Author Inspiration: I am a huge fan of Bleach and Rosario Vampire. One thing that always majorly irritated me was the various plot holes. Monsters and Arrancar always carried this high breed view of humans. Many of them even got idiotic ideas like trying to destroy a city to "preemptively attack humanity". All one would have to do is look at any recent human war to see just how little of value a single city is (that isn't a countries capitol). In WW2 over hundreds of cities became battlefields, and 2 (in Japan at that) were nuked off the map. For youkai to destroy a human city and honestly think they are striking a decisive blow, they'd have to have literally no idea just how wide-spread and diverse humans are. The most likely outcome of a city being destroyed by monsters is the aggravation of 7 billion, nuclear armed, humans, who have poisoned, tortured, and gunned down each other in the millions over such petty things as contradicting political views. What would those same humans do to non-humans who had attacked and killed over a hundred thousand people unprovoked? Most monsters seem to understand this well enough, but somehow youkai keep gathering into anti-human groups to try for a second war against humanity. Logically if 2 or 3 billion average humans swinging claymores and shooting arrows fought and apparently stalemated with the likes of vampires, werewolves, and witches thousands of years ago, then 6 billion humans armed with Nukes, Firearms, and war machines would step on the entirety of the youkai species like they were a joke. Despite the obvious power gap, monsters still continue to try picking a fight.

The second issue is that these fights are always determined by "Power". Things such as flying, claws, and fighting skill are seen as handy tricks but ultimately the person with the higher power level always wins. Anyone who's actually been in a real fight can see how faulty such logic is. The ultimate rule in fighting is that no matter how big or fast someone is, if the fighter is skilled enough, he will come on top. In anime however, that rule is entirely ignored. Characters are quick to judge someone's fighting ability entirely on race and power level and sadly more often than not are right. This especially applies to bleach characters.

This is sort of a big (and likely) "What If" scenario. What if humanity in both these anime weren't nearly as ignorant to their surroundings as everyone assumed? And what if they found a way to defeat such threats on an individual level?

Prologue & Time line

1900 July 30th- A worldwide secret conference is called, requesting the attendance of every country either designated a super power or experiencing an abnormally high amount of "unnatural-occurrences" is called. The subject is the presence of monsters that have caused damage and loss of human life across the planet. This meeting, while effective in exposing the truth of the problem as well as many facts on the assailants, did little else. When the subject of how to counteract these threats was reached, however discussion came to an impasse. Many opted for open warfare, while others supported ignoring them, citing them as minor annoyances in the face of inner human dealings. The Russians surprisingly, opted for a compromise. An organization with worldwide funding and support should be tasked with the specific duty of counter acting these monsters. While many favored such an arrangement, talks continued over the course of 10 years over what most would consider as petty details such as how recruits would enter, amount each country should contribute, and where they would be based.

1910 August 21st- The Paranormal Warfare and Defense Contingency organization is secretly founded. On the day it was officially produced, it was given all relevant information, and if possible non-human bodies to study. Content in the feeling that humanity would be safeguarded from outer threats, with founding to the PWCD, the world continued to carry on.

1914 January 12th- A team of highly trained PWCD personnel are assigned to go on the first combat mission against monsters in PWCD history. Armed with the most protective yet mobile gear available, they are sent as a hunter-killer team against a vampire in Eastern Africa who had been responsible for over 50 human deaths. Despite heavy casualties, the mission is a success and the body of the vampire is brought in for study. Emboldened by this success, similar operations are undertaken across the world. Due to the lack of worldwide communication in the monster world, the youkai remain unaware they are being hunted.

1987 October 5th- A scientist under the PWCD discovers that while a human only uses as little as 1 to 10% of the human brain at any one time, it is indeed possible to unlock up to 75% of the human brain through an intense surgery that rewires the circuits and directions of the parts of the brain that focuses on sight and perception. However, the drawback is that the human body itself can't handle keep up with brain's input. An apt comparison would be to have the most advanced CPU in the modern world placed inside a terribly outdated computer. A human who receives this surgery would see minutes pass by like days. A heated warzone would appear to someone with an unlocked brain as a bunch of near motionless people, and thousands of lead bullets moving at the speed of a lightly tossed pebble. While intriguing to experience at first, to perceive at such a fast pace without being able to move fast enough in response would be torture to the human psyche. When asked by the president of the PWCD what requirements a human would need for his body to keep up with that sensory input, the scientist responded with a specific list of muscle, bone, and sensory enhancements that would be essential, then a second list of further enhancements to best exploit the heightened brain capability. The entire biological and organic science division was then rerouted to work on Brain and Body augmentation.

1998 June 18th- The world's first semi-power armor is produced. In reality, what is made is a standard SAS style combat skin but with plates of "steel putty" located on the torso, shoulders, forearms, thighs, and shins. These plates are as light as cardboard but immediately harden to any form impact, specifically bullets and blades. The helmet has steel putty outer plating with the facial area of a SAS pattern gas mask. It's built in with a HUD system to acknowledge humanoid sized motion from every direction within 25 meters. It identifies identical helmets with their assigned codename to mitigate chances of friendly fire. In addition to the armor, a camo system is made that allows soldiers to blend in with any setting, bending light rays around to make one appear transparent. The PWCD, intrigued by the invention, orders several suits and "adjusts" the armor to suit the needs of soldiers who are deployed to fight against monsters. A commando team outfitted with the new armor dubbed the "turtle shell" is deployed with air support to disperse a gathering of lizardmen who intended to assault a city in United States Florida. When a squad member is accidentally discovered and attacked by a lizardman the forearm plates hold against the biting power of the youkai's teeth with ease, shocking both of them. The youkai is given an 8 inch knife through skull for his troubles. The mission is complete without a single man dying, something unheard of for such large scale youkai engagements. The Turtle Shell is made standard issue to all combat personnel in the military arm of the PWCD.

Science yields a new breakthrough as the Sarcos Exoskeleton is created. Using a system of pulleys, wiring, and weight distribution, the exoskeleton takes the strain off the the human body, while not overly inhibiting human movement or overpowering them. The device leaves the wearer's equilibrium off balance if they lean too far forward for any reason, and is near impossible to full tilt sprint in. However, it's been proven that a soldier can do more delicate tasks without fear of putting too much strength into an action, such as toss a ball to someone not wearing an exoskeleton. The results far exceed expectations. For it's ability to make any man a super soldier, the PWCD takes a special shine to the device and aquire several for their own use. There are ideas going around to take the already existing exoskeletons, and clad them with tank grade armor as apposed to simply integrating it with light weight armor like the U.S. Intends to do with it. Though intrigue to the idea is shown, the development departments are already busy designing a smaller power armor suit that can still maintain stealth capabilities. They do however, borrow some of the design of the Sarcos exoskeleton and manage to downscale it. It's physically impossible for technology to directly affect your strength without being physically ingrained into your body, but it's definitely possible to relieve the stress on your muscles, so that your muscles have less weight to move on their own.

They separated it into two parts. The upper body section of the exoskeleton relieves all the weight of the armor and wiring of the upper body sections of the actual armor. The leg sections of the exoskeleton do the same for the leg armor. In this way, the power armor suit is virtually weightless to the wearer, allowing a full range of movement without any impediment to their actions. With the upper and lower half separated, the soldier is capable of turning around, adjusting their stances, and doing anything the Sarcos exoskeleton's size made someone incapable of doing. If a man isn't careful, they could hurt their spine from twisting around too fast, simply to mass distribution. They await progress from the Biological department to decide whether or not the design they've adapted is fit for use by biologically enhanced soldiers.

2000 August 1st- the human augmentation surgery is finalized. 3 Individuals volunteer to take the surgery. Yuri Boyka, an ex-Spetz-naz and veteran in monster fighting, James Wesker, ex-delta force commando and also a veteran in combat against youkai, and Veltro Sojay, a skilled veteran and assassin who has successfully assassinated multiple S-class monsters. All have engaged and won against S-class monsters, even though each individual went about it in wildly different, but no less effective, ways. After 3 months of recovery they awake to find themselves between 7ft. 2 and 7ft 9. In height, abnormally strong (so much so, Yuri unhinged a door, he attempted to knock on), and perceiving at a much slower pace than should be possible. When scientist ran checks, the 3 soldiers found to their amazement, they could sprint at 80mph if. They could lift up to 3 tons with ease, and up to 7 tons at max. What amazed them the most however was during a live fire test, using rubber stun bullets in place of real bullets, an 8 man commando team in full turtle shell armor, went up against Wesker. Wesker then proceeded to dodge every shot fired at him with contemptuous ease by simply leaning or speed bursting away. It looked more like he was teleporting more than he was actually moving. He dropped his rifle and instead charged the 8 man team. He palm thrusted men wearing over a hundred pounds of gear dozens of meters away, dodged pistol shots at point blank range, and smartly retreated and re-engaged whenever he fought more than 4 men in a CQC fight. At one point, he cartwheeled over 30ft in the air and landed in the midst of all 8 men, punching and palm striking at a speed none of them could even perceive. Practice fights with Yuri and Veltro yielded slightly different results. Yuri demonstrated colossal strength by hurling a man who, totaled with his gear weighed 400 pounds, a clear 50 meters with only one hand. The man only stopped when he collided with his squad mates. Veltro, while not demonstrating such extravagant speed or strength, was the more skilled fighter of the 3. He consecutively disarmed and immobilized every single commando he was pitted against. However he used hit and run tactics, coupled with refined skill, never engaging the enemy combatants in force like Yuri and Wesker did. The tests all came to the same conclusion. They had created super soldiers. Bullet timing, strength, and heightened senses were all a given to anyone who took the surgery.

Before implementing the human augmentation surgery on every soldier in the PWCD (if they were willing), the 3 were all gathered for a single operation. They had received reports from satellite that Dracula, the most powerful vampire in the world was planning a large scale invasion of Romania, Transylvania with an army of vampires at his disposal. Only a full-fledged task force with air support could reliably defeat such a force in ground combat, however there'd be no way to cover up an entire battle in the age of camera phones and news helicopters. Instead it was proposed a 3 man team infiltrate and assassinate Dracula before he could finish gathering his forces. If assassination failed, a marauder gunship along with a black hawk was on standby for fire support and fast evacuation. The 3 augmented men were outfitted with turtle shell armor, camo systems, laser sharpened knives, Uzis, M19112 pistol side-arms, and each received a Barrette 50. caliber sniper rifle. Veltro had a pair of wrist mounted laser sharpened blades under both his wrist. The intent was that on the off chance he survived a shot known for blowing entire sections off a man's body then 3 shots from different directions would surely do him in. This is dubbed Operation: Hell sing.

2000 November 3rd- A PWCD adopted black hawk helicopter lands 3 clicks from Dracula's mansion and deploys the 3 Augments. Dracula himself is hosting something of a party where dozens of vampires will be present to forge ties, make alliances, and perform their usual rituals of trying to build their political power. All the while Dracula will sit on his proud throne and oversee the events. If all goes according to plan, Dracula will be smeared across the throne of his by nights end. Operation: Hell sing is now a go.

Author's Note: For those who haven't read the manga for Rosario Vampire, Dracula was the king of vampires, and he hated humans for some reason. He later turns into a giant squid/fly/shark/daemon thingy that after the 3 dark lords kill in the defense of humanity inexplicably revives, eats Moka's mom and dies again. In this version, he doesn't turn into a horrible monster back in the 1200s and go on a human genocide. He sits content that he's superior to any monster or human and broods in his castle for 7 1/2 thousand years. I'll get to the High School arc soon enough. For now the PWCD needs to actually make its presence known in the monster world, so that they don't have to resort to killing everything that takes a shot at the humans. What better way to do that than to kill the king vampire, in front of dozens of weaker vampires, in his own home?