Okay, so I'm apparently making this a TWO chapter alternative. Cause this is coming out longer than I thought it would. Also! Please don't kill me for taking longer than promised. A little thing called life problems happened to me recently and I've been in a crappy mood. So I'm sorry for that. But without further a due. Here is part 1 of alternative 2!

~~Next Morning~~

"Morning, Dom." Brian greeted from his stool on the island.

"Morning…." He muttered, walking over to the platinum refrigerator and took out a glass pitcher of orange juice.

"Orange juice?" Mia asked, looking at her brother from her spot in front of the stove.

Dom looked at Mia, confusedly, "Yeah?…and?"

"You don't drink, Orange juice." Brian clarified, staring his brother-in-law with curiosity. Grabbing his mug of coffee and taking a drink of it.

"It's a good time as any to start." He rolled his eyes, putting the pitcher on the island and grabbed himself a tall glass from the cabinets.

Dom looked over Mia's shoulder, watching her flip over the sunny side eggs cooking on the non-stick pan.

"Dom, do me a favor and go wake up, Letty" Mia asked, still focusing on her task at hand.

He turned to look at her strangely, "Letty….?"

Mia gave him an equal stare, "Yes….Letty. She's upstairs in the guest bedroom next to yours."

Brian gave his brother-in-law a small laugh, standing up to grab his newspaper from the counter, "What'd you forget already, Dom?"

Dom stopped himself short, getting irritated with the two for playing this little charade of theirs

"That ain't funny. Now both of you, stop it already."

Mia sighed softly at her brother "Dom…..""Why, are you looking at me like that?" Dom narrowed his eyes at her

"Dom….Letty's here. You and Brian brought her back yesterday." Mia said quietly, walking over to her daughter that was in her pink bassinet. Pushing it gently side to side.

Dom clenched his jaw, "You probably dreamt it, Mi."

"Go upstairs, and look for yourself" Brian stated, sitting himself back down on the stool across from Dominic

"Upstairs?," Dom said gently before turning to question Brian's sanity "are you alright, O'Conner?"

Mia rolled her eyes in her brother's direction

"Dom….." Mia frowned

Dom glared at Mia "I already said to drop it,"

But both Brian and Mia gave him the same wondrous stare.

Dom glared harder, slamming his hands on the island and marching up to his room.

He shook his head, swiping at his bald head in irritation.

Maybe he was too hard on Mia, but the subject of loosing her….was hard for him to talk about.

"Damn it…."

Came a soft hiss through the bedroom door he had just passed.

He stopped and turned to look back at the plain white door.

"Go upstairs, and look for yourself"

He sighed, stepping back and reaching for the crystal doorknob

He turned it slowly, taking his time in opening the door.

Was he really doing this?

Did he truly believe in what his sister and brother-in-law told him?

Apparently he did, because he just finished turning the knob and threw the door right open.


He stepped into the room and looked around.

The bed wasn't made, which he found odd. No one slept in this room before.

"…She's upstairs in the guest bedroom next to yours."

Then, the sound of something hard fell on the floor in the restroom of the room he was in.

He looked up suspiciously at the ajar door that led to the bathroom.

"Shit!" a woman's voice whispered from inside.

He sped towards the bathroom, throwing the door open till it hit the opposite wall.

And there, stood the object of his pain, love, hurt, warmth, and confusion.

His eyes furrowed, taking a step back, hitting his back against the door frame, "What…."

The woman looked up slowly at the stunned man.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked, grabbing the bar of soap that fell to the floor and set it on the white marbled counter.

He looked around the bathroom, observing the now bloodied floor. Tracing his sight from her drenched feet, up her crimsoned legs, to her wounded hip.

"Dom?…" she called, following his trail of sight before covering her bloodied state with a nearby towel.

"Your…," he shook his head, "your not here. It's not possible."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You've been gone for two years."

She closed her eyes, finally understanding what was going on, "Dom, we talked about this last night."

Dom stared delusional at her feet, "I've cracked"

She grimaced, "What I would have paid to see that happen back then," she shook her head, walking towards him and grabbing his hand. Pulling up to her chest, "I'm here, papa. Don't'chu feel my heart beating?"

He looked down at his hand. Feeling her warmth of her skin and the beat of her heart jumping repeatedly.

"I've never seen you this…helpless" She said quietly.

That got him back as he looked at her with a staggered glance, "I ain't helpless."

She let out a careless breath, "Your back."

Standing herself up slowly, mindful of her wound.

Dom, seeing her difficulty in standing. Jumped up and helped her, walking her to sit on the toilet seat, "How'd this happen…" He asked, tightening his lips and clutching his hands. Leaning himself back to get a good look her.

She stared at him, "You really don't remember last night, do you?"

He shook his head negatively.

"Dom, you and Brian found me practically bleeding to death in some building at the ruins a couple of miles from here. A helicopter was tracking me down and landed me a fucking good one on my hip. You carried me here….," she looked around, "your house…I guess."

He leant himself against the wall, some events of last night easing it's way into his head "Why were you being tracked down."

Letty bit her lip, looking towards the glass doors to the shower.

"A heist against a military convoy…"

He glared at her, "Are you outta your mind?"

She in turn, returned the favor, "I had no choice."

"You always, have a choice."

"Oh really? Then I guess you had a choice two years ago when you fucking abandoned me in Mexico!"

"I did it because I wanted to keep you safe!," he hissed, kneeling down by her legs. Taking a hold of her hands, "I didn't want you tangled up in this mess if the FED's caught up to me."

She swung her head away from him, "They know who I am, Dom! They know every god damned this about us! You really think they weren't going to have me tied down to you?"

He leant back on his heels, thinking as he stared at the floor.

"Look at me now! Do I look like I'm living it safe because you left? I just got shot for making a bad fucking choice! You were free to go, and you chose wrong! Why would you do that? After everything I did to try and get your name cleared-You fucking had to go and ruin it!" She threw his hands away from her

He closed his eyes tiredly, "I couldn't let it go, Letty."

"What couldn't you let go…?" after a moment of silence, she stared exasperatedly at him.

"Your murder….," he grinded his teeth together, "you know I have separation issues. I couldn't let it go."

"Mia!," Elena called out as she entered the large home, "Brian!"

"In the kitchen, Elena~" Brian answered, sitting himself up straight when the said woman came into view.

"Hey, Elena." Mia smiled at the woman

"Good morning," she replied, "…where is Dom?"

Brian cleared his throat and took a drink of his coffee, "Upstairs"

"He went to go-" Mia walked towards her sister-in-law, but Brian cut her short.


Mia turned to look at her husband in question.

"I'll head up then." Elena nodded, turning around and disappearing into the hallway

Once Mia knew Elena was out of hearing range she snapped her husbands head off, "What do you think your doing? You know she's ready to bite his head off for last night."

Brian stared at Mia calmly, "Things have changed, Mia. It may have been less than twelve hours….," he shook his head, "but we both know that no matter what circumstances were under, Dom would never abandon Letty. Not after everything that's happened. Elena needs to realize that with her own eyes. And you know what, I know you want Letty back by our side. Even though I'm still confused as hell as to how she's alive."

Mia sighed, nodding in agreement, "Your right. But Brian…."


She let out a deep breath, preparing to tell her husband what little information Letty had revealed to her last night.

Elena made her way up the staircase, lazily.

Why did Dom have to have so many stairs?

She shook her head and took a deep breath in.

"Uy…first thing I'm going to do is make him move to the first floor."

Once she reached the second level, she began making her way towards Dom's room.

"After everything I did to try and get your name cleared. You fucking had to go and ruin it!"

Elena narrowed her eyes at the room next to Dom's.

"Who is…"

She quietly made her way towards the open door and peaked her head inside.

Their was nobody in the room, but the light to the bathroom was turned on.

"I ..…let...go, Letty."

"What….let go~?"

She tip-toed closer to the bathroom. Not being able to understand what they were whispering.

"Your murder….,you know I have separation issues. I couldn't let it go."

Elena realized it was Dom….but that woman's voice…

"Dom….you should know that your life meant more to me than anything" She cried silently

"It's not a one way street!," he snapped, "I love you, Letty, that's why I left. If I had known that all of this shit would happen….I never would have made that choice in the first place!"

Elena backed herself against the wall, surprised.

She heard Letty sigh, "I love you too…..but we can't change the past."

"Don't leave me again…" he whispered, caressing her cheek to make her meet his gaze

"How can you ask me that?," she sniffed, "damn it…..," she wiped at her tears angrily

"Your crying.."

"I ain't cryin'!" she stood up, clutching her hip tightly as she fell back down onto the toilet seat.

"Stop forcing yourself!," he said through clenched lips, reaching towards her half naked torso to unbind the gauze's, "let me take a look at 'chu"

"Dom…it's fine. I can do it myself." she moved to get away from him, but his hands stayed firm on each side of her waist.

"Sit down ….and let me check you." he turned to look up at her seriously and she gave in.

"Just like old times…" she muttered

He chuckled, "you bet your ass."

She stayed quiet, letting him do as he pleased with her body for a couple of minutes before opening her mouth again.

"You know we gotta talk, right?" she whispered

Dom gave his menstruation's a pause.

"I know what we talked about last night."

"Funny how you remembered so quickly," she looked at him accusingly, "you damn shitty liar."

"I ain't lyin'"

"Oh, I'm not saying your lying about remembering. I'm saying your lying about forgetting. You may be a lot of things, Dom. But your not an idiot." she smirked, reaching forward to place her hand gently over the back of his neck.

He sighed comfortably, "You always were the only one to see through me"

"Cause I know you, better then you know yourself, papa."

"That name…."

Her conversation last night with Dom's…girlfriend suddenly came to mind.

"Right," she pulled her hand back, "not my place."

He raised an eyebrow at her, "Not your place for what?"

She looked at him impatiently, "Nothing, are you almost done?"

Dom grabbed her wrists and bound them down towards his stomach, "Answer me."

"Stop…doing that, I hated it when you use to do that and I still hate it now." she grimaced, pulled her head back to face away from him

"Do what?" he asked

"Your using your damned commanding voice, don't do that to me. For one, it pisses me off. Two….," she rolled her eyes and attempted to pull her hands free again, "just don't.."

"I didn't know I had a commanding voice."

She swung her head, looking at him with a bored expression, "Fucken' liar."

"Alright, I didn't know I did that to you. I'm sorry. There."

Letty sighed, "Can I get up now?"

"Why does it seem like you would rather be anywhere else, but with me?" he asked, looking at her with upset features.

"Because I don't belong here anymore, Dom."

Dom looked at her through narrowed eyes, "What in the hell gave you that idea."

"The fact that your with someone else….," she stared at him with lost eyes, "Isn't that enough?"

He pulled away from her, "Letty…..let me explain."

"Why should you?…," she stood up slowly, her face inches away from his, "Dom, we never had a bad relationship. We didn't end it-"

"That's why I want to explain."

"Let me finish, will you…..," she sighed, "our lives together were token from us, Dom. I don't blame you for wanting to be with someone else. When you thought you had lost me."

"Your making it sound like it's something bad." he whispered

"That's the thing. I'm not," she placed her hands on his shoulders, "you're the one that's making it seem that way."

He thought it over, realizing she was right. But he wasn't going to tell her that.

"You don't know….how happy I am to know you still love me," she caressed his cheek, "but what about her?"


"Do you love her, Dom?"

He gulped stiffly

"Well…do you?"

They both turned to look towards the entrance of the bathroom. Seeing their intruder was the person they were talking about.

Letty sighed, "Damn….speak of the devil."

Dom took a step away from her, earning a look of hurt from Letty.

"I was right when I said I knew you more than you knew yourself," Letty stated sadly, "I got my answer without you havin' to tell me again, Dom."

Elena looked dejectedly between them. Not understanding, nor liking their bond.

Letty slowly made her way passed her, standing shoulder to shoulder with her, "….Take care of him."

Elena tilted her head slightly in Letty's direction, "I already am."

Letty didn't say anything as she left to retrieve her bloodied shirt from Dom's room.

Leaving Dom and Elena to stand alone in the bathroom.

"She read you wrong, didn't she?" Elena whispered hesitantly

Dom clenched his left fist tightly, staring at the blood that was still left on the floor.

"Yeah…..I need to know what happened between April of 2010, up till now." Brian said to the person at the other end of the line.



"Yeah. And Juvy….I need it an hour ago." He stated, wanting to get on top of things as soon as possible.

"What'd he tell you?" Mia asked, sitting herself next to Brian on the couch in the living room.

"He's looking. Don't worry, we'll find out what the hell happened two years ago, Mia." he turned and gave her a peck on the head.

"I hope so…"

Letty sighed, looking down at her white bloodied shirt. She can't go out like this. She'd be arrested. Bunch of idiots.

She walked out, still in her pants and bra. The only thing covering her stomach were the bandages and gauze.

Stepping down the stairs heavily, she thought of the events taken place.

She was without a home, without a family, and love.

The only ones that did actually wanted her, were the FED's.

She chuckled, funny how that turned out right?

"Letty, is that you?" She heard Mia's voice from the hall underneath the staircase.


"How do you feel?" she asked, finally coming into view

"Like shit, other than that. I'm fine." Letty snarled

Mia shook her head, a light smile curving on her lips, "Same old Letty."

Letty choked back a pause, "…..No, Mi."

"Did….Dom tell you breakfast is ready?" she asked hesitantly

"No," she said tiredly, "we had other things….goin' on. Anyway, I gotta go."

"What," Mia's eyes widened, "why?"

"It's not safe for you guys if I'm here, Mia." she clarified

"Don't come at me by telling me it's not safe, Letty! We've always lived our lives the way we do. Don't be like Dom and abandon me again!. I thought you were dead, and you still haven't told me how you're here. Now your just going to leave!" Mia shouted

"Mia….?" they heard Brian's voice come from the kitchen, "why are you yelling? Cici's asleep."

Mia let out a deep breath, "This one! She's says she's leaving!"

"Mia…" Letty scrunched her nose at Mia's cliché

Brian sighed and turned to look at Letty, "Look, Letty. Right now might not be the time to leave. It isn't safe."

"No. What ain't safe is my staying here!" Letty glared

"You ain't goin' nowhere."

They all turned to look up at the deep voice that came booming from the top of the staircase.

"And what the hell gives you the right to tell me that!" Letty hissed at the man now coming down the stairs, his girlfriend in tow.

"The fact that I have to keep my family safe is one reason." He stared her right into the eyes, daring her to tell him otherwise.

"It's been two years, Dom. Your really calling us, family?" Letty shook her head, taking the last step on the staircase

"Yeah, cause we are." He narrowed his eyes at her, following behind every one of her steps

"How cute." she crossed her arms

"….Lett?" Mia whispered questioningly

Letty's eyes softened a bit at the sight of Mia, "You guys don't know me anymore, just like I don't know you. I'm considered the most fucking wanted person in the US…everywhere," Letty looked at Dom pleadingly, "how can we be a family, when were going to have to keep watching our backs constantly. When I don't belong here anymore."

"Stop saying that!" Dom glared

"Let me ask you guys a question," Letty stared off at the wall behind Mia, "and if you can give me an answer. Then I'll stay…. if you don't, then I'm outta here."

"Alright, ask" Mia stepped forward, eager to know what Letty was going to ask.

"If I'm goin' to stay here…..were would that leave me?"

"Your family, Lett! Isn't that enough?" Mia asked

"I'm….family…," Letty sighed, "that's not the answer I wanted."

"What more do you want?" Dom asked, wanting to make her stay just as much as his sister.

"Me and you have already talked about this, Dom," Letty looked up at him, "Mia and Brian with Cici. You and…Elena…but where would that leave me?"

Mia stared dejectedly at the floor. Now understanding what her former sister-in-law was getting at.

"So what? You are just going to give up, like that?" Elena spoke up

Letty looked up at her, giving her a lazy amused stare, "Your motivating me, to take away Dom from you? Wow. What a martyr."

"Funny. Everyone tells me that you were the martyr." The younger woman said.

"Theirs a difference between being a martyr and knowing when to let go. Get it straight. I know when to cut my losses. I'm not sticking around to watch everything I have ever known, fall apart." Letty glared at her rival before turning to Mia, "Mi….can I borrow a shirt."

Mia just nodded and began walking up the stairs, her husband following right behind her.

"I already told you, you ain't leavin'." Dom said stiffly

"Must be painful for you to watch the man you love beg for his old lover to stay…right?" Letty looked over at Elena blankly

"Shut up! I am doing this for him!"

"At what cost! Him going back to jail for hiding a convict! Or Mia and Brian having their baby token away because of it! And all for what! Keeping me here!…..," Letty shouted, "I thought you would smarter than that. I knew Dom had a thing for chicks without brain cells. But I didn't think he'd actually choose one without them."

"Letty, that's enough." Dom said quietly

"If your tired of hearing me talk, then bye." Letty once again, turned around and made her way towards the door.

Dom took long strides toward her and latched onto her wrist.

"Let go."


"Dom, I'm not going to ask you again." she pulled at her arm, only feeling the stinging sensation of her wrist being held onto to tightly.

"I don't care. You know when I say something I'ma do. I do it." He glared at her, pulling her harshly back to him.

Landing her on his chest with a small yelp, "You asshole! That hurts!"

"Baby." He snorted

"Screw you! I ain't no baby, now let me go you big ass bear!"

"Your gonna have to do better than that." He said monotonously, carrying her bridal style towards the living room.

"You're a fuckin' hypocrite, Dom! You get to leave me, but I can't leave you!"

"I didn't want to!" He growled at her.

"You did it because you were protecting me, right. So why the hell can't you see that your in fucking danger with me just talking to you!" she hissed right back, clutching her eyes and arching her body when she felt the pain of her wound start.

"Damn it…" Dom sighed, trying to calm himself down and not explode at her.

She groaned deeply, rolling her head in his direction, "What!"

"Calm down. Your bleeding again." He muttered, setting her down on the Victorian chair, not caring if it stained or not.

"Dom!," she yelled after him, watching his retreating back go into the hall, "I'm not done here!"

"Would you calm yourself down. Dom is just getting the first aid kit." Elena said exasperatedly

Letty glared at her. Finally laying herself back on the couch.

"Why are you acting this way with them?" she asked

"I don't need to explain myself to someone I don't know. Nor care to know." Letty responded, closing her eyes. All events finally getting to her.

"Oh, I know you don't care. Because I do not either. But Dom does, and that's why I have to say something about this."

"How about you mind your own business."

"Dom is my business!"

"Por favor….," she sighed sarcastically, "can you shut it? Or do you mind leaving? Cause your giving me a fuckin' headache."

Elena glared and stood up, making her way out of the living room "I don't know what Dom see's in you."

After a while Letty pondered on that statement, "I don't either…."

Dom shook his head angrily, coming back into the room. Not noticing that Letty had fallen asleep.

How can she say those things?

He looked down at the Victorian chair. Taking notice in the sleeping woman.

Dom sighed, suddenly feeling very tired.

"Your so damn innocent when you sleep…."

His lip quirked, "What was that saying you use to tell Mia….'calladita, te mira's mas bonita.'," he bit his lip, "I guess you were right."

Almost as if she had heard him, she reacted and moved her head.

He smiled gently, until he heard her say a name.

"Stefaniaaa…" she groaned

His eyes furrowed, who was that?

"Hey, I got the shirt." He heard Mia say from behind him.

He raised his hand up quickly to halt her talking.

"What….?" she whispered, looking between her brother and Letty.


"Stefie.." Letty continued to say, her eyes tightening at the name.

Dom continued to stare at her, the name rolling around in his head. Trying to figure out if he knew a Stefania.

He leaned over her and shook her shoulder slightly. Trying not to jolt her awake.


Her eyebrow twitched

"Letty…" he whispered louder

She sighed with her mouth closed, turning her head away from Dom.

"Wake up!" he shouted next to her ear.

Her eyes snapped open as her body jumped back against the head rest, "What the fuck is wrong with you!"

Mia glared at Dom, "Dom!"

Dom just smirked, "Nothin' else worked. You've always been a heavy sleeper."

"Yeah, but ya didn't have to fuckin scream in my ear! Pinche pendejo!" Letty glared

And Dom glared right back at the name, "A pinche pendejo am I?"

Letty moved her face closer to his, "Yes!"

He sucked on his teeth for a second before pushing her down on the couch, "Hey!"

"Stay the hell down." he grounded, setting one hand against her stomach, while the other went to grab the blood filled bandages.

"That fucking hurts!" Letty stomped her feet on the cushions, her nails digging into Dom's left arm that was holding her down.

"Suck it up."

"You assh-"

"Yeah, yeah. I already know my nickname. Don't need to remind me." Dom stated, trying to pull the bandage's as careful as possible.

Mia sighed, rolling her eyes and throwing the black t-shirt she had gotten for Letty, on the couch.

Making her way out of the child's play going on in the living room.

"Ugh!" Letty slammed her head down on the arm rest, annoyed with the fact that her comebacks weren't affecting him anymore.

Dom's eyes narrowed at a scar on her stomach he hadn't noticed before, "What the hell is this."

Letty lowered her eyes from the ceiling to the big ape in front of her, "What?"

"This scar across your stomach, that's what." He glared at her, watching her sit herself up straight as she looked down at the scar.

Her eyes reflected a bit of surprised remembrance before turning neutral again.

"I got it fighting."

"Bullshit, now tell me where the hell you got this from."

"What the hell do you care?" She crossed her arms,

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head.

He had seen that same type of scar before.

Dom's head steered sideways as he remembered.

Mia had the same scar on her stomach, but that was because she had, had a cesarean.

His jaw clenched, "You got till I could to five before you tell me why the hell you have a cesarean scar on your stomach. Or else I'll find out from Brian to figure out when and how this happened."

Letty sucked on her top teeth, leaning herself against the couch, "….I…got nothin' to say."

"One…." his eyes stared angrily up at hers

"Dom…," she shook her head


She leant her head back to stare at the ceiling.


"Keep counting." She muttered

"Four…" he grabbed onto her thigh and gripped it tightly

Letty rolled her eyes at the mellow-drama, "I was pregnant, Dom."

And just like that, his grip vanished as he pulled back as if he had just been burnt.

She turned to look at him slowly, "I was going to tell you…but you fell asleep on me last night."

Dom stood up on his heels, not knowing how to take the information.

"You wanted to know how I got that scar and when I tell you, you've got nothin' to say?"

"What do you…expect me to say?" His eyes widened an inch, still processing what she had just said.

She rolled her eyes, staring at the cream carpeted floor

"Is it…."

Her eyes narrowed up at him, "The fuck!," she stood up abruptly, "why the fuck would you ask me that!"

"It was just a question," he glared back

"I wouldn't have spent six fucking years of my life with you if I had wanted to have a fucking baby with someone else!" she stormed around him, trying to run out of the room.

He reached out and grabbed her shoulder, "Get back here."

"Hell no! I can't believe after knowing you for more than fucking nine years, your really asking me that!"

Dom pulled her back again, wrapping his arms crossed across her chest, "Let me the fuck go!"


"Dom!…," she turned her head up to glare at the close to coming in contact faces, "suelta me!"

"No!" He glared harder, walking backwards until the back of his legs hit the couch and they both fell back into it.

She hissed at the feel of him under her.

"Fucking ay…" she growled

His grip tightened around her. Relishing in the pressure on top of him.

"I don't think your girl would appreciate this, Dominic." Letty said blandly

"You don't know shit. Now tell me about the kid."

She sighed, there's the old tyke.

"She's two…," Letty whispered, "going on three in a couple of weeks."

Dom swallowed back a lump before responding, "A girl."

"Yeah….she was seven point thirteen ounces, and thirteen inches..," Letty smiled, remembering how it felt to have her daughter in her arms.

All the while, Dom stayed quietly. Taking in the information as if it were his oxygen.

"She…uh.. Had a lot of hair when she was born. I'd always wondered why I had heart-burn…," she chuckled, shaking her head at the thought, "she was…pretty tiny. Average, they told me. She has your eyes, you know." she whispered

At the mention, Dom straightened himself up. Looking over her shoulder, watching her every emotion, wanting to feel exactly what she had experienced, "my lips, your ears," she gave a small laugh, "and a Toretto attitude to kill."

"I named her Stefania Sofia Toretto…"

"Mom.." he said softly, looking off at a music box on a glass table a little a ways from them.

"Yeah….I figured who better else than your mom's name."

He slid his hands over her thighs and onto her hands in front of them.

Appreciating the gesture.

He suddenly felt a deep painful hole in his chest. Why hadn't he known? Why did this have to be token away from him?

"Along the way…little kid surprised me a lot. She was smarter then she let on. Stefie's first word was papi…believe it or not."

His grip on her tightened as his face began to twitch. Not wanting to let his emotions shower.

"That didn't surprise me so much…I talked to her a lot about you. Even though she was still a baby."

"Thank you…." His response barely passed with a ghost of a whisper.

"I wasn't going to let my kid live her life without knowing her dad was, Dom." She tilted her head to the side, watching all of his emotions skyrocket.

"Anyway…at seventeen months…she was talking a lot….," she shook her head, "so much that I couldn't ever shut her up. I called her my 'grillo'. Little brat, she was everything Mia was when she was happy. But when she got mad, all of her Dominic Toretto came out." Letty smiled

Dom licked his bottom lip, keeping his smirk at bay.

"Nineteen months, she was walking and calling me mami. Taking her first steps when I was washing our clothes at a laundry mat a couple of minutes from where we lived. When she turned one, little brat learned a bad habit of always telling me no to everything. She threw such a fit, I had to give her a couple good ones on the butt before she stopped."

"Spankin' 'er already?" Dom looked at her with an eyebrow raised

"Hell yeah, I don't know how the heck your mom did it with you. Your kid is a brat, I tell ya." Letty chided

"Anyways, even though she threw her tantrums when she didn't get what she wanted. She was still a good girl. She knew when she had to pick up after herself," Letty sighed, "a couple of days after she turned two. I had to leave, I couldn't stay with her. I had a couple of bangers on my head, plus the FED's….," she bit her lip, scrunching her nose as a tear fell down her cheek, "I had to abandon my two year old baby to a friend…because of this fucking life…," she jumped up from Dom's arms, "I hate it!"

Dom looked at her surprised as she kicked the coffee table in front of them, knocking over a china lamp and a couple of center pieces.

She turned herself around, not wanting to face Dominic when more tears cascaded down her face.

"It's been almost a year sense I've seen her…..," she said lowly, her breathing coming in short because of her hiccups, "I don't even know if she remembers me. All I know is that she's fine," she slid herself slowly on the floor, "that ain't enough …," she shook her head, "not for me."

He situated himself behind her, a lone tear falling down his stone face.

"Where is she.." He asked quietly, not willing to break the silence between them at the moment.

"I left her with a trusted friend. I use to call her all the time to know how Stefania was doing. But it's gotten so bad that I can't even do that anymore, Dom," she looked up at him sadly, "I can't come in contact with her. They'll know…"

"Who'll know," he wiped her tears away

"Besides the FED's," she gave a mocking chuckle, "everyone. My face is planted everywhere where she's staying at. No one knows she's mine, but the friend I left her with."

He inhaled heavily, tightening his arms around the crying woman."We'll get 'er back, Letty…Count on it."

His vision trailed from the shattered items from the coffee table, up to the veterans couches and towards the opening entrance of the living room. Spotting a woman leaning against the marbled frame.

'I'm sorry….but she needs me more.'

He looked a bit remorsefully at Elena. Who had a look of darkness on her face.

She slowly backed away from the entrance and made her way out of the house.

He sighed, looking back down at Letty. Rubbing her shoulder up and down. Laying his cheek over her head as he let her vent out her frustrations.

"What do you think's going on in there?" Mia whispered, not bothering to look back at Brian who was scanning through the documents that he had asked from Juvy.

"Does it matter?"

She turned around sharply, "Of course it matters! It's too damn quiet in there."

Brian looked up with a lazy smile, "Why do you always assume their needs to be yelling when Dom and Letty are in the same room?"

She took a step back, appalled at the accusation, "I do not!"

He raised an eyebrow

"Oh, whatever. Get back to looking at that damn file." she rolled her eyes as she leaned back on the kitchen doorframe. Trying to listen in on Dom's and Letty's conversation down the hall in the living room.

Brian sighed and did as she asked him.

~~~Later on~~~

"You think you could do it?" Dom asked, arms crossed, legs apart as he stared down at his brother-in-law who was sitting at the kitchen island. Going through his laptop.

"I'm pretty sure we can…but why do you wanna do that for?" Brian asked, leaning his arm against the island, the other on his lap.

He turned and began walking into the hallway, "I'm getting my kid back."

"Lett…," Mia whispered, knocking on Dom's room door softly before entering.

"What's up, Mi?" Letty said gently, rubbing her eyes tiredly from her spot on the bed.

"I never got to ask you what happened yesterday" Mia asked, sitting at the corner of the bed.

Letty sighed, "Imma make this short. Cause I'm really tired. I didn't know about the report you guys had that I was dead. I was probably here in Berlin during that time. I've been running from the FED's ever sense I went undercover for Brian. I was mixed in with the infiltration as a real racer distributing meth for dealer named Braga. Got into with his gay lookin' friend, crashed and got away. After that, I met a family that took me in. I stayed there for a year….had Stefania and left."

"That name…you said it before in your sleep," Mia said gently, setting her hand on her old friends leg, "who's is it?"

Letty smiled slightly, "Congrats, aunt Mia."

Mia's eyebrows raised as her body jerked back in surprise.

"You….your serious?"

Letty looked amusedly at her, "Now why would I lie 'bout that? I told daddy Dom earlier, too."

Mia took a second to process this before giving out a full blast squeal and throwing her arms around Letty.

She groaned, "Bring it back a notch, I'm kinda hurtin' here."

"Right," she pulled back immediately, but the large smile never left her features, "soo! Where is she? I wanna meet her!"

Letty's whole body shut down. She stared, melancholy at her hands.

"Oh my….," Mia stopped short, "she…didn't did sh-""She's not dead, if that's what you mean…," Letty whispered, "I hope…with everything that I have, that she's alright and well."

Letty's eyes began to redden.

"Don't cry, Letty…" Mia stood up and sat closer to her, wrapping her arms gently around her friend, "everything's going to be alright."

"God, Mi," Letty sighed into her hands, "you don't know how much I'm praying right now that everything will be a'right."

So, how was the long awaited freaking alternative ending? This isn't the only chapter. Don't worry! :) I have the second chapter for part two already in the making. Apparently, I can't make promises as to when the damn chapter will be done. Being an adult suuuuuucks! Anyways, tell me how it went for you guys. :DD