So, this is a collaboration of a series of texts messages my friend, Broadway, and I texted each other earlier today. We were both slightly bored, I guess, and began to text poems. If it's by The Broadway newsie, I'll put Broadway in front of it. If it's by me, I'll put Lucy in front. Savvy? Sorry, just watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now. Who wants to say the disclaimer?

Captain Jack Sparrow: *Puts gun to my head*

You know how this ends. Either way, I don't own Newsies, Pirates of the Caribbean, or, sadly, New York City.


Brooklyn is mighty,

'Cause it's ruled by King Spot.

He has a pimp cane,

And my God, is he hot.


Queens is for girls,

We superior sex.

There we run the world,

Better than a T-Rex.


Harlem's for thieves,

Who run in the night.

Their games aren't fair,

But they know how to fight.


Midtown's the place,

For battles and gore.

No matter how 'nnoying,

It sure ain't a bore.


'Hattan's all jokesters,

The best one's named Race.

He's always quick witted,

And he bakes a good face.*


Staten's an island,

With many a skirt.

But watch out you newsies,

They'll throw you in the dirt.


The Bronx is all tough guys,

Who throw a good punch.

They like to talk trash,

And they're not liked too much.


Bowery's the place,

For gangs, knives, and crime.

For kids covered completely,

In disgusting grime.


The docks is the place,

Where Brooklynites cool off.

No one looks better shirtless,

Than the almighty Spot.


Medda's place is the place,

Where everyone goes.

Even Sarah Jacobs,

Jack'll bring her a rose.


Tibby's is a restaurant,

That must not mind the noise.

'Cause they serve meals to

Thirty rowdy boys.


Pulitzer is,

One son of a bitch.

He used to be a soldier,

But now he's just rich.


New York is a city,

Where magic is made.

From the strike to the movie,

And even Broadway!


Sarah's a bitch,

A complete Mary Sue.

What we fansies say is,



Racetrack's a newsie,

Who goes to Sheepshead.

He COULD save his money,

But he bets it instead.


Davey's a halfer,**

With a lot at stake.

But he's such a chatterbox,

Let's hit 'im with a rake.

*Nah, me neither.

**A halfer is a newsie who only works and sells papes half the time and has a family and work and/or school to go to the rest of the time. Easier to classify as doesn't-sleep-in-the-lodging-house.

So? Whaddaya think? By the way, I mean no offense to the good people of New York—even though I've been there and some are not so good, you know what I mean? Anywho, this is just in the context of Newsies and the fandom.

'Kay? So read and review, please, and tell me what you think!