I'm sick of telling people my name and for them to ask "THE Alice?"

I'm tired of this silly White Rabbit always saying he's late but never telling me what for.

I'm annoyed at the Red Queen that thinks she can control everyone just cause she angry at her sister.

I'm ticked off at the Cheshire Cat for not giving the right directions and when he finally does, he leave me with a confusing riddle.

I'm irratated at the Dormouse for always falling asleep during every fight.

And most of all, i'm maddened at the Hatter for always saying things in a "mad" way.

But i wouldn't have got everywhere without them so...

I'm contented with telling people my name, cause they know the good i've done.

I'm joyous to have the White Rabbit help me even if it makes he late.

I'm still annoyed with the Red Queen so no changing that.

I'm fortunate to have the Cheshire Cat to help remember even if the riddles are hard to figure out, they still help.

I'm pleased to have the Dormouse with me, cause no matter what terror we're in, she'll fight for me.

And most of all, i'm happy to have the Hatter cause without him, i would have not known my destiny and for that, he's a great friend.

So with that, i'll tell you, though all the things i've been though, good or bad, i wouldnt change a thing. Cause believe it or not, i am "THE Alice" but without them, i would be just plain "Alice"