It was early spring morning on the Sky High Campus; it had been a pretty fruitful School year the new freshmen class had adjusted to life at Sky high and the painful memories and Anniversary of Royal Pain's rebirth would soon be a pound the school. This year had been different it had shown Principal Powers that there was still hope in the world with the tragic events of that year return to many of older students minds; But instead of living in fear of this she saw them pull together and help the new students find there place.

The best example of her newest hope was landing into the parking lot; He was a promising freshmen student with whom if he chooses to could easily be one of the world greatest heroes now, or the world conquers if he ever allowed himself to indulge in the dark side of having so much power. An if the boy power placement was any proof of his skills with his power she was glad he was on their side after he transformed most of the placement area into a place where coach boomers powers turned against him. Power's learned later from coach boomer that the reality he found himself inside felt like he was stuck in place for thousands of years as his regular voice was amplified onto itself every second that passed. That when the boy finally released him from the grips of his powers, it took every bit of Boomer control not to break down and cry. This information had made Principal Powers take a more formal role in his development.

Powers watch as the young Marcus Cain sprint across the courtyard to the main building to get to Medulla's science class; She looks towards the clock in her office as he made it through the doors. "He is getting faster only going be 2 minutes late today." She said to herself before she went back to her desk to do some paperwork. Meanwhile, young mister Cain was skidding slightly as he turned down the finely bot polished tile floor into the science corridor of the school. He could hear the other students chattering but more than that he could also listen to their minds spewing the quiet things that all people do to keep themselves out of trouble. Sometimes Marcus why he was cursed with the powers he had as both were very taxing to him. Unlike most telepaths whom could control their ability, so they aren't bombarded with everyone else thoughts on a moment by moment basis he was told by all the experts he never achieves this as his body and mind were try to contain the energies he had inside him that allowed him to bend reality to his will. He knew this power he had himself had destroyed his cousin Kevin long ago when his Aunt Moira MacTaggert failed to stabilize her son mutation but had discovered away to protect the cells in Marcus from the psychic burn his power would cause through that destruction. Marcus always felt close to his aunt after that.

As Marcus stepped into Medulla's class, he could see people were already busy putting together the device Medulla schematic showed on the blackboard. Medulla was a pomp ass who dislikes most of the student as their physical powers in his opinion were weak compared to the power of his mind. A likely hood that many of the students wouldn't realize the difference between a heat ray and freeze ray until it was used on them. As he entered he tried not drawing any attention to him unfortunately for him, his teacher had a device that detected late arrival set up in the classroom. So as he entered Medulla's head turned towards him, and he said aloud "Well we're so glad that lord master Cain could grace my simple Mad science class with his presence… Please if you could trouble yourself to join your classmates in building the device depicted on the board." Medulla's eyes tracked the young man move from the class door to where he was told to sit by his class mate. Another young man whom powers made him look a mash-up between the thing and Hulk.

Marcus could see that Trevor had tried to assemble the device the best he could, but due to his hand's misshapenness and incredible strength, many of the pieces had been damaged slightly in the attempt to do the job correctly. Both of the students understood the prospect of the device they were told to make and both of them also knew knowing and being able to construct something as finally and dialect as a chicken egg and doing correctly. When your fine motor function was the equivalent of a wrecking ball on the best days, this project was semi-unfair for the student Who was only just learning to use their powers? So the two boys looked at one another knowing their teacher would make them an example if it were done right.

So Marcus closed his eyes for a moment concentrating on building the diagram in his mind giving each piece a particular color. Once this was done he opened his eyes and looked down at the desk were the piece laid; As the piece became under the influence of his powers, they started to melt into globs of colors. A once all the piece were liquidated in the same fashion the liquid moved towards the center of the desk. As the liquid pooled together forming into a single ball it liquids pieces guided by the diagram inside Marcus mind until each color was in its proper place. Once he was sure, each piece was in its proper place he allowed his power to reside, and the pieces returned to their original form before they were damage or harm by either student abilities. As Medulla came to their table to take a look at their progress the two young men could sense a slight bit of anger at them being finished coming from their teacher.

After Medulla saw that all of his students had constructed the device to his specification, he said " Well now that each of you has complete the device it time to test them, But don't worry these devices I had you build wouldn't shatter a water glasses the way I had you configure them. So please turn them on now." Each of the students did as the teacher said as they turn them on a faint hum started to fill the classroom. Medulla walked past each taking measurement with a handheld device he had ready. Oblivious to the fact that the noise from the combine machines had started making his coffee cup start to tremble on his desktop. As Medulla came two twin girls, who look like they from Mars with the green tint of their skin.

One girl decides to ask a question that seemly put the aging professor on the spot. She said to him "Mr. Medulla what our your thought on earth scientist belief of a term you call chaos theory. We're small almost insignificant events can lead into one major chaotic event?" Medulla looks at the girl for a moment before saying in his overly developed way. "If that were true we have chaos on a second by second basis to every event even the major ones would lead into more events. So seeing as that not the case then logic dictates we don't jump every time a butterfly flap it wings. If we did, I think humanity would give Superman a run for his money as the only person to leap a tall building in single bound." Of course, if he hadn't been such a close mind to the idea he might have seen his class experiment was a butterfly about to flap and cause a tsunami the world might not be able to survive the outcome.

As the sonic waves started to emanate through the walls of the classroom, they faded from the ears, but that was only because they grew stronger and faster. A soon the waves passed completely through the school and out into the world. As the sound waves continue to travel they keep growing quicker and stronger soon, they picked up enough speed and strength to pass through the atmosphere of the planet and into outer space. And once the waves no longer had an atmosphere to battle against the waves exponentially begun to get stronger and faster every second that the past. Soon the waves were traveling fast enough they began to crush small derby and stones into dust. Once the sound waves started to move fast enough that the space around it started to bend and ripple until eventually the barrier between space and time fractured inwards on itself opening a small gap into a distant realm where many cultures dump the evil their worlds they had within.

This place is called the phantom zone the breach should have never happened and as the moments passed the hole started to widen and crack more and more. As this happens, the decedents inside the Phantom zone became aware of the fracture in the prison walls. A wish to be free of this hellish place they been in for so long some had become disembodied wraiths were ushered forward through the gap and into our reality. As the prisoners flooded into our reality they saw the blue orb as the oasis they dreamt about for so long as they endured the hardship the phantom zone provided. The momentum of going through the gap pushing them forward began to make each of the prisoners become almost like glowing star streaking towards earth in the lead of them was one of the darkest things to ever dwell inside of the phantom zone.

General Zod; even in his spectral body his darkness taint everything around him in the depth of space it toxic aura left it trail like a guide to the others. As Zod and the other prisoners came falling to earth like the stars they had become. Each crashing in different places leaving their marks on our planet forever; some of these monsters rose fully formed from the crater they made into the earth flesh with their arrival. While others like Zod who were stripped of living material flew out of their crates in search of a host they would take over; the invasion of earth had begun.

Warren Peace found himself on the front line; As he was sent flying through a café window as one of the prisoners came crashing into the sidewalk sending dirt and derby flying everywhere. As the smoke and dust cleared the giant lizard type woman rose from a crater her crimson eyes flick open and shut as her attack a few people that got too close to take a look inside. "Can't I ever get a day off?" Warren said as he got up brushing broken glass from his clothing. A then leaped out of the café window behind some garbage containers and came out fully dressed in his superhero costume which was a crimson red body armor covered in engraved flames all over it and over the armor was Warren had a black leather trench over that. As he came out from behind the garbage container as he did the female lizard creature spewed poisonous green slime at him.

Warren shouted, "I don't think so!" As he raised his hands and let out a stream of flames that ignited the slime as he shoots it back at the villain. The set of flames coming from his hands turned into whips he could easily control with the slightest movement of his hand or wrist. Warren could hear people shout "Barron Flame" This made him think of his own father as He continues to fight this creature with more flame attacks as he ignited the air between him and the female with his flaming whips as one of the whips wrapped around her neck.

As she fell to her knees grasping at the flames trying to break their hold on her, she let out. "I may fall, but General Zod will defeat you all." She then sprung up into flames as Warren had to watch as the lizard woman crumbled into ashes. Warren mind had trouble consuming the facts he just heard by this woman if she was telling the truth the world was endangered.

Just then another falling prisoner came crashing down on the main platform of Sky High knocking the school for a slight loop making it wobble on its axis as it lost a few of its anti-gravity generators as they plummeted towards the ground only to stop as the other generators picked up the slack. Ron Wilson had been shining his school bus when the hit had happened. Ron had started to get back on his feet when he saw some sort of movement coming from the smoking crater. But before he could do anything; something that looks like a shadowy figure bursting from the dust cloud. A hit Ron full on sending him to the ground as he thrashed on the floor before stopping as the Wraith took over his body; Once it had control of Ron's body, it slowly started to go through the metamorphose. Preparing Ron's body for what would be ahead for him. The sound of people and footsteps echo across the courtyard as people came to see what had hit and caused the damage to sky high.