~ Chapter One: Five & Six year old~

Haruna's P.O.V.

''Dear kids, there's something you need to know.'' A police offer said to me and my Onii-chan, while he kneeled down in front of us.

''Where are Oto-san and Oka-san?'' I asked scared.

I hid behind my brother's back.

''That's where I'm coming for.'' The police officer said.

''Are they having a delay?'' Yuuto asked.

The police officer shook his head.

''Kids… they're not coming back anymore.'' He said soft.

''Why?'' I asked scared.

Yuuto caressed my hand with his hand.

''Because, the plane they were in had an accident. Your parents are… dead.'' He said.

My eyes widened and tears formed in my eyes.

''No!'' I shouted.

I started to cry and was inconsolable.

''Haruna…'' My brother said to me, while he pulled me into a tight hug.

Tears were streaming down his face too.

''I want my Oto-san and my Oka-san!'' I sobbed.

I covered my face with my hands and my shoulders were shocking. My brother patted my back.

''I know, Haruna. I want them back too, but they aren't coming.'' He said.

I look into his sweet, red eyes.

''Onii-chan, are you going to leave me too?'' I asked him.

He shook his head.

''Never!'' He replied.

I smiled and pulled him in another tight hug, while I buried my face against his chest. From that point, we were alone and scared. The same day, a nice woman came.

''Hi, little sweeties. I'm Anora and I'm going to take you to a nice place with lots of other little kids and where you can feel safe and home.'' She said.

''But… this is our home.'' I replied.

Yuuto nodded. The woman smiled.

''Trust me.'' She said.

We went with her and she took us to an orphanage.

''Here it is!'' She said.

We looked upon the building. It was a yellow-bricked, sweet building with a lots of plants and colored flowers. We were taken inside.

''Look, these are the other kids.'' Anora said.

We looked around and I hid behind the back of my brother again.

''Onii-chan, I'm scared.'' I whispered.

''Don't worry, Haruna. I'll protect you.'' He whispered back.

Soon, we found out that it wasn't scary at all. My brother discovered really quick that there were other football players in the orphanage where he could play soccer with. I discovered some girls who liked reading and writing, just as me. I became good friends with a girl called Miyou.

''Miyou-chan, what are you drawing?'' I asked one day.

''I'm drawing a pony!'' She exclaimed happily back.

I smiled anime style and stared out of the window. I saw my brother running on the soccer field with the other boys. He was obviously the best. He got passed them all really quick, jump high up in the air and made a strong kick, which the keeper couldn't held.

''Sugoi…'' I whispered.

Then, I saw Anora examining him. I had a bad feeling in my stomach.

''Something wrong, Haruna-chan?'' Miyou asked me.

I looked at her and shook my head.

''N-No.'' I replied.

I decided to write further about a story I was writing. The next day, me and Yuuto were called by Anora.

''Anora-sempai, what's wrong?'' I asked a bit scared.

She smiled at us.

''There's someone who shows interest in adopting you.'' She said with a smile.

Me and my brother were looking at each other.

''Really?'' He asked surprised.

Anora nodded.

''Yuuto, you can go outside and play a soccer game with the boys. Haruna, fetch your story and bring it along.'' She said happily.

Me and my brother were looked a bit confused at each other, but did what we were told.

''Anora-sempai, I've got it!'' I said with a smile, when I fetched my notebook.

''Good.'' She said with a smile. ''Now let's go and watch your brother outside.''

We walked outside, towards the playing children. There were a big amount of people, who have gathered.

''Wow, what a lot of people.'' I said.

Anora asked. She pointed at a man in a black uniform and sunglasses. He had a sharp, long nose and long, brown hair which he worn in a ponytail.

''That's Kageyama-san.'' She said.

''Is he important?'' I asked curious.

Anora asked.

''It's a man with a lot of influence in this world. He's the man who showed interest in you two.'' She said.

My eyes widened.

''That's kind of an honor.'' I said.

Anora nodded. Then, Kidou made a fantastic move and the audience clapped for him. I saw Kageyama-san grinning and nodding. After the game, he walked towards Anora-sempai. I walked to my brother.

''Sugoi, Onii-chan!'' I said, while I wiped away the dirt of his face.

''Arigato, Haruna.'' He replied with a happy smile.

Then, Anora beckoned us.

''Huh?'' I asked surprised.

''Let's go.'' Yuuto said.

We walked towards her.

''Yuuto, Haruna, this is Kageyama. He's really interested in you two and he has contact with people who would be honored to adopt you.'' She said.

I looked happy at my brother.

''Jippie!'' I exclaimed.

Kageyama nodded.

''If you'll excuse me, I have to make a phone call.'' He said, while he walked away.

In the mean time, Yuuto and I were jumping, while we hugged each other.

''We're going to get adopted. Together! We're going to be in a lovely house with a lovely family again!'' I said.

''I know. I'm so thrilled!'' Yuuto replied.

Then, Kageyama returned.

''It's all done.'' He said.

''Also already with the paperwork?'' Anora asked him.

He nodded.

''Well then, please follow Kageyama-san then.'' Anora told us.

We nodded.

''Hai!'' We replied.

We quickly packed our belongings and followed Kageyama to a car. We looked one last time at the orphanage we spend almost a year in.

''Goodbye!'' We said.

''Matte!'' I suddenly heard Miyou's voice.

''Miyou!'' I shouted.

She pulled me into a tight hug, while she cried.

''Haruna, you're going to get adopted! I'm so happy for you.'' She said.

Still, she cried.

''I'm gonna miss you…'' I said.

''I'm gonna miss you too.'' Miyou replied.

Then, she wiped away her tears and smiled at me.

''Good luck with your new life, Haruna. I'm sure we'll meet in the future someday.'' She said.

I nodded.

''Arigato, Miyou-chan! You'll stay my best friend!'' I said.

''And you'll stay mine!'' I replied.

Then, I stepped into the car and she waved us goodbye.

''Well, this is it then.'' Yuuto said.

I nodded. We saw Kageyama smiling.

''Promise me, a whole new life full of chances is going to begin.'' He said.

Yuuto and I nodded, while we looked happily at each other. After we drove for half an hour, Kageyama stopped the car.

''Here is it.'' He said.

We stepped out of the car. We stood in front of a big, white-bricked house with a red roof.

''Sugoi…'' I whispered.

Kageyama packed my belongings. I red the nameplate on the mailbox.

'Otonashi family' stood on it with golden letters.

''Sugoi…'' I whispered.

Then, a nice couple stepped out of the house.

''Ah, you're here!'' The woman exclaimed, while she looked at me with big, friendly eyes.

I smiled happily.

''Kon'nichiwa, I'm Haruna!'' I said, while I made a really deep bow.

''Nice to meet you, Haruna.'' The man said.

The woman nodded.

''We are Otonashi Giru and Otonashi Relia.'' The man explained.

''But feel free to call us Oto-san and Oka-san.'' The woman continued.

I smiled bright. I felt so happy. I showed my brother.

''This is my Onii-chan, Yuuto.'' I said.

Yuuto gave a nice smile.

''Kon'nichiwa.'' He said.

''Nice to meet you too, Yuuto-san.'' The man said.

''Well, shall we help with your suitcase, Haruna?'' The woman asked.

I nodded.

''That would be fine.'' I replied.

The man and woman carried my belongings inside the house.

''Isn't it amazing, Yuuto? This is our new home!'' I shouted.

Yuuto nodded, but Kageyama shook his head.

'' 'Our' home?'' He asked.

We both nodded.

''I think you don't understand.'' Kageyama said. ''Haruna, this is YOUR home. Yuuto is going to the Kidou family.'' He said.

My heart fell into little pieces and my eyes widened.

''NANE?'' I shouted.

''We're going to be separated?'' Yuuto asked shocked.

Kageyama nodded.

''Yuuto, you're going to another village.'' He said.

Tears ran over my cheeks.

''No, I don't want that!'' I said, while I desperately clung on to my brother's arm.

Yuuto caressed my cheeks.

''Don't worry, Haruna. It'll be fine.'' He said.

''No, you're leaving!'' I shouted.

I was just five, but totally understood what this all meant.

''Haruna, getting upset won't help. It's not gonna change a thing.'' Kageyama said.

''But I don't want to be alone! I want to be with Onii-chan!'' I said, while I started to sob.

At that point, Giru and Relia were walking outside again.

''Poor thing, why are you crying?'' My new mom asked with a careful voice.

''O-Onii-Ch-chan isn't going t-to stay he-here.'' I stammered.

I didn't want to let go of my brother's arm.

''Stay!'' I shouted.

''Haruna…'' Yuuto said with a soft voice.

I saw that he started to cry too.

''I'm gonna miss you…'' He said.

''You're accepting it?'' I shouted.

I started to cry even harder. My new mom tried to calm me down.

''Sweetie, it's gonna be okay. You can call your brother, right? And you can visit him and send letters.'' She said.

My new father gave me a smile.

''He's not going to abandon you from his mind.'' He said.

I nodded and stopped crying.

''Th-that's true.'' I said.

I looked in Yuuto's eyes.

''Well, I guess we're going now.'' He said.

I nodded.

''Do you promise to stay in touch with me?'' I asked him.

He gave me a wink with a thumbs up.

''Of course!'' He said back.

I gave him my new phone number from this home.

''Take care, Onii-chan.'' I said.

He pulled me into a tight hug.

''Remember, you'll always be on my mind. Twenty-four seven.'' He said.

I smiled.

''And you'll be too.'' I replied.

Then, he stepped into the car and smiled at me through the window. I smiled back. Then, the car drove off and he waved, while me and my new parents waved back. I kept watching the car until he disappeared out of sight.

''Well then, let's show you your new house.'' My new mom said.

She and my father took me inside and the door closed.

~ End of Chapter One ~