Both Dom and Brian looked up startled at the ceiling from the living room.

Brian's eyes dropped suspiciously, "I don't even wanna know."

Dom tsk'ed and grabbed one of the folders from the table.

"So what'd you find?"

Brian sighed in defeat, "Nothing. As far as the bureau knows. There's no one else following Letty, but the government."

Dom walked around the living room and made his way over to the bricked chimney, "No. That's not possible, they've gotta kno' somethin'," he rested his hands on each corner of the chimney shelf, "ain't no way they don't kno' anything. They've been trackin' her for two years, Brian," he pushed himself off of the shelf and turned to look at the other male, "they had her cornered in Berlin. They knew she'd be there," he clasped his hand over his chin, shaking his head negatively at the report, "if they knew that. Then they know those thugs that are followin' her."

"Which means that Hobbs, didn't keep his word." Brian finished.

Dom smirked, "Ain't this sad…."

~~~Next day~~~

"Your diabolical, Dom." Brian said in a hushed tone, covering his face more with a black cap he had on. Along with sporting his regular clothes. A blue t-shirt, faded jeans, and converse.

Walking behind him was Dom. Wearing a long khaki trench coat and a fedora hat to mask view from any prying eyes.

The corner of said man's lips rose, "You don't make a deal with the devil an' expect to get off that easy…," he turned his line of sight back on the news editorial building they had just made a call to, "can't even get that right."

Brian let out a chuckle, "You know Hobbs's gonna know we left the house."

"That son of a bitch's gonna know who's the one that reported him. As far as I care, he can kiss my ass."

Brian and Dom looked at their surroundings, making sure no one was watching them before heading towards their car that was parked in an alley.

When the Honda came into view, a couple of homeless men were surrounding it. Looking at themselves through the side view mirrors.

"Scram!" Dom said harshly, watching as the males ran away from them.

"Well that was rude." Brian grinned, opening the passenger door, swinging himself heavily inside.

"I ain't built to please nobody."

"Where'd they go now?" Mia sighed, exasperated by the secrecy the boys seem to have between them.

"Chill, Mia. They'll be back." Letty shook her head from her spot on the couch. Her legs crossed and arms leant back against the head rest.

"You," Mia stopped short, "aren't you supposed to be hurt?"

Letty looked at her sister-in-law strangely, "Yeah….I am, you kno' that."

"How can you do that then?," Mia pointed, "more importantly, how the hell did you and my brother slee-"

Letty stood up as quick as she could, "Alrigh', we ain't havin' this conversation. Jesus Christ."

"It's not like I want to know what you and my brother do behind closed doors. But your still hurt, Letty…," Mia walked over to her curiously, "so tell me. How'd you do it?"

"Mia!" the older woman stared at the younger female surprisingly

"What?," Mia giggled, "it was just a simple question."

"I'm not gonna tell you about mine an' your brother's sex life!"

"I'm not asking for details….," Mia gave a sly smile, "just how…you know, were you able to pus-"

Letty rolled her eyes and covered her ears with her index fingers, "I ain't listenin' to you."

"Oh, come on~!," Mia whined, following behind Letty up the stairs, "I know you can hear me!"

"No, I can't!"

Mia stopped in her footsteps, "You just proved my point!"

Then she started up again, stomping her way into Dom's room.

Letty sighed, watching her little girl play with a doll she grabbed from Mrs. Fuente's house.

"You use to tell me all kinds of things back then" Mia pouted

"Yeah….back then," Letty stated, dropping herself on the large bed, "it's different now."

Mia waved her hand in the air dismissively, "Same, difference.""What….?" Letty shook her head, confusedly at the younger girl.

"Nothing," Mia hopped herself on the bed, grabbing onto Letty's hand excitedly, "how'd it feel to…do-okay, bad choice of word-be with Dom again."

Letty rolled her eyes, "Fine…I'll tell you," Mia jumped up and down on the bed excitedly, "just keep your mouth shut about it, will ya?"

Mia nodded her head repeatedly.

Letty stared at one of Dom's discarded muscle shirts that was on the ground. Looking thoughtful as last nights events came back to her.

She smiled lightly, "It wasn't like before…..he was soft and gentle," Letty turned her focus back on Mia, "The feel of being in his arms like that again," she sighed, "made me cry last night…..God, I've turned into a sap," she rolled her eyes, leaning her hands onto the bed, "anyway, it was like one of those romantic movies. Where you don't know where he starts and you end."

Mia's smile turned brighter than the damn sun itself at the mention of what happened last night between Dom and Letty.

"He kept on telling me….all these things," Letty chuckled teasingly, "cheesy things. But I liked it….I needed it."

~~~Last night~~~

They both walked into their room. Letty still incased in Dom's arms.

Both beings now breathing heavily as Dom continued to nuzzle his nose behind her ear and neck

"Let me take care of you, Letty." He whispered

"Take care of me, huh?" she arched her back, walking towards the unoccupied bed.

His hands slid from her legs, up her hips gently, "Your body deserves some attention.."

"After such a long time, Dom..," she turned around in his arms and cupping his face in her hands, "I've forgotten how it feels to be touched."

His mouth gaped over her own, giving her open kisses on her lips and chin, "Then….how 'bout I remind you..," he laid her gently onto the covers of the bed, grabbing a hold of her hands, sliding them over her head, "what it's like."

She raised her head and leant her lips against his ear, "Show me, papa."

He cut off a groan at the feel of her hot breath over his skin.

His left hand clutched her own as his other one slid down her arm and over the curves of her body.

She squirmed under his hard body and bit her lip, thoughtfully.

Her legs clenched around his waist, not fully wrapping them around him as she pushed up on her body. Toppling him sideways, laying him on his back with a look of carnage and disbelief at being overridden.

"You always did like it when I was on top." she breathed out, leaning her head into his neck, leaving small nips and licks along her imaginary trail.

He grabbed her by her hips and gyrated her into him, "Yeah…so did you."

She laughed, "I'm always in control in bed, papa."

Dom looked at her with a shitty smile, "Bullshitting liar."

Letty pursed her lips and bit down on his lower lip, "Am I?"

His eyes rolled behind his head for a moment before all blood came back rushing to his head, "Hell yeah"

He flipped them back around, stopping his menstruation's and taking a real good look at her.

After a moment of silence, he gave out a small sigh of content.

She smiled at him, "What..?"

He caressed her cheek with the back of his palm, his eyes moving rapidly over her face. Imprinting her features into his brain after two years of her not being in his life.

"The saying, 'You don't know what you have 'till it's gone.' Hit me every day after Mia told me you were dead. I respected you.…treasured you. Even tho' I acted like an ass….You're the most special thing in the world to me," he tilted his head to the side, "but everythin' came at me full force when I realized you were really gone."

He looked down at the cross necklace between her panting chest, "I wasn't goin' to have you by my side anymore. I wouldn't see you workin' on your car in the garage. Or hear your pissy remarks," he smirked as he noticed the glare she fixed him with, "most of all…. I wasn't goin' to have you in my arms again. You weren't goin' to tell me you loved me. Or be there when I fell apart. When I needed you by my side to calm me down."

She stared up at him, feeling his full inner turmoil fall into her. She raised her head to his, giving him a chaste and tasteful kiss.

He leaned his head down, eager to follow her lips till he had his fill.

Each and every time their lips connected, they ended their kisses with the mantra of wet partings.

"I love you…" she whispered, looking into his eyes. Revealing her all to him.

He gave her a tormented look before claiming her lips once again.

"I love you too…..," he lid his hand behind her neck, pulling her back up to him again, "so fuckin' much."

Mia sniffed, a big smile splattered in her features. "That's so sweet!"

Letty chuckled at her, leaning herself back on the bed. Resting her elbow on the comforter.

"So…what else?" she asked

"What else?…," Letty grinned, shaking her head at her sister-in-law, "Mi, I ain't telling you any more."

"But why?" Mia whined

"Unless you wanna hear about your brother putting his-"

"Alright, alright! you win!" She stood up quickly, hands in the air in surrender

"Thought so." The older female smirked, turning her attention to the little girl tangling her dolls hair.

"So…," Mia crawled on the bed toward her niece, "this is a surprise, your letting Stefie play with dolls?"

Letty sighed, "I wouldn't if she had car toys, but sense Mrs. Fuentes had her dolled up to be Barbie that likes wearing pink. I can't do anythin' 'bout it."

The younger girl chuckled, amused, "Looks like Stefie and I have something in common."

Letty snorted, "Aside from the brightening personality?"

Mia stared at her evilly, giving her the eye before looking back at Stefania, "I like her personality."

"That's cause she's everything that you are when your happy," Letty sighed, standing up and making her way to the mess Stefie made on the ground beside the bed, "and when she's mad, she's exactly like Dom."

"Oh, come on. Don't put all the blame on Dom. I bet you she's exactly like you too!" Mia grinned

Letty turned to look at her astounded, "Nuh uh!"

"I call, Bullshit!" Mia's smile still on going as she looked at Letty tauntingly

Letty glared, "We ain't playin', Bullshit. I've got a kid in here, thank you very much. Stop with the cussin'."

Mia looked over at her niece, seeing her still happily play away with her doll, "She's fine."

Letty sighed and picked up all of Stefie's things that her daughter had thrown out of her pink bag, "I'm freakin' tired and Dom ain't here yet.""Who's worried now?" Mia raised a pointed eyebrow.

"Just go check to see if their here yet."

"Fine," Mia shook her head, walking out of the room and making her way downstairs.

She sighed as she opened the front door to find the landscape completely empty, "Where could they be….."

The nightfall was starting to overtake the horizon and they were alone with the girls. Not that they couldn't take care of themselves. But it felt strange to be in the house without them nowadays.

Just as she was about to close the door, the hum of an engine echoed closer to the house.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, "Finally."

But the car she saw arrive in front of their current house wasn't Dom and Brian.

In its stead, was an old styled black Mercedes.

Mia narrowed her eyes at it, taking a slow step back and shutting the door loudly behind her, "LETTY!"

Letty, hearing her yell from downstairs made her way towards the staircase, "What're you yellin' for?"

"There's a black Mercedes out there." She said, a look of worry passed over her face.

Letty's eyebrows furrowed as she walked down the stairs. Walking to Mia's side and looking out the side window of the door.

Her eyes widened a centimeter at the car, "Go upstairs…and lock yourself in a room. Make sure you don't make a sound. You hear me."

"What? That's crazy-"Letty snapped her eyes back on her sister-in-law, "Stop wasting time and just do it!"

"But Le-"

"Mia!," She glared, watching Mia start to retreat hesitantly up the stairs, "go."

Once she was out of sight, Letty turned back to the window. Watching as two bald head guys came out of the car.

"I knew you'd come for me." she whispered, striding over to a bag that was on the couch next to Brian's laptop.

"You have to have a gun around here, somewhere, O'Conner."

The two cholos, now at the door, knocked softly. Knowing full well that she was in the house.

Her vision zeroed in on the door as she felt the long 51 mm HK 21 machine gun slide out of the long bag.

She raised the large weapon to her line of sight, "Beautiful…"

Then she heard them start to bang on the door.

"Looks like I'm gonna test out a German prototype…," she set the gun in place, "not bad, for a buster."

"Open the fucken' door, bitch!"

Letty exhaled, turning to look at the back door across the hall.

She ran to it and opened it quietly.

Making her way out of the house and running towards the front.

The tallest thug was still banging on the door, trying to knock it down in annoyance.

"We kno' your in there, Leticia!"

"Fucken' bastards…," she whispered, her nose flaring at the sight of them. She stepped out of her hiding place behind the wall and aimed her gun at them, "Pinche cabrones!," they turned their heads sharply at her, bringing out their own pistols and aiming them at her, "I'd think twice before shooting that, you see. This baby right here's an automatic. Who'd you think's gonna win? You perro's, or me?"

They glared, "Spider, let's get the fuck out of 'ere man, we'll catch the crazy bitch on the rebound."

"Fuck nah, Chepe. We've been lookin' for this broad sense day one," the tallest thug narrowed his eyes angrily at Letty, "ain't no way Imma let 'er go after how she did Chico, man!"

"Chico eh, so that's what this is all 'bout…" Letty shook her head and started laughing, "que chistoso, this situation sounds personal to me. Sense when'd you get a heart, Spider?"

"Fuck you, you fucken' traitor!" Spider shouted, his gun aiming at her sideways.

"Don't tell me your really still butt hurt that I killed your little homie…," she stepped forward, both her hands set on her gun.

"We took your bitch ass in! An' you fucken' went an' killed one of our own!," Spider yelled, his eyes marrying red, "Eso no se cuenta, Letticia!"

She shook her head and smirked, "Oh, come on, Spider. Don't let your emotions over take you. Feeling's…," she took another step forward, "are for pussy's."

"Spider, le'ss go man!," Chepe shouted as he noticed Spider cock his gun and start shooting, "Spider!"

Letty's eyes widened as she made a jump to hide behind a tree centered in front of the house. Clutching her eyes at the impact on her hip.

"Yo! Yeska want's 'er alive, ese!" Chepe yelled, slapping Spider's gun away from him.

"I don' give a fuck! That bitch's goin' down!"

"Get the fuck in the car, I got thiz!"

The sound of shuffling and pushing started as Chepe made a move to push back Spider towards the car.

"Get the fuck off me, Chepe!"

"Fuck no!, get 'chur ass in the car!"

Letty chuckled humorlessly, gripping her hip tightly. Waiting for the right time to make her move.

"Chepe-""I said get the fuck in the car, now!"

And there was her ticket.

She rounded out from around the tree trunk and aimed at Chepe, shooting freely at him, then swerving her aim over to the car. Not releasing her finger from the trigger until her gun clocked out of ammo.

She grimaced and threw the gun to the floor. Running towards the passenger side of the car.

Letty glared into the car, noticing Spider was long dead.

"I guess you can say I did you a solid. You got to meet your homie more earlier then you thought, Spider."

Letty sighed, making her way back inside the house. The bottom rim of her shirt and pants were caked with blood from her opened wound.

"Fucking ay, man."

"Letty!" Letty looked up to see Mia coming running from up stairs.

"Oh my god," she clasped her hands over her face, her eyes widening at the blood on her friend, "are you okay!"

Letty rolled her eyes, "I'm fine, Mi."

"The hell you are! Your bleeding!" she reached forward to pull her shirt up

"Don't touch me!" Letty hissed, her adrenaline from before maxing out as the pain finally came.


"Look, I ain't mad at 'cha," she groaned, hunching herself forward. Slamming her hand against the nearest wall, "this fucken' hurts!"

Mia snorted, "Oh. So now it hurts."

"Damn it, Mia. Help me out here!"

Mia shook her head and threw Letty's arm around her shoulders, "why do you always have to make everything so difficult. Why can't you just take what I give you when I first offer it to you?"

Letty let out a small chuckle, "Where's the fun in that?"


"Slow down…" Brian glared, looking up ahead from their trail back to their home.


"Cause theirs something in front of the house that ain't supposed to be there."

Dom turned his vision from Brian, towards the now visible house.

"Who the hell's here…" the older male whispered, making a turn about at the neck of the woods. Hiding the Honda in the shadows of the trees.

"Don't kno'." Brian said, grabbing his glock 9mm from the glove compartment.

"A pistol…that's the best you got, O'Conner?" Dom grimaced, shaking his head and making his way out of the car.

"Hey, this is all I got here. My HK's inside the house."

His brother-in-law sighed, ignoring him and sprinting from any obstacle he could get behind within range. Camouflaging himself as a true Army man would.

"Yeah…leave me behind. Thanks." Brian muttered, rolling his eyes and copying Dom's steps opposite of him.

When they neared the Mercedes, Dom raised his hand in the air. Watching as Brian raised a confused eyebrow.

The bald head man narrowed his eyes at the view in front of him.

Bullet-holes were a dozen in the car they were aiming towards.

He stood himself up slowly

"Dom!" Brian hissed

"Their dead."

Brian looked over at the car, not being able to see the same image as Dom was from his position behind the Mercedes.

Dom made his way towards the car, spotting a bloody body at the foot of the car. Another in the Mercedes.

"Go check on the girls" Dom said, not taking his eyes off of the dead males.

Brian, now serious. Dashed towards the house, hiding against the wall as he went to open the door. It was locked.

He shook his head and aimed at it with the pistol. Shooting the knob of its hinges and looking into the foyer. Making sure it was clear before entering.

"Why the fuck'ed you do that for!" he heard Letty shout from somewhere in the house.

"Letty?," he shouted, "where you at."

"In the living room, Einstein. Were fuckin' lookin' right at 'cha." she retorted, looking straight at him from her spot on the couch.

He turned to stare at Letty sitting on the couch and Mia kneeling on the floor. Tending to Letty.

He ran towards their side, his eyes widening a centimeter at the bloody mess that now was the couch.

"What the fuck happened? Theirs fucking dead bodies outside and your bleeding!"

"Those guys came to the house. I couldn't see anything cause Letty sent me upstairs. But I heard gunshots and I was scared. By the time they stopped, Letty was already in here bleeding again." Mia explained monotonously.

"You didn't get shot again, did you?" he asked, looking at the glaring Letty.

"No. I jumped out of the way when one of those bastards shot at me. That's why I'm bleeding."

Brian sighed, "Dom's gonna be pissed."

"Dom can kiss my ass."

"Oh really?" they heard from the entrance of the house

"Son of a….," Letty shook her head, trailing off her sentence as she turned to face Dom, "you have hella bad timing. You kno' that?"

Dom glared, stepping toward the living room. Seeing the mess that was on the couch, "Are you fuckin' crazy."

Letty sighed, "I had no choice, Dom. I wasn't 'bout to let them know I had other people with me."

"You couldn't have fuckin' done something else, besides almost getting your ass killed!" He shouted, standing menacingly over her.

"Unless you wanted to come home to a fuckin' blood bath that's our fuckin' family, Dom. I suggest you shut your damn mouth! I'm fuckin' fine, I'm yellin' at you, aren't I?" She glared, standing up from the couch. Trying to tower over him.

"Letty, sit down!" Mia scolded, grabbing her arm trying to push her back down.

"No, I don't. But you gotta fuckin' think before you do shit like this!" he growled, stomping out of the room and going back outside.

Brian sighed, "Imma go help him out with the bodies," he walked over to the front door, "in the meantime. Try not to trip over a knife will you?"

Letty mimicked him sarcastically, "Fuck you."

Brian chuckled, finally leaving the girls be.

Mia sighed, "Come on, I'm almost done bandaging you up. Let's just hope you didn't open up the damn wound again when you stood up."

Letty rolled her eyes, sitting herself back down on the couch. Letting her finish her task.


"Mi…don't let Stefania come down here and see me like this." Letty said quietly, staring at the crimson spots on the couch.

Mia just nodded and picked up the med kit. Making her way upstairs to the girls.


Brian looked to the ground. Noticing a black device on the floor next to the car.

His eyes widened at the dirty and abused gun.

"My HK!"

Dom lifted the heavy body of the thug in the car and looked over at Brian.

"There's bullet holes in the fuckin' car. What'd you think she used? A freakin' pole?"

"I didn't think she'd known were the damn gun was" Brian stared at his gun disappointingly, looking over it for scuff marks.

"How the hell did she mess it up like this?"

Dom rolled his eyes, walking across the yard and throwing the guy in the ditch, "Stop bitching and help me out."

But he ignored him.

"It wasn't supposed to be used. It's a prototype." Brian explained, opening the gun's ammo socket.

The older male raised an eyebrow, "And it worked?"

"It's a federal government fire-arm. It has to work…." he sighed, dropping the gun back on the ground.

"I thought it was precious to you?"

"Not anymore…..," he walked toward the body on the ground and heaved him up, walking towards Dom, "the damn things empty anyway."

Hobbs was sitting in the lounge room of the DSS HQ. Playing cards with his second in command.

When something caught his attention from across the room.

He inclined his head in the direction of the tv and seen a large heading titled, "A leak in information from an unknown source implements law officers committing treason in the name of criminals. More info on the situation will be revealed by our news reporter, James Lawson."

Luke stared pensively at the flat screen. Gears began turning in his head at the accusation.

"Hello everyone, this is James Lawson. Brought to you here by The Brewster Times. A recent leak has been brought to us by an unknown person. If the information is true or not. Well, I'll leave that up to you. Personally, law enforcement will do anything to get to the ranks. So why is it that these men and women are so hell bent-excuse my language-but, the issue these days is that they have become so fraudulent. That it's very uncanny. This recent report is dated from two years ago. Someone in the US Diplomatic S-"

He stood up abruptly, throwing his deck on the table.

"Shut it off!"

The soldiers in the room jumped and scrambled to turn off the television.

Hobbs glared vehemently at the black screened television set.

Someone had ratted him out.


-The only person coming to mind.


Luke snarled, sucking at the side of his teeth. His temperament getting the better of him.

"Your goin' down, Dominic Toretto."

"Dom." Letty called out from her spot against the door frame of the entrance to the house.

He ignored her and grunted at throwing the last thug in a ditch they'd made.


"What." he said gruffly, still not turning to look at her.

Letty glared at Brian. Telling him to scram.

He sighed and wiped his hands before walking into the house.

"You ain't seriously mad at me for this.""I ain't mad at you," he stated

"Really." She said, not believing in his tone.

"No. I'm mad at the fact that you did this shit."

She turned her eyes skyward, before looking back at him, "So. You are mad."

He grabbed the shovel and started throwing dirt into the hole, "If you don't get what I'm tryin'a say, Lett. Then just leave me alone an' go inside."

She sighed, walking to him slowly, still mindful of her wound.

"Dom….this isn't new to me."

He glared at the bodies at the bottom of the ditch. Continuing with his task at hand.

Letty walked up behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders, "Dom. Listen to me. I've had to be this way for the past year. It was all me, I didn't have anyone to watch my back. Killing…ain't shit to me no more."

He stabbed the shovel into the ground and snapped his head in her direction, "It should be! Out of all the crazy crap I've done, Letty. I would try to avoid doin' this shit! But you? I never expected this from you."

She glared at him, "What? I can't fuckin' defend myself now?"

"You can defend yourself! But not at the fuckin' cost of your life. Don't be fuckin messing with firearms. They ain't shit! I've only lifted a gun twice in my life. I don't want you doin' it either!"

"Oh, so you can play with the big toys, but I can't?"

He bit his lip hard, shaking his head angrily at her, "This ain't a fucking game, Letty! I'm tryin'a keep you by my fuckin' side with our kid. Alive!"

"There's nothing I can do 'bout it, Dom!," she shook her head, backing away from him, "they aren't goin' to stop just because you tell me not to mess kill them off. Their fuckin' lookin' for me. And they won't give up till they have me," she pointed down to the ditch, "you think those two are the only ones that are huntin' me down? No, Dom. They've got more."

"And who the fuck are they?" he picked up the shovel again and kept chucking more dirt in the hole.

Letty sighed, "Some gang I got mixed up with after I left LA. I rolled with them for a while. We went on a run and things went sour. I was grouped up with a guy….he went by Chico. Anyway. Like I said, things went bad and we went at it with a shootout," she looked down at the ditch, no emotion showing on her face, "he was killed on the spot. One of the guys that we were jackin' from seen us and shot him in the head….When I got back to their hang out. Everyone said I'd killed him. I didn't do anything' to defend myself. I just ran."

Dom looked over at her. Seeing her serious face.

He stopped shoveling the dirt in to the hole and threw the shovel on the ground. Walking towards her slowly.

"Ever sense then, they've been huntin' me down."

"Why didn't you say anything." he sighed, rubbing a hand over the back of his head. Placing the other on her shoulder.

"Would it have made a difference if I told them I didn't do it?" she looked at him pointedly

"Alright. I'll give you that. But why didn't you tell me."

"You never asked," she cleared her throat, walking towards the shovel and grabbing it, "I never cared for them. That's why I didn't bother to say I was innocent. Besides," she dug up more dirt from the leveled ground and raised it in the air.

He walked behind her, placing his hands over hers on the shovel. Leaning his chest against her back.

"Yeska doesn't give a damn either." she said, letting Dom do all of the work in throwing the dirt to the ditch.

"Who's Yeska."

"The head hancho of the gang. We weren't 'acquainted.' But the fucker's got a lock down in Berlin from North to South. Over there, it ain't about red or blue. It's all about brown pride. To them. I'm a disgrace they took in that betrayed them. Whatever. I've always had people after my ass, it ain't nothin' new. That's why I'm telling you. If more come-no matter what you say-I will kill them. For me. For Stefania. And for the new life I have with you."

He looked down at her sadly.

Both of their hands were still working with shoveling more dirt into the hole. Most of the time just doing it unconsciously.

"You've never been one to be rescued," he grunted as he picked up a heavier load of dirt and threw it into the hole. Letty's arms following his as he did so, "thing's 're different now, Lett. I want you to let me take care of you."

"You took care of me. Last night." she smirked, letting go of the shovel, and leaning heavily into his chest.

"I ain't talkin' 'bout that…I'm serious, Lett," he filled up the rest of the hole and tilted his head sideways to look at her, "I want all ties broken with these thugs."

Letty sighed, "It ain't that easy."

"I never said it was. I said, I want you to let me do all the work. That's what I'm here for. I'm not about to be a fuckin' single parent just because some fuckers with no life are lookin' for some time to play. It ain't goin' to be like what happened with me an' Mia."

She let out a deep breath, burying her head into the crook of his neck, "Fine. But if the time comes where I have to k-"

"I know."

Letty sighed, turning herself around in his arms. Bringing her hands to his jaw line, "Hey…..were fine. Don't worry about that right now. Pay attention to me…," she pulled his face down to her's, looking at his lips as she whispered those words

"You..?" he said softly, licking his bottom lip. Staring down at her own.

She nodded, biting his lip gently. Rolling it over her teeth teasingly.

He chuckled, "Fuckin' tease."

"You bet 'chur ass."

"You okay?" Brian asked, walking up to his wife.

She nodded slowly, "Yeah…just freaked out. It happened so damn fast…it's just..," she looked over at the girls, "I don't know what I would have done if-""Hey," he came up in front of her, setting his hands on her shoulders, "don't think about that. Their fine. Your fine, and Letty's fine."

"I know. But what if-"

"What if. There's always going to be a 'what if'. Don't worry about it."

"But, Brian…that was a close call..," she looked at him worriedly, leaning herself closer to him, "we can't stay here."

He breathed out a sigh through his nose, nodding gently at her, "Your right. I'll talk to Dom….after I put you to bed. You look tired."

She sighed, closing her eyes and letting him wrap his arm around her shoulder. Leaning her head at the crook of his neck as he led them to their current room.

"The girls?" He asked

"I kept them with me in our room when those thugs came. Cici's asleep and I Stefie stayed playing with her dolls with her."

He nodded, turning into the room and spotting his niece still playing calmly with her dolls beside Cici on the bed.

"I wish we could be that carefree…" she whispered, now looking at Stefie laugh at herself when she threw her doll to the bed.


"Ay yo, Dom." Brian leaned himself against the door frame to Dom's room.

The big guy was currently laying down on the large bed with Letty at his side and Stefania in between.

Dom sighed and looked over at Brian, "Didn't you see I was tryin'a sleep?"

"Yeah. As much fun as that is. I got somethin' to say. Come on. I'll meet you downstairs." he motioned with a throw of his head and walked away.

The older male shook his head and looked down at the two most prized women in his life.

They were still sound asleep.

He chuckled, sliding his arm slowly from underneath Letty's head and placing her head gently onto a pillow.

He got out of bed and grabbed the comforter, bringing it up to their chins. Making sure they were warm enough before leaving down stairs.

"This better be good, O'Conner."

Brian looked up from the floor and stared at him seriously, "This ain't safe no more, Dom. We gotta go."

Dom stopped, "Where do you think we'd be able to go, huh?"

Brian shook his head, "I don' kno'. Somewhere that ain't here. Obviously, these thugs found out where we live. How, I don't kno'. But I'm betting that Hobbs already knows were the one's that sold him out."

Dom glared, "We didn't sell anyone out. We never said nothin' about it bein' Hobbs. Stop hussy fitting and get it straight."

"Fine. Let's say that's what we did…. Were still gonna have those thugs after Letty. We can't stay here."

Dom sighed, "Alright. Alright. You got any bright ideas as to where we can go?"

Brian's smile worked its way up, "I may have a few…ideas."

"An' where the fuck is dat?"

Brian grinned, "Look it up, sweetheart."

"I ain't nobody's sweetheart, ya jackass. I don't roll like dat. Remember who's doin' your ass a favor! Don't push it!"

The blonde brought his cell to his other ear and turned around. Watching Mia play with their daughter. Content smiles on their faces.

His smile fell gradually, "Fine. No more jokes. Just find it. I have my laptop. But I don't got a way to send it to you without it bein' tracked."

The man on the other line sighed, "…..I'll see ya in a couple hours."

"Get to it.." He smirked. Knowing he was pushing his friend over the limit.

"Brian, man….Imma kick your as-"


"Don't 'cha think your goin' overboard with him?" He heard Dom say from behind him.

He turned around and shook his head with a happy smile on his face, "Nah. He'll get over it."

"Right," Dom scratched the back of his head, turning his attention back towards his sister and niece, "so when's he comin'?"

"He said he'll be here in a couple of hours."

"A couple?"

"Have some faith, Dom." Brian put his hands in his pockets. Reminiscing a certain memory from long ago between him and his brother-in-law.

"Oh, I have faith in him. It's the time I don't have faith or patience with."

"Tch," Brian patted Dom's shoulder, "Come on, let's go eat."

"Who you hittin', boy?" Dom raised an eyebrow at him.

Hitting Brian harder than he had been hit on the shoulder

"I didn't hit you! I patted you on the back, you ass." Brian clutched at his arm in pain.

"Hit, pat. What's the difference."

"The difference is that I didn't hit you as hard as you hit me." Brian glared.


"I want every private dispatch able in this field at every god damn corner of the fucking house. I don't want anyone to let any of those convicts out of the premises. Do you hear me?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!"

Luke set his gun in its holster behind his back. Watching the house as they arrived in front of it with a sinister glare.

"Chief, any other specific orders?" His second in command stared at him intently

Luke thought for a moment. "Yeah…..Leave Toretto to me."

~~~Three hours later~~~

~~~Chino Hills~~~

"So here it is…home sweet home. How you feelin' thiz?"

Brian looked around at the large house in front of him. Turning back to watch his friend with a small smile.

"It's a'ight. Could've done better, tho."

His friend's eye twitched, "Why you-"

"Alright, that's enough outta you two. O'Conner, stop messin' around and help me get our stuff" Dom walked back to the car, reaching in the trunk to grab his and Letty's duffle. Brian followed close behind as they made their way inside the house.

The girls were already inside and checking out the house.

"Rome…," Dom turned around and stopped. Looking at Brian's long time friend with a half smile, "thanks."

Rome j-walked over to him with a side grin, "Oh, fo sho, homie. Ain't no problem. Besides," he snapped his fingers at Dom, "if it weren't for Rio. I wouldn't have this hoochy mama, right herr'" Rome turned to watch as his 'friend' leaned up on him

Dom chuckled through half lidded eyes, "Right…"

"Dom." Letty called, knowing full well what he was doing.

"Yeah" he turned his head towards her way.

"Your daughter want's to play. Come do that will you? I've gotta unpack." she stared at him pointedly, ushering her daughter gently in front of her.

He smiled, walking up to Stefie and picking her up high in the air.

"More, more!" she giggled

Dom brought her back down, "Sorry, kiddo. Your mamma's gonna get mad."

"Aw.." she pouted

He frowned lightly at her crestfallen face, trying to think of a new idea to help keep her smile going.

"How 'bout we go outside and play tag?"

Her eyes widened, nodding eagerly at her father, "Uh huh, uh huh!"

He shook his head, bringing Stefie up and around his neck. Setting her on his shoulders "Alright, tag it is"

"Dom! Where you goin'?" Brian called out unbelievingly at the retreating man

Dom turned around and gave him a tight Cheshire grin, "I'm gonna go play with my kid, can't 'chu see?"

"'chu see~!" Stefania mimicked, puffing out her little cheeks.

Dom chuckled, hoping her up once on his shoulders, "At'ta girl."

~~~Next Day~~~

Dom looked up as a tired Brian made his way into the living room.

He looked over at the clock on the wall and turned back to stare at the blonde, "It's one in the afternoon…."

"Yeah…I stayed up late trying to see what the hell I can come up with about the double necklaces."

Dom popped his neck from side to side, "I'd forgotten 'bout that."

Brian chuckled, a tired smile coveting his features, "Figures."

Dom rolled his eyes and passed him a Corona he'd found in Rome's refrigerator, "Here. Give you a wake up call."

"Thanks" He took it appreciatively and opened the glass bottle with his bare hands.

"Now, what'd you find?"

"Other than the fact that the necklace wasn't planted by someone in our hit list. Nothing," he sighed, taking a long swig of the beer, "that's why I'm so frustrated. I spent five hours lookin' in to the damn thing. Trying to fit any idea as to how the necklace incorporates into all of this. And still, nothing."

"Maybe were lookin' deep into this." Dom stated, standing up and grabbing his Corona from the mahogany lamp tables beside the couches.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Brian asked blandly, twirling his beer in front of him repeatedly.

"For all we kno', it could have been some stupid prank one of the kids set up"

Brian looked at Dom confusedly, "That's got to be the most stupidest prank I've ever heard of."

Dom sighed, "I kno'. But that's the only thing that I can think of. The rest of it-fitting it into the FED's or the gang from Berlin doesn't make sense either."

"So what? We call the double necklace case a cold trail?"

Dom shut his eyes, clearing his mind of all the shit he was going through right now. "I don't kno'"

Brian stared at him for a moment. Knowing exactly what Dom was thinking.


~~~Somewhere across the world~~~

"The known deceased woman from 2009 revived from the dead? Ultimately, her death is now being proven as a falsification of corrupt law enforcements. Leticia Ortiz, of East Los Angeles was reportedly found walking along the streets of Central LA a couple of days ago. Along with her infamous love interest, one of America's most wanted, Dominic Torreto. Sister of Domic Toretto, Mia Toretto and former FBI agent, Brian O'Conner. After two years of not knowing were there exact whereabouts were. They have made their o-"

A man, sitting in a dark room grinned, giving out a light chuckle at the news report on his television.

"Well what'd ya kno'? Looks like ol' Dom decided to come out of retirement." His deep scratchy voice echoed off the lonely quarters.


He turned to look down at the Shorthaired cat. He had never really token a liking to cats. Until she came along.

He was walking down the colorful and full of life streets of his new home one day and then came along this little feline. Her fur was short, that much was obvious from the type of breed she was. She had bright golden eyes that matched with her equally shiny brown coat.

"Come 'ere, baby girl." The unknown man reached out for his cat, setting her on his lap. Petting down her strong built body.

He turned to stare at a flag that had been long sense hung on his wall for the past two years. It was green with a large yellow diamond located in the center. It bared a blue celestial globe with twenty-seven small white stars and five larger pointed stars. The last touch added onto the flag was a white equatorial band etched with a motto. "ORDEM E PROGRESSO"

He sighed, standing up and reaching for it. Taking it down and folding it on his bed.

"Guess I'm goin' back home."

"Close in. Now!" Hobbs yelled into his receiver.

"But commander, their has yet to be any intell on any form of action from the inside."

"I don't give a damn, I want that damn house searched in and out!"

His second in command stood next to him, staring at him as if he'd finally lost it.

"What are you lookin' at?"

"Nothing, Chief."

"Commander, there's no one here." A soldier made his way out of the abandoned house and ran towards his commanding officer.

Luke turned himself around to face the soldier slowly, "What. Do. You. Want. Private."

The soldier gulped, his hand still at his forehead in a salute, "Um. The house has been cleared, Sir."

Hobbs ran inside the house. He looked around reverently, finding no sign whatsoever of Dom and his family.

He heaved out angrily, building up his anger at being fooled, "TORETTO!"

Dom grimaced, wiping at his ear from its ongoing ring.

"What's wrong?" Letty asked, raising her head from his chest.

He looked down at her, "Nothing…just got a feelin'."


He chuckled, "Hell if I kno'"

She shook her head, looking out to where her daughter was playing with little Cici on a large white blanket that Mia had set in the bright green lawn of Rome.

"It's nice out here….," she whispered, taking in the scene of the large backyard, "quiet….peaceful."

He took in her sightings, silently agreeing with her.

"I wonder what it'll be like." she looked up at him questioningly


"To live in peace."

They stared at each other, speaking volumes through their eyes. Having no need for verbal talk.

"Yo! Stop making googly eyes at each other an' come have a beer!" Rome shouted from the grill across from them.

Letty sighed and Dom chuckled, "You want one?"

She looked down at her necklace and took it off. Placing it over Dom's head, resting it against his broad shoulders.

"Nah….go ahead an' get one for you."

He raised the cross to his lips, not once removing his sights from her own eyes.

He leant down and gave her lips a light kiss, "Be right back."

Letty looked down at the spot Dom had been sitting at a moment before. Not really knowing what to think of their new found freedom-for the moment-.

'Things like this….don't last forever.'

"I am guessing he led you to a dead end?" Elena asked, enjoying his failures in life.

Not turning to look at the tall angry commander that was now huffing behind her angrily

"Don't sound so excited, Neves. I at least have something to go on. You, on the other hand, have what? Nothing, right?"

Her happy state was dropped in a millisecond at his inclination

"Yeah. Truth hurts, don't it?" he smirked, venting out his frustrations on her once again.

"You have a shitty personality disorder, Commander Hobbs," she walked towards the door, opening it, but not stepping out until she had the final say, "oh, and good job on making the top headline news today. I'm sure your General will get a kick out of this."

He glared at her as she shut the door.

"Frigid Bitch."

~~~East LA~~~

An unknown man breathed in the old polluted air that was his home.

"Good to be back."

He stared at the lone white house of his memories. Reminiscing every person that partook in that house.

He stared sadly at it, feeling the key to the house in his pocket.

"Better to start, somewhere."

"Dom….," Mia called out, watching him turn around from his conversation with Rome and Brian.

"Yeah.." he made his way towards her, taking a large gulp of his Corona.

"I wanna go back."

He raised a confused eyebrow, "What."

"I wanna see the house…one last time."

Dom stared at his sister's discomfort. She had never talked to him in this way before. Was she really that nervous to ask him this?

"Mia, you kno' it ain't safe to back there."

"I know, I know. It's just…I miss it, Dom," she stared at him with tears beginning to edge in her eyes, "I mean. Were so close and I can't even go see it."

He sighed, "Let me think 'bout it. Kay," she nodded, not really knowing if that was a yes or a no, "stop with the face."

She looked up at him, "What face."

"The one your givin' me right now. You know, the one that use to work ten years ago when you were a brat." he smiled, wrapping his arm around her shoulders affectionately

She giggled, "Alright. Fine. I'll stop."

"Good. Cause I ain't dealin' with water works."

She rolled her eyes, "So…your really going to think about it?"

He gave her a stare, "Yes, I'll think 'bout it. Give me time, alright. I ain't to clear 'bout this idea."

She nodded, leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek, "Love you, Dom."

"Tch," he chuckled, "Nobody like's a suck-up."

"You do." she snorted and walked away

"What's that supposed'ta mean?" he smiled after her

"Figure it out!"

Everything was still were it use to be.

They had all been evicted from the house and he guessed they weren't allowed to take much.

He shut the door behind him, dropping his bag and putting his cat's kennel down on the floor. Opening her cage door for her as he made his way around the house. Looking through all of their old photo's. Dozens worth of memories.

A certain one came into his line of sight. A picture that they had all treasured years ago.

It was of all of them after Dom had made a win at a major race meet.

"How time fly's, huh."

He sighed, listening to the echo of the ticking clock from the kitchen.

"Now…..what part of LA are you guys in?," he stared at the smiling face of Dom in the picture frame, "you gonna make me work for it, aren't 'cha?"

He chuckled, "Typical Dominic."

"So whadda'ya think?" Dom asked, grabbing another Corona from the cooler inside the marbled kitchen.

Brian sighed, "I dunno. It ain't safe. But if that's what Mia wants….I ain't gonna stop her."

Dom narrowed his eyes at the blonde, "Look at 'chu…whipped ass foo'"

He glared right back, "Look who's talking. Mr. I can't even look at a chick without bein' cock blocked by his girl."

Dom snarled his nose at Brian, "Fine. You win."


"When we gonna do this?" Dom asked, grabbing a bottle opener and taking off the lid from his beer.

Brian scratched his head, leaning himself against the counter next to the refrigerator, "Tonight, I guess. We'll have one of Rome's cars. That way narc's won't notice us."

"So now you wanna go with the less obvious cars?" he asked, looking his way stupidly

"Shut up."

They all stared at the house as they came up to it.

It had definitely been too long sense they'd been here.

Dom was the first to react as he got out and helped Letty make her way out of the car as well.

"Come on, Mi. You're the one that wanted to see the house." Dom said, grabbing his daughter from Letty. Laying her little head against the crook of his neck to keep her face warm.

"Here." Letty handed him her blanket, throwing it over her entire body.

"You ready, baby?" Brian asked, jumping out of the passenger seat and opening her door.

She nodded, taking in a deep breath before stepping out, "Can you get Cici for me?"


Dom and Letty rounded about the house. Seeing it was so abandoned.

Dom didn't say a thing throughout the entire surveillance.

"Dom…" Letty said softly, looking up at a window that was lit up with light.

He looked over at her and trailed her line of sight to the room that use to be his.

He narrowed his eyes at it, "Who the hell…"

"Someone bought the house," Brian said, looking up at the lit room, then back at his family, "maybe we should go."

"No…," Mia stared sadly at the house, "I'm not leaving. Not yet."

"Mia," Letty walked over to her sister-in-law. Laying her hands on her shoulders gently, "this ain't our place no more."

"I don't care!," she hissed, tears beginning to fall down her face, "we grew up here Lett….this is everything that has ever been us!"

Letty sniffed, blinking back a couple of times as she moved away from Mia.

"You okay." Dom asked, watching as Letty made her way towards their old garage.

"I ain't cryin'."

"I didn't say you were…." he followed after her, seeing her going to open the large wooden doors.

Dom made quick work of helping her move it aside with his free hand.

She narrowed her eyes at everything in the room, "All your stuff….it's here?"

Dom looked at all the walls and sure enough, his tools-everything that he had left in there-was still here.

"Dom…none of your guys's furniture has been moved." Brian came into the garage, watching his expression go from surprise to….well….he didn't know what he was feeling.

The older male made his way out of the garage and towards one of the living room windows.

Their old couch, chairs, tv, decorations, their pictures together, everything was still there.

"If someone's moved in here…why is all our stuff still in there?" Mia asked, peeking into the second living room window.

Dom tilted his head more into the glass, not understanding a thing.

A feline came into his view and spotted him looking through the window.

"Wraawr!" It hissed angrily at him, making a mad dash at the window. Succeeding in hitting the glass painfully.

He jumped back, setting his hand at her daughters back to calm her down from the sound that startled her.

"Lett." he handed her Stefania and looked back at the window. Stopping himself cold when the back door opened.

"Who's out there!"

Their eyes widened at the voice.

Letty turned to look at the man that turned on the back light and stomped down the wooden porch.

"Leon…" Mia whispered.

Leon stared surprisingly at them for a moment, before a goofy smile came on his lips, "Looks like I didn't have to look for you guys after all. Wassup, Mia? How you guy's doin'."

"I can't believe you're here." Brian said, watching as Leon sat himself in his old kick back spot in the living room. The old lay-z-boy recliner.

"I wasn't plannin' on comin' back so soon. But looks like you guys made the news, again." He reached for the remote and turned on the tv.

"So why did you come back, last I'd heard. You were in Brazil." Letty said.

Dom looked over at her questioningly, "You knew where he was?"

"I told her before she decided to abandon me and chase after daddy cakes right here," he looked at Dom with a big smirk on his face, "that's when I decided, what the hell. How 'bout I kick back for a while an' go to Brazil! I might even get myself a couple of broads or two.'"

Mia shook her head at his antics.

Still the same old Leon.

"So, you's both got kids," he nodded towards the sleeping girl in Doms arms and the other sleeping baby in her car seat, "Congratulatory's are in order. I presume."

Letty scrunched her nose in annoyance, "Stop with the smart talk will ya?"

He grinned, "Ain't no stopping this love machine~"

"Ain't nobody wantin' to see your love machine" She retorted

"Ahh…just like ol' timez." Leon swerved his head sideways, sharply.

"When'd you buy the house, Leon?" Dom asked, handing Stefie back over to Letty. Leaning himself forward once she was out of his arms.

"Ohhh…'bout," he scratched his mustache, "a year ago"

Their eyes widened, "A year ago? Why are you here just now then."

"Cause I was waitin' for the right time to come back," he slumped in his chair, putting on a jokingly confused face on, "besides, it's not the first time I came back, yo."

"Meaning, you came back within the time frame from two years ago, to now?" Brian asked

Leon nodded, "I had to. I couldn't let the FED's go after Lett. So I had to do somethin' 'bout it."

Letty narrowed her eyes at him, "What the hell're you goin' on 'bout, Lee."

"I knew you survived the crash, Letty."

Dom jumped up angrily, "You knew!"

Leon shrugged, "Given, I learnt it a little late. But I did in the end."

"How did you know, Leon?" Mia asked, truly wanting to know what was going on.

"I have connections, that told me what had happened. As soon as I found out about it. I took the first flight 'ere. But by the time I landed, I didn't kno' where you'd gone too. I tried findin' you. But it was like you never even existed, yo. Someone wanted to erase you from the map. That's another reason why I'm 'ere."

"Care to tell us?" Brian rolled his eyes

"I'm gettin' there, buster. Hold your horses..," Leon shook his head, "sheesh! Anyways, I couldn't find you. So the only way I knew I'd be able to keep ya safe was ta make the FED's believe you were still 'ere. That's why they had Mia, here, on 24/7 surveillance durin' those few days after Letty's funeral, thank you very freakin muchos, O'Conner," he looked at Brian with an irritated look, "I went and bought a necklace that looked like Lett's after I knew they'd scout the house an'," he looked over at Dom, "put it in your pop's car."

"So it was you!" Dom glared, stepping towards Leon, but was pulled back by Brian."Why the hell are ya mad at me for?" Leon asked, getting up from his chair and backed away from the angry man.

"I've had that damn necklace for two years, Leon! You made me believe it was Letty's, you prick!"

Leon's eyebrows furrowed, "Ya mean….you got the necklace? When the hell'd you come back 'ere?"

Dom let out a deep breath, "I came back after Mia told me she was fuckin' dead!"

Leon looked to the floorboards and started calculating the missing links he's had for the past two years, "So that's what happened…"

"What are you talking about, Leon?" Mia stood up and walked over to him

Leon sighed and looked at Dom, "Ya weren't supposed ta be the one to find the cross, Dom."

"What the hell are you goin' on about?," Dom asked, pushing away Brian's arms from him, "let go already!"

Brian backed away from him, shaking his head as he made his way to the couch again.

"You got 'ere too early. Or in what I'd thought, you actually came 'ere. I didn't think you'd come back. The fake necklace was for the FED's to keep a false trail on Letty here. I wanted to buy time to find 'er and get 'er outta here. But I couldn't even do that shit right," he shook his head in his hand, raising his eyes at Dom slowly, "now I kno' why."

Dom snorted at him, plopping himself back down on a chair.

"And now we," Brian looked at Dom, "know why we couldn't figure out how the hell the necklace came into the picture."

"So obviously, the FED's didn't find anything' that related to Letty after her supposed murder. They knew she wasn't gone. So they were lookin' for her. But when they couldn't find 'er.-"

"They came lookin' for me a year later in Berlin." Letty finished

"Right." Leon nodded

"But how did they know you were in Berlin?" Mia asked, leaning herself against the wall by Leon's side.

Letty eyes unfocused as she stared down at her shoes, "Hobbs."

Dom turned his head in her direction.

"Yeah….but," Leon shook his head at her sadly, "he didn't find ya in Berlin, did he, Lett?"

Letty rolled her jaw, turning her head away from them.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Dom growled down at Letty.

"I came back to LA…..," Letty sighed, burying her head in her hands angrily, "my first fucking mistake!"

"I wanted to get Stefania back….that's when he cornered me in front of Mrs. Fuentes's house. After I left-"

"He followed you to Berlin and almost got you there." Leon stated, walking to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. Grimacing at the rotten foods inside.

"Leon," Brian shook his head unbelievably at the goatee'd man, "how do you know all of this?"

"You learn a few things when your runnin' from the law, runnin' from low lives, runnin' from yourself-well, the whole world basically. It's a knack for survival." he explained

Dom gave him a long and hard stare.

He'd changed so much, yet he was still the same ass he was before.

"So what? You gonna forgive me now, Dom?," Leon spread his arms open, inviting him in, "I mean, you did ruin my plans a year ago after all. Can't we call it even?"

Dom bit his lip, almost thinking of opposing the idea.

He stretched his hand out in a truce.

Leon didn't reach for his hand. Instead, he ran right into Dom and hugged him tight, "Oh I knew ya were still a big softy, buttercup!"

Dom chuckled at Leon's childish behavior.

"Okay, that's enough." He said as Leon began to try and give him a knuckle sandwich.

"God, you buzz kill," Leon looked at him with a bored expression before turning to everyone else, "anyone hungry? Yes? Well let's go. Cause you guys are buyin!"

"Can you shut your horn, Einstein. Or kids are asleep." Letty tried to stand up, "Dom, grab her. I can't get up."

Dom made his way over to her as Leon chuckled, "Aw…what's the matter, Lett. All washed up?"

Letty glared at him as she handed Stefania over to Dom again, "Shut the fuck up, I've got a damn bullet wound in my hip, you ass."

Leon lent against the stair-rail, giving her a small smirk, "So I was right, they found you, but couldn't get you."

She snorted, "Dom and Brian got to me before they could," she made her way towards Leon, "oh, and this's for the washed up joke."

His eyes furrowed in confusion and ended popping open as he clutched his stomach. Trying to grasp air into his lungs.

She smirked, "Still got it."

Dom shook his head at their once old antics and walked out of the house. Brian in tow with Cici in her car seat.

"Come on you guys" Mia said, rubbing Leon's back comfortably as she led him slowly to the car.

"God!…," Leon squinted his eyes, "she still packs a fucken' punch."

Mia nodded, patting his back as they went.

Letty just rolled her eyes and got into their car.

"Are we all going to fit?" Mia asked, looking at their borrowed car.

"It's a Chrysler," Brian said, locking his daughter in the seat, "theirs enough room."

"Are you sure? Cici's car seat takes up a lot of space."

"We'll be fine," Letty said carelessly, "if we don't fit, then we'll just stick him in the trunk."Leon's eyes widened, "Man, you've gotten even more witchier than before!"

"Watch it, moron." she glared at him

Dom sighed, giving the keys to Brian, "Here, you drive. I'll go in the back with Letty and Mia."

"Yeah but….," Brian took the keys, looking at their situation confusedly, " then that leaves-"

"I've got this O'Conner, now get in the driver's seat before I change my mind," he said, opening the back door where Letty was sitting at before and sliding himself in, "Leon, go in the front with Brian."

Letty raised an eyebrow at him as he handed her Stefie, "You want me to sit on your lap…?"

"Is that a problem?" he asked, the corner of his lips raising up.

"No….but I have a two year old kid in my arms."

"You had her in your arms when we got here, now come on."

"Dom, I wasn't on to-" her eyes widened as Dom got out and brought an arm around her stomach. Sliding her on top of him in the car.

He shut the door behind them, grinning at her stunned state, "There. Problem solved."

She turned and gave him an evil stare as Mia got in her seat.

"You cheerleaders ready to go or wut?" Leon turned his body to look back at the passengers.

"Drive, Brian."

PHEW! Man this is a lot of mystery I've got goin' on here. It's killing me! XD Literally. Earlier I was laying on bed just trying to think of a way to incorporate the stupid necklace problem in a way that it can make sense. I would get an idea an immediately cross it out! Until this one came along! :D hahaha Sooo… you guys can see that this is chapter four. And I had said before that their was a possibility that their would be a chapter four. Because there is! And the story is YET to be finished…guess what? There's gonna be more chapters! Hurray for you, boo for me cause I gotta think up of more things to make this story end T^T Anyway! You know what to do! Tell me how it's goin'. Did you guys like the surprised appearances of Rome and Leon? ;) hahaha MAJOR thanks to degrassijayandalex. She's the one that gave me the idea of doing such a thing-which had never occurred to me at all.- Maybe I'll have more mysterious and surprising visits...hmmm Stay tuned! :D