going to be ok love." said Harry trying to calm his mate.

Severus then carefully lifted his hand to Harry's cheek and whispered between painful breath, " I you so Raven. But you can't foll...ow me after I go. You must live on wit...hout me before we can again."

With tears falling down his cheek Harry shook his head no.

"I can't live without you Severus. I can't promise not to follow you."

"Please Harry you must live. Please promise me this."

Harry looked into his mate's pain filled eyes and whispered," I promise Severus."

Severus gave him a soft smile as his eyes began to fall close and his hand on Harry's cheek fell down. Taking a deep breath Severus said, "Love y...ou."

"Love you too Sev." choked out Harry as he went back to running his fingers though Severus's hair.

Severus's breathing slowed once again as Harry curled his body around his mate's cooling body. Harry continued to plead for Severus to open his eyes or squeeze his hand again. What felt like hours for Harry as he watching his mate slip away from him was really two minutes before Remus ran out of Severus's chamber down the hall.

But by then it was too late Harry could feel his bond with Severus die with a sickening snap. Lux let out a sorrow filled howl when his bond with one of his two master died. Harry made an inhuman, heart wrenching scream filled with lost, rage, and agony, when he could no longer feel any warmth from his bond with Severus.

Just as Remus made it to his broken godson Severus's body started to glow, it started to look like thousands of fireflies made up his body. When Harry went to touch his mate each firefly like light wrapped around Harry. For a second it felt like Severus was hugging him and could have sworn that he heard Sev voice whisper 'Live' before all the lights went up to the ceiling.

The next chapter will be a week after Severus's funeral went Dumbledore, Lily and James goes on trial. Sorry if I made any tear up.

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