Public Service Announcement

As a force of habit, I enjoy giving the bad news first, and then the good news. That way, the bad news is overshadowed somewhat, rather than the reverse. You may be wondering what exactly this news is. Well don't worry I'm going to tell you.

Well first off, the Bad news. This fic is done. I may revisit it to correct errors and mistakes, but aside from that. What you see is what you get. There will be no more updates, no more mention of this to anyone else, or anything. This story has run its course, and now I'm moving on from it. Sorry.

Good news. I've already posted up the sequel 'Crimes Against Humanity'. This story pics up directly after this fic. I plan on trying to make this story a lot more slowly paced and better explained. On top of that, I've recently got a great proof-reader for this fic, so the amount of verbal errors should greatly decrease, if they aren't completely non-existent. Better yet, this story is already on its 4th chapter and counting. If this fic is your cup of tea, then the sequel should be a much greater improvement.

If you weren't currently aware of this, than pick up where this fic left off, and continue to see humans establish to everyone why they control everything in the first place. If you were already aware, then just ignore this as a tasteless attempt to get more readers and attention to my new fic.

Have a Merry Christmas folks! May your next few days be jolly and filled with mirth and food! And may the following days after Christmas not be plagued with credit card debt, loans, bad school grades, and unsatisfying presents! Because that would royally suck to put forth so much effort, only for it all to blow up in your face a week or two later! And if you celebrate a different holiday at this time of year, than by all means! Just make sure to let everyone be aware of that before they show up to your door with expensive presents that they expect you to take! Because that may cause a fight, and on Christmas day at that!

But no seriously, enjoy Christmas. Enjoy it while it lasts. This has been a Psykotic Addiction Public Service Announcement.