~ Chapter Four: Eight & Nine years old ~

Haruna's P.O.V.

A years passed by soon and it was three days ago that I celebrated my birthday. I turned eight years old and in third grade of elementary school. I accepted the fact that Onii-chan abandoned me and started to live without him. I was mad at him, for abandoning me like that, so I didn't want to be waiting for him anymore. I turned into a happy girl with a noisy personality and devoted my time by writing stories and poems.

''Ne, Haruna? What are you making?'' Miyou asked me.

''A drawing for Oka-san.'' I replied.

''That's so sweet. I'm going to make a drawing for my mother too.'' Miyou replied.

Together, we devoted the entire school day on drawing drawings for our parents. Before I knew it, sensei said that it was time to go home. I said goodbye to Miyou-chan and searched for my mother on the school yard. I discovered her, but she wasn't looking all too happy.

''Oka-san, what's wrong?'' I asked worried.

My mother looked up from her thoughts.

''A-Ah, Haruna. There you are.'' She replied.

''Mom, what's wrong?'' I repeated the question.

''Nothing, honey. Let's go home.'' She replied.

I didn't quite believe her, but I decided not to ask more. The whole ride home, we didn't spoke. I felt an awkward silence between us. When we got home, my mother immediately excused herself and said that she had to interview someone for her work. She left the house, leaving me behind.

''That's strange…'' I said.

I decided to take a stroll in the park. I left a note for Oka-san, in case she came back earlier than me. Then, I left the house and walked towards the park. I sat down on my usual bench and stared over the lake. I sighed deep and felt a bit gloomy. I wondered where my mother was worrying about. Suddenly, I saw two guys walking into the park. I didn't recognize their school uniforms. One had long, cyan hair and an eye patch. The other one had brown-red, wild hair which made me think of the manes of a lion somehow. They looked the same age as me, only one year older I guessed.

''Ne, Sakuma. School was hard today, huh?'' The lion-boy said to the cyan-haired boy.

The other boy, named Sakuma I guess, nodded.

''And soccer practice was hard too. Kageyama really is harsh for us.'' He replied.

My eyes widened. Did he just say Kageyama?

''Captain got some strange goggles today.'' The lion-boy said.

''Yeah, and a cape!'' Sakuma replied.

''Kantoku said it's to become stronger.'' The lion-boy said.

''But Genda, why does he only want to make captain stronger. We're a team right? I don't wanna lose!'' Sakuma sighed.

The lion-boy, named Genda, nodded.

''But captain is the best player from all of us. He's the amazing game strategist. Without him, we're nothing, admit it.'' He replied.

Sakuma sighed again and nodded. I looked curious. Those boys played soccer… And Kageyama had something to do with it. Maybe those boys were orphans too? Maybe they knew Onii-chan! I jumped from my bench and wanted to walk to the boys, but they suddenly disappeared. I started to run and look around, but they were really gone.

''No! There goes another chance!'' I said sulking.

I sighed and walked back to my bench.

''Onii-chan, where are you? I don't want to see you again, but I just want to know where you are. Are you happy?'' I said soft.

I stared blankly over the lake. I can't believe my life turned out to be like this. The happy with just my real parents and Yuuto seemed so far away. We at the dinner table, mother scolding us because we didn't ate our vegetables. Then, we always had to laugh and received a dessert at the end of the meal. Me, Yuuto and daddy in the park, Yuuto playing soccer and me cheering him on. Me and mother, sitting on her lap in front of the fireplace. She red a story and I would always fall asleep against her. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Where's that happy life? Why am I sitting alone on a bench, in a park far away from my old home, with foster parents and without Yuuto-chan, who refuses to contact me.

''DUE WHAT DID I DESERVE THIS?!'' I shouted with all my might, while I jumped up.

Then, I fell on my knees and clasped my hands together, while I started to cry silently.

''Kami-sama, please hear my wish. Make everything go back to normal. Bring Yuuto and my real parents back together again. Give me my happy, old life back. Please… I beg you…'' I prayed.

Then, it started to become dinner time. The sky turned dark and the temperature lowered. My eye lids felt heavy. I knew I had to go home, but I couldn't find the strength to stand up. Instead, I kept lying on the ground and closed my eyes, while the tears kept coming.

''Haruna, what are you doing on the ground?'' I heard the surprised voice of my mother.

I looked up and my mother's eyes widened. Then, they softened and she kneeled down next to me.

''Sweetie…'' She said, while she took me in her arms.

''Mommy, are you happy?'' I asked her sobbing.

''Of course I'm happy! I'm having a lovable husband and the sweetest kid on earth.'' She replied, while she stroked my head.

''Mommy, I'm not happy…'' I said.

''I know, sweetie. And I understand why. Even though your real parents aren't coming back anymore, I know they'll always love you. I'm sure they're up somewhere in the sky, watching you with a smile.'' My mother replied.

''Really?'' I asked, while I stopped sobbing.

My mother nodded with a smile. Then, she pulled me on her lap and pointed at the night sky, who started to show their first stars.

''See those two, shiny stars, next to each other?'' She asked me.

I looked at where she was pointing at and nodded.

''I bet those are your parents. Look how bright they're shining.'' My mother said.

''That means they're happy.'' I said with a smile.

My mother nodded.

''Do you think it would make them happy to see you cry?'' She asked me.

I shook my head, while I wiped away my tears.

''No.'' I said firmly.

My mother smiled and together, we stood up. She grabbed my hand.

''Come on, let's go home. I'll cook you your favorite dish.'' She said.

''Rice with shrimps!'' I exclaimed with a smile.

My mother nodded.

''I bet daddy is worried too.'' She replied, while we walked back home.

''I'll apologize to him.'' I said firmly.

My mother ruffled my hair.

''Big girl. I'm proud of you. And I'm sure your real parents are too.'' She said.

''Thanks, mommy.'' I replied.

Then, we continued our way.

~ End of Chapter Four ~

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