Full Summary:

Sarah Sawyer moved out of Perfection, Nevada after the last Graboid attack. Her brother, Desert Jack stayed, seeing as he'd married Jodi shortly after Sarah had moved to Perfection. She didn't want to constantly fear for her life in her own home, that and there was no call for a cop in Perfection. What happens when the worm problem shows up in Canada, while she and her friends from the 15th are on vacation? Will they make it out alive?

Much Needed Vacation:

15th District Barn:

Sarah walked into the 15th with her bag hung over her shoulder. She had been telling her friends that they all needed to get away for a weekend or at least a small little vacation. They said that they would be heading up to the cabin that Sarah had built shortly after moving to Toronto. It was made so that if any Graboid's ever found their way up this far north, they would never be able to get in. The basement was twelve feet think on the sides as well as on the bottom, held all of the weapons needed to fight off Shriekers, and enough food to stop any Ass Blasters in their flight. The upstairs was completely Shrieker and Ass Blaster proof, something she had learned living in Perfection, Nevada, where she had moved after her brother had married Jodi, the local shop keeper.

It was amazing to think that she could try and be a cop where the only real crime was a prehistoric animal called El Blanco, that killed just about anything it wanted to eat. The best part about it being an albino Graboid, it was unable to reproduce which mean that it would never become a Shrieker or an Ass Blaster. She may not be living in Perfection anymore, but that didn't stop her from living like she did. Growing up in Perfection meant that you always had to have a gun on you and make sure that your seismograph was working.

Her friends were going to meet her up at the cabin while she went to wrestle some of the rookies and cops she worked with into joining them. She had been on medical leave for nearly a week, having had to have surgery to correct and injury she'd sustained while living in Perfection. She was still healing and would be out for another three weeks, so the vacation was definitely needed, not just for her either. She walked into the Parade Room and went straight to Best. Telling him why she was there, she then asked if anyone wanted to get away for the next week and weekend, as sort of a vacation that everyone seemed to need at one point or another.

McNally, Nash, Swarek, Barber, Diaz, Epstein, Callaghan, and Peck all said that they could use some off work time and they were given that time as a vacation of sorts. They all went back to their homes and apartments and grabbed a few bags of what they would need. They would be taking her truck, which could easily fit twelve people, if necessary. They didn't ask why she had such a big truck or why they were only taking one truck. They assumed that it had something to do with wherever she had lived before and was used to get all of her stuff across the border when she had moved here.

The Cabin:

Sarah pulled up outside the cabin, wondering where her friends were. Their car was in the garage, where she also pulled in. They got out of the truck and unpacked their belongings, heading into cabin to put their belongings in the separate bedrooms. They had paired up, knowing that there might not be that many rooms in the cabin but not expecting there to be nearly thirty rooms. Something told them that Sarah had connections somewhere, even though they didn't ask.

Sarah put her bag down and went into the kitchen where she found a note from her friends. They had gone out on a walk and would be back before dark. She put the note back on the fridge and headed back into the living room. Moving the table off the basement door, she pulled the carpet off as well. Her co-workers came down the stairs from their room's right as she pulled the door open. She descended to the basement coming back up with a bag a few moments later. She nodded at them before putting the rug and table back where they had been.

She put the bag on the coffee table and unzipped it, pulling out gun after gun. Something told her that this weekend was just about to get interesting. She put the bullets for the elephant gun into a small backpack which she put on her back. Grabbing the elephant gun, she pulled out three more guns and went to the door. It was getting dark and her friends weren't back yet. Something had happened and growing up in Perfection made her alert at all times, no matter what.

Her coworkers said nothing as she positioned herself outside and made sure she could keep an eye on the ground. She was the only person who had built her cabin up this far in the valley because a valley could be easily guarded when there were rocks on all sides. There was no telling what was living on this mountain but she knew that if it was just bears, they would be fine. She didn't want the other thing living up here. She knew what would happen if they did.