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"Sharlie! Sharlie!" Startled by the sudden shout, I almost drop my tray on a poor bulky customer that could easily break my neck. The patron didn't seem to be too bothered by the almost accident but still, an apology is still in order.

From behind a body crashed into mine. The tray really would have fallen if I didn't set it down on the table moments before. "Sharlie!"

With a swift bop on the head the assailant removed his arms from around my shoulders. I didn't bother looking at him. There wasn't time to deal with my friend. The guild hall was filled up from wall to wall and the servers were stretched thin. It was all thanks to those Desians. The Desian activity has risen these past few weeks causing travelers to flock to safety until everything goes back to normal. It was great for business but at the same time wasn't. Guild members practically ran here. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't overcrowded. We had to take double shifts in order to accommodate. This place was just too small for this many people. If I heard correctly the Hima branch was the smallest in the guild.

That reminded me.

"Silvio Burattinaio, why aren't you in the kitchen?" The half elf trailed after me as I go from table to table, careful not to bump into the other servers. "We are shorthanded as it is without the staff wondering about."

For a moment he looked regretful. "I'm sorry, but this too important to wait!" Oh please, he was anything but sorry.

"For God's sake! What can be so important that you would bother me while I'm working?" I really shouldn't have snapped at him. It's not his fault that I'm stressed, not to mention broke. Then again he shouldn't have bothered me. Luckily he just brushed it off like he always does.

"Everyone is afraid to go out of town, so requests are piling up because no one is willing do them. This is our chance to snatch them up!"

I rolled my eyes. While he did make a good point there wasn't a very good reason not to go out of town. "Sure let's do it!" I said in an upbeat voice that matched his.

He's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Really?"

"Yeah, let's just leave our jobs when we are needed the most to go out and get attacked by monsters, bandits and Desians. I'm sure the woman who took us in when we had nowhere to go and gave us said jobs would just love that." I answered sarcastically.

"But the requesters are willing to pay high!" He whined, shoving up a piece of sandy colored paper in my face as I was walking, making me stop abruptly. Was he trying to cause an accident? I snatched it out of his head, ignoring the calls I got from the customers.

"Request from Robert Williams." Oh hey, that's the nice blacksmith that I bought my bow from. He was with the guild I think. "Materials needed: thirty wolf fangs. Reward: 50,000 gald. 50,000 gald!" There was a hitch in my throat. Was that right? I read it over again to confirm the reward. "T-that's a lot of gald."

"That's not all. The population of black wolves has sky rocketed." That sentence ran through my head. Black wolf furs are valuable. With hunters cowering in towns the competition for those furs is almost non-existent. The icing on the cake is that the packs usually hang out in location that less than a day away by horse or land dragon. My pockets were giving getting heavy already! Cha-ching!

I grabbed his hand with both of mine. "Why are we just standing here? We have a request to do!"

He placed his other hand over mine. "Does this mean we are going to be rich?"

"We are going to be rich!" We jumped up and down excitedly, chanting those words. "We are going to be rich~ We are going to be rich~"

At that moment there was no one but us. We were in our own little rich world. In that world we didn't look so messy. Our wrinkled clothes were replaced with colorful silk garments and our hair was perfectly conditioned. We continued enjoying our flower and gold filled world until he opened his big mouth. "We can take the money and flee from Eve! She can't murder us if we aren't around!"


That put a stop to my jumping. Not his through. He just kept jumping, making my arms hurt in the process. "Sure she might make request to have us dragged back here or for our heads on a plate but we will have money for bodyguards! Isn't that great?"

Once again he was hit on the head with my fist. "Go back to the kitchen."

"But Sharrrrrrlie" I made the zipping motion with my hands. That's the one you make when you want someone to shut up. Like right now.

"Here is the plan. We work our shift today, and then we tell Eve we are going out for the day, after that we run to our rooms and barricade the door. First thing in the morning we will jump out the window. We will be back by night fall."

That plan was perfect! There is no way anyone could think of a better one. Silvio did not like my wonderful idea through if the small frown was any indication. He just had to find all the holes in my plan, the jerk. "You're only giving us a day? That means we'll have to get a dragon or a horse! You know the cheapest rancher hates half elves and whatever you are." He whined.

My eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Whatever—I'm a hybrid gypsy!" It's amazing how that lie turned into a knee jerk response.

He just ignored my outburst and kept on whining. "Even if we get the animals it will still take us a long time to prepare them. We are just too weak and squeamish to do the job that quickly."

I scowled deeply at him. Wasn't there a more polite way to say that? As usual he did have a point. The two of us aren't exactly what you call strong or skillful. Scratch that. That only applied to me. Sure I can shoot some arrows and wait on tables but I wasn't even great at doing those. I can't balance multiple trays nor could I get a bull's eye. When I do hit it I can't look at it or even touch it. Some hunter I turned out to be; I couldn't even handle blood. On the other hand, Silvio was amazing. He was one of the best in the guild, there was no one better than him in the kitchen. His skills on the field weren't that shabby either. His spells and Glaive saved me a countless times from our prey.

So in a way he was being polite.

There was still no way I was going to let someone else cash in though.

"This is almost too painful to say but we have to…get help and s-split the reward." I chocked out.

Silvio put his hand over his mouth and gasped rather loudly. "That means we will get less! Think about what you are saying!" He shook his poor defenseless friend by the shoulder rather violently. This will result in a headache in the working. "Who are you and have you done with my friend!"

"You have five seconds to let me go." I said through my clenched teeth.

"You both have five seconds to get you asses back to work." Startled by Eve's suddenly very close voice, we quickly jump apart. The boss lady was standing right beside us with fist on her hips. She frowns at the both of us. "If you two don't get to work you will wish you were in a ranch."

Needless to say we got our butts in gear. Silvio ran to the kitchen, while knocking over two patrons and a waitress, and I picked up saucer and danced through the crowd. While doing this I scanned the room for the muscle we will bring with us. I spotted him in the corner of the room. He was talking to a table full of women, just as I expected. They looked absolutely love-struck. The poor darlings must be from out of town. As per the unwritten code of female honor I must save them from that fake prince. It took some fancy footwork to get over there. Walk forward, side step, spin, duck, back up and lift up the tray. Those were the steps to the complex dance. It wasn't easy to learn and there were a couple of mistakes at first but you will get it eventually. You kinda have to if you want to keep working.

"There is nothing you need to worry about. The Desians won't step a foot in here. They know that we will fight to protect our guest." He said as he places a dish (chicken?) in front of them.

"But what if they raid the town? This place won't stand a chance." The healer(?)in the middle inquired. From where I was standing I could make out a heart tattoo with a white cross on all of them except the redhead of the group. That meant they were healers for the guild right? They looked pretty human. Did they use water magicite to work their magic? Then again, Mint was a human and her healing powers didn't use mana. Huh. What allowed her to use healing magic….not the time.

Without missing a beat Elliot kissed her hand. "I will protect everyone. It is part code of chivalry."

The redhead one raised her brow skeptically. She appears to be a bit older than the older two, maybe somewhere in her mid-twenties? "You follow that code? That means you're a knight right? Didn't the Desians destroy all the orders decades go."

"That is correct but I was taught the code of chivalry runs, my sweet. Before the knights fell my family served in various orders for generations". He smiled fondly into space. Or maybe he was smiling at a (false) memory. "My great-grandfather was one of the last knights in Luin. He told my father stories of his battles against the Desians and gave him the very weapons that he used against those foul beasts. My father swore to use those weapons to protect the people around him and to uphold the code. Then years later I swore the same thing. Since then I lived by the code. Currently, it's the only thing that connects me to my late family besides my ax."

Was it just me or does this place smell of bullshit? But still, I was never able to figure out which part of it was true.

The group of three sighed and said something about being romantic. He always gets them with that story. For some reason ladies always ate up that story. Even I fell for it for a while.

The black haired one sighed out, completely smitten with him. "That's so honorable of you. It's so hard to find men like you these days. You know…I'm still scared those things coming after me tonight." She said right after glancing at a half elf sitting all by himself. How dare she! That particular half elf is regular here and he just happens to be my favorite customers. He is the sweetest person I've served so far! Why I outta- "Can you stay with me tonight? I will feel safer with you around."

Oh no she didn't. And of course he was too caught up in his own little world to pay attention to what she just did. He was focused enough to get what she was implying though. "I don't see why not." Oh really? Not on my watch. A racist bitch doesn't deserve him and I need him to get a good night's sleep. I will just have to kill two birds with one stone then.

I knew what I had to do. I went around a couple of tables to get behind him. Then I walked over to him with a troubled look. "Um….Eli?" I whispered while tugging the back bow of his apron.

"Yes?" He looks back at me. His smile dropped as his face went from cheery to worry. "What the matter, princess?"

"Umm…." I dug the tip of my boot as shyly as I could. "It's….that…um….I just…something happened and...never mind. It's not important. I'm sorry that I bothered you." I left before he could say anything. He wanted to run after me but he knew he couldn't. Not when we had a job to do.

"Who was that?" I heard one asked. "Was that your girlfriend or something?"

"You mean Sharlie? No, of course not. She is like my kid sister." That annoyed the hell out of me. That's one of things I had to put up with for over the year. Everyone around here views me as a child. It's really pissing me off. Oh well, at least I had the satisfaction of knowing that he would be looking at me for the rest of the night, worried that there might be something wrong. There is no way he would sleep with anyone while thinking that a friend of his might be troubled. That's just the kind of guy he is.

With my temper still flaring I decided to check up on my favorite patron. He should cool me down a bit. I sauntered over to the corner he was sitting in with a smile on my face, hopefully hiding my killing intent towards that bitch.

"Hi Alistair!" He jumped, started by my sudden appearance. The man tore his gaze from his book, getting ready to tell off whoever interrupted him but then grinned toothily when he recognized me.

"Well if it isn't little Sharla. Finally paid ol' Al a visit, have we?" His blue eyes shine with amusement when I put my free hand on hip and let my inner Rarity come out.

"That isn't how you great a lady. Try again."

"Very well." He tipped his imaginary hat and bowed. "Pardon my behavior My lady. I am honored to be in your presence."

"That's better. Don't let that slip up happen again. You may rise now, peasant."

We starred at each other before he cracked and exploded into laughter. He spread out his arms, inviting me for a hug and I took it. "Can I get you anything?"

"Naw, that's alright lass. I'm still from that last course." The orange haired male patted his stomach to emphasize his point. "My compliments to the chef."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh please. He doesn't need a bigger ego. The boy knows he is good." Alistair chucked at my response.

"Aye, Aye. How about I give him a discount then."

"That's an unfair trade! Just because you can't compliment him doesn't mean that you can give him free stuff!" I protested. There was no way I'm letting Silvio get more than he disserves.

"Don't be jealous. I will always love you more." I stick out my tongue childishly, making him roar out in laughter. In return I laughed right along with him. This is exactly what I needed, a good giggle fit to ease away all those negative feelings. This why I adore Alistair, he never fails at making me smile. That and he has a Scottish accent. The only accent that can beat that is an English one. I admit that he scared the shit out of me when I first met him. He was tallish, and burly, he was always in fights and he wasn't the nicest person around back then. Hell, I'm the only waitress he is nice too. Well, that wasn't until after I earned his respect but that was another story.

"Now there is the cute smile I was waiting to see all night." Gah! I covered my heated face with my hands in embarrassment. What's with Sylvaranti men trying to make me blush or it is just the men I know. Despite my embarrassed state he kept going. "You've been looking stressed for a while. Your boyfriend must be doing a terrible job at making you feel loved. For shame."

"I told you before! Gilbert isn't my boyfriend, no matter what he tells you."

"You broke up with him? No wonder he hasn't been around lately."


Inside jokes, you gotta love them.

The rest of the night was uneventful. The guild was louder than usual and the drunks were drunker. By the end of the night the designated bouncers had to kick out the more rowdy patrons, Most of who were not locals or regular members of this guild branch. They were the ones that caused most of the mess, which meant more work for the employees.

After closing time we spent more time than normal cleaning up. Instead heading back upstairs at two in the morning like usual, we left sometime after three. Needless to say everyone was tired and irritable. Having pissed off females sharing a too small washroom was nightmare. Two fights broke out and three more were almost started. I, unfortunately, was hit in the face with an elbow during the last almost brawl. I wasn't not even going to treat this bruise, it was not worth it.

By time I went back to the room I shared with Eli I was tired, irritated and fed up. This was the last straw. I'm tired of Hima. I'm tired of working my butt off for a small income. I'm tired of being treated like a child. I'm tired of the constant fear of the Desians. I'm tired of hunting. I'm tired of being bored. I'm tired of waiting for Jord. It's been over a year and a half since I was dumped in this godforsaken world. If she was not going to get me then I will just find a way home myself and forget about her task.

I threw my so called uniform on my bed and knelt down to the floor check under to find a simple wooden box with brass hinges. I put the box on my bed and open it. All the gald I saved is still here. What I have saved plus what I am going to get for the hunt later should last me quite some time in Palmacosta. In Palmacosta I will go to the academy and look up anything can. If that fails I will travel to all the ruins to see what the people of the past knew. Going to some half elf refugee villages might be helpful. Cruxis might have leaked something or maybe there are some legends still going around. If all else fails I'm going to blow up to door to the tower of Mana and read some books there.

Plan D is hope that Colette's the chosen and wait until the world is united and go to Sybak. Let's hope that's not happen. It would be a pain in the ass if my memory of that terrible sequel is correct.

I snapped the box shut and placed it under my bed when the door opened. A tired looking Elliot walks in. Man, he looked dead. His normally bright eyes were dulled and accompanied with some nasty looking bags. Eli dragged himself across the floor and plopped on to his bed without taking off his shoes. This won't due at all.

I walked as a softly as I could to his bed. The poor thing looked like he really needed a good night's sleep. Too bad, I need him awake for a few more minutes.

"Eli, get up." She said quietly as I shake his shoulder. "Your hair is going to get tangled if you don't comb it out first."

At first it seemed like he was fast asleep but then he groaned and turned his head towards me. He cracked one eye open and just stared for a little while, possibly contemplating whether or not I was worth the effort. "It can wait until the morning." He groaned out. At least the man was half focused on me.

"If you wait then your hair will knot up and then you will have to comb it out in the morning. That will cause split ends and you would have to cut your hair. All your hard work would go to work to you had to do will go to waste." I whined, while briefly wondering if those words that full of bullshit of course.

With a soft sigh he sits up on his bed. He looked up at me, then at is dresser and then back at me. I knew what he wanted. I wordless went over his to his wooden dresser and opened the first drawer. It was filled with mundane things like a toothbrush, shaving razor and cream, clear nail polish and a dagger among other things. One of those other things was a comb and brush. Once I took those out I walked back to his bed and got a box that looked like mine. It contained a small pouch of a henna-like substance powder that allowed him to color his hair blonde, a mortar, a pestle and some kind of gel inside of a round bottle. It was much too a late and we both are to color his hair, so I just took the gel out of the box.

He turned around so that his back was to me and in complete silence while I did our nightly routine. It was pretty simple; all I had to do is pour a little of the clear gel from the bottle and massage it in his hair. The gel made is hair as soft as a kitten. He moaned as my fingers ghosted over his sculpt as I try to spread out the gel. This seems to relax him quite a bit, which was good for me and him. It felt good to just run my fingers through his hair when I made sure I didn't miss a thing. I did thing for another minute or two by that time I knew I had to comb and brush his hair. It didn't take long to comb out his hair. There were few naps thanks to the way he takes care of his hair. The only thing left to do was brush it. That's when I'll go in for the kill.

"Wow your hair grew a lot." I told him, trying start a conversation with him as I brushed his hair. The only answer I received was a quiet hum "I can't believe it's already down to your shoulders. You are so lucky to have such great hair. It should be to your back in no time. We'll be like twins then!" There was still no real response. The only reason I knew he was awake was because titled his head to the side when I needed more access. I hummed a little tune as I brushed. It's something Lita taught me one summer. After a few comfortable minutes he finally speaks.

"You were acting weirdly today. Is something the matter?" He says with his eyes still closed. It's about time he brought that up. "Were you being picked on again?"


"Ow!" The dirty blonde rocked back and forth, nursing his reddened forehead. There was no doubt that there will be a nice bruise in the morning. Is it just me or do my friends and I bruise each other a lot? "Why did you hit me with the brush?"

The handle of said brush was being gipped rather hard. I could just feel the metal pressing into my skin. "If you thought I was being picked on why didn't you do anything sooner?" I fumed in irritation.

He rubbed his head before turning to me and answered, "I thought you were a big girl now. You could have handled yourself."

Oh now I'm a big girl. What a jerk. "Whatever, false blue oni prince." He raised his eyebrow like he did when whenever I called that. He stopped trying to figure out why I call him that a while ago.

With a huff I threw the brush onto the bed, signaling him to do brush his hair himself. Without saying good night I head to my bed. "Hey hey, come on now." His bed creaked and then footsteps came closer to me. Two smooth arms were wrapped around my shoulders. "Tell me what's wrong."

Sighing in false defeat, I spilled the beans to him. "I'm a bit nervous." I admitted reluctantly. "Silver and I are going to go on a hunt tomorrow and I afraid of the Desians catching us."

The arms removed themselves from there resting place. He jerked me around so that I was staring into stern dark green orbs. His eyes held some kind of emotion that couldn't be identified but it did seem familiar "You and Sil are doing what? Are you two out of your minds?"

Before he can go any further into a lecture, one that was sure to come, I spoke up. "We are going on a hunt and there isn't a thing you can do about it." I crossed my arms defiantly.

"But…" One look at my face told him that I do what I want. He pinched in nose in exasperation. "I'm going with you."

. "No. We don't need a babysitter. Go bother someone else with your hero complex" I gave him the nastiest glare I could manage. It must have been some glare since he winced.

"That's not it at all. I'm just worried that you two will run into Desians. If I lose more friends to those things….."

I sighed rather loudly. "Whatever. Do what you want. If you come with us you aren't getting a single gald."

He nods his head. "Good. Now I don't have to carry you."

"What." I responded flatly. "You were going to follow us anyway weren't you?" His low chuckle was I needed to hear before pushing him onto his bed.

"Asshat" That was the last thing I said before going to my own bed and retiring in for the night. As I drifted off to sleep I remotely hear the door creak open. It didn't take long for a larger body to slip into my bed and spoon me.

The last thing I heard was a simple accusation whispered in my ear. "You are a witch."

I'm not going to disagree with that.


I lay in the grassy plain with my eye closed, completely at ease. There was a steady wind blowing and it felt divine along with the warm rays of light. I wish mother was here to enjoy it with me. It has been a long time since I saw her. I miss my dear mother. She probably had something important to do. Why else would she leave me? Maybe she is looking for father. Once she finds him everything will be alright and we can be a family.

The sound of crunching grass caught my attention. Was mother here? I didn't bother opening my eyes to check. Who else would it be? The only ones who ever come here are mother and I.

"I'm bored and I know you are too." That was a male's voice and it definitely wasn't father. Father's voice is would make me feel safe. Why this intruder here? "It's time shake things up. Don't you think?"


"Silver! Eli! We have to leave! Come ooooon" A lady should not be kept waiting like this, especially if the lady had to get up with the stupid sun. If Eli thought that that he could wake me at the break of dawn without consequences, he was dead wrong. The thing that woke me up was his damn alarm clock. It wasn't even a digital one where you could set your favorite song as your alarm. Of course not. This was the peasant world of Sylvarant. In this world we have antique alarms, the ones with hands and bells on them. Horrific, I know, but I digress. So I woke up to that loud shrill after getting three hours of sleep. Neither Silvio nor I wanted to get up. We just cuddled together when our sleep was disturbed. Elliot wouldn't have any of that. He picked me up and dropped me onto the half elf. Then he grabbed Silvo from underneath me, letting me fall onto the floor, and took him out of the room. I used that time to get dress in my Link inspired attire and then I fell back asleep. Then I was picked up in my sleep again and dropped on the floor. If it wasn't for the scented powder he was burning he would have been deader than Aerith, mostly because the smell distracted me. Whatever it was it certainly woke up my entire body. It was no longer sluggish but, instead, energized.

I got a feeling that the powder would have been illegal in the US, like many other things kept in the Guild hall's basement.

That was the story of why I was standing in front of the guild hall while the sun was still rising and the town just beginning to stir. What in the hell were those two doing? Eve was going to wake up any minute now. If she finds us before we leave we will be dead meat. Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't yell.

The door finally opened. Out came my favorite half elf decked out in his normal adventuring attire. He tugs on the collar of his light blue long coat. He must have just put his glaive on his back.

"Silvio!" I called out to him. He looks down at from his spot on the porch. When he saw me he instantly smiled.

"Hi Sharlie~"

"Don't "Hi Sharlie~" me." I scolded, putting both hands on hips and glared. "What was taking so long and where is Elliot?"

Silvio hops off the porch and walks off towards the town entrance, but not before grabbing onto my wrist. "He left while you were trying to steal some apple gels."


"He said to meet him by the entrance."

"What?" He dragged me down the rocky road with ease. I briefly wondered how strong he really is. He picked me up several times in the past and he waves that glaive around so easily. Oh well. As I was saying, he pulled me out of the little business district in the mountain town. We passed a few of early birds, trotting their way to their shops. Some didn't give us of the light of day while others gave us a nasty look. Both were completely normal.

When the gate came into view Silver tugged my hand a little harder and quickened his pace. Once we got there I looked around. The fake prince wasn't there yet. What a pain. I sat down and leaned on Sil's grey clad legs. "He better not make us wait forever."

The young man looked down at me. "Well the ranch is a good distance away. We will be here for a while." He explained. "At least we can rest instead walking all the way down."

"Why didn't he just take us with him?" I muttered. "That stupid fake prince."

Sil chuckled as he leaned on the pole that held up the "Welcome To Hima" sign. Only a few minutes passed until boredom hit again. This was a good of a time as any to tell him about my plans. That should kill the boredom.

"I'm leaving Hima after this hunt." I fell to the ground when my support disappeared. Augh! Now I have dirt and dust in my hair! This is going to take forever to wash out! "What the hell!"

Grabbing me by the forearms, he looked me in the eyes. Wait, was it just me or were his eyes always this amber? Whatever.

"Why are you leaving? Is it something we did?" He asked desperately.

I shook my head and tried to take his hands into my own but I couldn't get them off. "I love you, Eli and everyone whoever cared for me but Hima isn't the place where I belong. I also have something I need to take care of. Please understand."

His grip tightened, so much so that it will cause bruising later. The happy bright light that was always present turned transformed into dark storm clouds. For once I was afraid of the man in front of me. Maybe this wasn't the right place or time to bring it up. He is getting too emotional too quickly. At this rate he might actually hurt me.

I tried to wiggle out of his grip but it was no use. "Let go! You are hurting me."

That seemed to snap him out of it. His eyes widened momentarily before glancing down at his hand. He slowly takes his hand off and mumbled a "sorry". Before he turns away from me, I could spot tears though. Without a moment of hesitation I hug him silently.

We stayed that way until a confused Elliot came back with two Wyrms. "Did something happen?" He asked when he got to us.

"Nothing" I mumbled as I stood up. It was going to be a long trip. We traveled in an awkward silence down the mountain. Eli didn't ask any questions of why Sil and I were on different dragons or why we didn't speak to each other. The false gentleman will probably inquire about this later.

It took us three hours, more or less, to jump off the final cliff and onto the grassy plains. Tamed dragons really were a blessing for traveling through that kind of environment. On foot, it would take someone at least a day or two to get from Hima to the field. However, on a dragon that's going at top speed it would take only a few hours and that's when you follow that path, which we didn't. The three off us traveled off the beaten path, which included jumping down the sturdy cliff ledges whenever we got the chance.

These babies also did much more than get us down here. Placing a batch of fur in front of their noses, the dragons took off like a bullet and found a pack right away. It was kind of small though. Maybe this was just a hunting group. Whatever the case, the group was big enough to get the amount needed for the request and extra for us.

They ran away as soon as they spotted the dragons. Didn't matter though, I used my trusty archery skills to impale the unlucky beast. Thanks to piercing line, the target went down quickly. "Oh no, these ape things killed our brethren, better take them down." That was most likely there thought pattern since they turned around. The fight was on.

Silvio launched the lightning spell he was charging up. The bolt didn't hit the canines; instead it barely skims any wolf that strayed from the pack. It more or less herded them together, which was perfect for the boys. Silvio twirled his glaive with one hand and guided his dragon with the other. The half elf travels along the edge of the pack, effectively cutting his targets into pieces. He would be wonderful at whacking weeds.

Eli looked behind at me and winked. "I'll be right back." He says right before jumping off. I quickly grabbed the reins before my ride can run wild.

After his feet touched the ground, Elliot went wild. He wields that giant battle ax like it was nothing. Two dumb wolves tried to jump him but they were met with his blade. They go down with a whine. One stayed down, bleeding all over the grass. From behind, a wolf caught him off guard, tackling him when the blade was to the ground. He manages to guard the pole but now the others were about to pounce on him, taking advantage of his position. Not on my watch.

I charged my arrow with more mana then normal and released it with a shout of "Piercing line!" The arrow went right through one and hits other. The wonderful part of having only one arte (or is it tech?) is that you can totally overpower it.

That seemed to have caught the attention of the pack. They growled as they run up to me, while backing off Eli, with their fangs bard. I wasn't that worried. All I had to do is let the dragon take care of the monsters. It swiped any canine that came close with its large claws. It was helped by several lightning bolts, striking each one of them. They stagger on the ground, giving me the opportunity to shoot them in the back. Then Eli's giant ax finished of any who were left standing.

"That was easier that I thought. Maybe these were the weaklings." Were we done already? I took look over the dead pile of wolves. The sight of their bloody gashes and opened pink flesh made me want to hurl. It always surprised me how much damage those two effeminate guys can do. "Let's skin and defang them before the rest of the pack found us."

Silvio jumped down from his dragon and join the older male by the pile. When the boys took out their daggers I took that as my cue to turn around. "You should really learn how to do this, Shar."

"Bite me girly boy. Just hurry up. I wanna be at the guild hall before sundown."

"Well excuse me princess." With that they start tearing into the wolves. The ripping a fresh flesh was not a pleasant to hear. To drown out to I start to sing the first song that came to mind, like I always do.

Everything about you now,

I love but that's a lie

But what happens actually...

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm~

Everything about you now,

I hate but that's a lie

Because I actually...

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm~

I can't speak honestly

It's too challenging for me

So I keep on lying with a catty hat

I don't know when she came,

but I feel her inside of me

ĕ-tō I said ĕ-Tōĕtō

What's important to her,

she can't communicate it.

That's her name, Tōĕtō

She is a timid girl,

too shy to speak to you,

so that's her Tōĕtō

She has hidden herself now

I really want to tell you my~ feelings from the heart

Hesitantly, Tōĕtō said no to that proposal

I can say it, I'll say it,

I am saying, but not said

Yeah…that was the first song that popped into my head. Singing that actually made my heart ache a little bit. I wondered what vocaloid songs came out while I was away. Hell, I wonder if any new vocaloids were released. On that note, I was probably missing some new anime craze. I miss wasting nights and weekends with anime. That was probably what I missed the most, as sad as that was. I couldn't help it, anime was part of who I was. Without it was like a part of me was gone. Now that I think about it wasn't just watching it that missed, it was everything that came with it, it was the feels, the conventions, the cosplay, the ships, the art, the discussions and the bonds made with other fans. All in all I miss the community. I guess I'm trying to say is that I want to go home can catch up on what I missed.

"We're done!" Silvio shouts about an hour later. "and we got back your arrows."

"Great-augh!" I made the mistake of turning around. In front of the two were the skinless animals. That was just great. It was like biology all over again. "I'm going to be sick."

"Not on the dragon!"

After that little episode Elliot let me sit in the front and just lean against his chest, just to make sure I don't hurl again. He made sure the fur, claws and fangs were with us while the meat stayed with Silvio. Despite the fact that he was a fact a false prince, he was quite nice. The same goes for Silvio. It made me feel terrible for leaving them tomorrow. I never meant to get attached to them. This better not make me hesitate when I get the chance to go home.

Speaking of home, Hima was in the distance. The ride back was longer than the trip down, since we couldn't jump up the cliffs and we actually had to find the path, but it was nice. Despite my earlier words I didn't mind taking our time. It gave us a chance to stargaze, which is something I couldn't do often back home. Stupid light pollution, always ruining the sky. The only time I could look at the starry heavens was when we went to Spain during the summer. My grandmother and other relatives lived on a farm so we didn't have to worry about the lights.

Anyway, as Hima drew closer all three of us tensed up. Something was up. Usually the lanterns were on at night but now they weren't.

"Eli…." The eldest shushed the Half elf. Silvio sent us a worrying look but otherwise didn't react. The dragons quietly entered the town. Something was definitely wrong. There also should be still people outside; it was that time of night where the adventurers got drunk and partied. I could feel Eli chest tense up. It looks like he saw whatever caused this. Silvio did too if his little gasp was an indication. I didn't see what they did until we got closer to the guild hall. In front of it were one large black coach and four smaller ones.

"Desians." Eli hissed behind me. Why were they here? They only collected taxes at the beginning of the month. There shouldn't be a reason for them to come way out here. Hima was always safe from raids since it was so far away from the ranch. I must have been shaking since Eli started to rub my arm. "I won't let them harm anyone." I highly doubted he would be able to stop them if anything happened.

We parked the dragons in the guild's stable and slipped into the guild hall through the backdoor. That landed us right in the kitchen. The cooks practically jumped out of their skins when they heard the door open.

"What's going on?" Silvio whispered. I didn't stick around to hear the answer. Instead I went up the stairs and ran to my room. It was way too dangerous to stay downstairs while those bastards were here. Maybe they will go away in a few minutes. Yeah, that's right. They will be out of here in no time. Until then I think I will take a quick nap.

Right after I took off my iron cross and redid my ponytail I heard running and then several large thumps. Did something happen? There is no way I'm going out there and risk my butt to check. I was in the middle of taking out my earrings when someone knocked. 'Sharla? Are you in there?"

"Yeah, you need something?" I yelled back. There was some shifting outside my door before the woman answered back.

"C-can you come down to the tavern? We need you."

"Sure, why?" There was no answer. Did she leave already? That was weird. After I took out my other earring I said little prayer with the iron cross, it wasn't a rosary but it would do. I debated whether or not I should put my glasses back on. Meh, I'll leave them off for now. If they wanted me to serve or something I have to run back up and change into my uniform anyway.

I went downstairs just like I was asked. When I was back in the kitchen the cooks took a step back from me, like I had the plague or something. That was weird, even for them. What was weirder is that two of male cooks held a gagged Silvio to the floor. One had his knee digging in Silvio's back while the other sat on his legs. What the hell?

"Don't just stand there! Go!" The one on my friend's back ordered. My knees locked in placed, refusing to budge. When he noticed I wasn't going anywhere he ordered someone next to me to pull me out of the kitchen. The next thing I know I'm was being tugged out into the tavern part of the guild hall.

Before today I never got a good look at a Desian. Whenever they came by I was never around. Usually I was doing chores in the back, taking a nap or out on a hunt, since my shift was at night. That was a blessing in disguise because I was terrified of even the thought of them, they reminded me too much of the fascist organizations on Earth.

Ever since high school I was fascinated by fascism, thanks to certain relatives who lived in through the fascist era and thought it was a good idea to share their lovely memories to impressible children. Anyway, since I knew so much I decided to take a course on it in college (I never get the chance to finish my paper). And then there was the other half of my family, who also decided to tell us all about the terror caused by the KKK. The result of combining the knowledge that I gained throughout my years with my overactive imagination would be an irrational (or very rational) fear of the Desians, who were a fascist organization that terrorized the world. This fun little fact would explain why I was pissing my pants when I saw the Desians herding guild members against the wall. Oh, and the fact that a beaten and gagged Eli was pinned to the floor by other guild members didn't really help my mental state.

"Here she is! This is the one you wanted right?" This person next to me was so dead when this is all over. The Desian commander walked up to me and grabbed my chin, comparing my face to a photo in his hand.

"This is the wench Lord Kvar wanted." Bullshit! There was no way they could have a picture of me because I've never had my photo taken here. They must be mistaking me for someone else. That's what I want to tell them but my mouth dried up and lump formed in my throat.

"Get out of here, you cowards! You have no right to be here" One Auburn woman shouted at the Desians. She was about to step out of the barricade but a black haired lady held her back.

"Stop it, you fool. Are you trying to get us to get killed?" Wait a minute. Those two were part of the women Eli was talking to yesterday.

"But this isn't right!" She shouted back.

"They'll burn down the building If we don't comply."

"Forget the building! The whole town will be in flames!"

"Or we all will be taken to the Ranch."

"If they want her, then they can have her."

"She's not important anyway."

"No one will miss her."

My whole body began to shake as I listened to the chattering around me. No one else is willing help. I looked at the woman who yelled at them before. She balls up her fist in anger, about to strike someone. That was until she looked at me and our met. She nods her head at me, telling me that she was going do her best but a very familiar face steps on front of her.

"Enough!" Eve roars at every, silencing everyone instantly. The green haired woman turns towards to Desian commander. "If you take her you won't violate the treaty any more than you already have right?"

W-what? She wouldn't dare!

"Yes ma'am" The commander bowed respectfully. "I apologize once more for inconvenience but we have orders to do whatever it takes to secure the target. This came straight from the top."

"Very well." She turns towards the woman that tried to fight the Desians. "Hear that? They will leave us be if we do what they say. If you continue to fight than you will but everyone is danger. Are you really going sacrifice the many for the good of the one?"

"I-" She was at a loss of words. In a way Eve was right but one the other hand an innocent life will be taken…namely mine! She met my eyes once more. The pitiful look she gave told me that she was backing down. She mouthed the words "I'm sorry."

No….I looked down at Eli for help. I was comforted by the fact that he looked royally pissed but he also stopped fighting back. He was giving in too.

"As you can see there will be no further protest. You are free to take the girl away." She informed them coolly. With that she looked away from them. "Goodbye Sharla. This isn't personal, just business. I hope you understand."

Of course I understood. Everyone in here is her responsibly. If sacrificing one of her own will keep everyone safe then she will do it, it will hurt her on the inside but she will do what she has too. Doesn't mean that I'm okay with it since I'm the one in danger!

"What are you fools waiting for? Grab her!" Two Desians came over and grabbed me by the forearms (ow!), right where Silvio grabbed me earlier. Judging sudden pain, I was totally right when I thought he was going to bruise me.

"File out! We got what we came for!" My mind started going haywire as the two Desians started dragging me. If they take me to the ranch I will die for sure! I can't die! I can't!

From that moment on everything became a blur as panic took over my body and all logical thought went out the door. There was no way I was going to let them kill me. To stop them from taking me away I took the bastard to my left by surprise by headbutting his chin. He instantly let go, giving me the chance the hit the other one right in-between the legs, making him collapse to the ground in pain. I took that chance to turn around and run towards to kitchen door. Before I could take another step something sharp penetrated my back. I screamed out in pain as my body it the floor.

"Hijoputa! ¡Carajo! Mierda! Mierda! Mierda! " Oh god, oh god, oh god. It hurts. Someone take it out. Before I could do the deed myself someone kicked me in the stomach and again in the ribs. They repeated this over and over again up I started coughing up something warm. "This is what happens when worms don't know their place."

For some reason I responded to whoever insulted me. "Worms? Is that all you can think of? I was called worse in middle school."

"You bitch!" The bastard kicked me on more time in the chest, knocking the air right out of me. "Learn some respect."

Maybe I would have made a comeback the taste of iron wasn't invading of my mouth. Oh god. I tasted my own blood didn't I?

"Sharla!" Someone yelled as the Desians dragged me across the floor, not even bothering to make me stand. They, however, did yank the arrow out of me, making me scream once more. Now with nothing blocking the way, my blood just oozed out of the hole.

They left behind a trail of blood they continued to drag my limp body. There….there wasn't any reason to fight back. Not even when they threw me into one of the coaches. It was only going to be a losing battle. I knew that I was done for.

I blame Jord for everything.

Don't worry too much about the Spanish. She usually just curses. It's a bad habit she picked up.

I'm probably going to make a side story where I just write about stuff I can't put in here without messing up the flow, like some adventures in Hima that explains some things (like meeting Alistair, why she calls Eli a false prince etc…) some POV from other characters and maybe an AU. Who knows?

I made two more OCs by accident but I quickly worked them into the overall plot. Speaking of OCs, say byebye to most of them for a while.

The first scene and the last few scenes of the next chapter are done. So expect that to be out soon.

Next time: We are off to the human ranch, where she is going to be tortured and psychologically scarred for life.