Back where we started.

Chapter 1:

I was standing behind the stage, where i could here people out in front talking and I´m nervous, exited and a little scared as I wait to go out there.

It´s my first concert and it´s basicly only going to me and my guitar out on the stage in front of about 500 people.

My first album was released about 3 months ago and appently it was a hit and sold alot in the first week or so my manager and (best) friend Adrian said.

He´s been with me from the start of all this and it was basicly his idea that i record my songs in the company he worked for.


2 years ago.

The day we meet I was sitting in my faivorite spot in the park, my back against a tree with my guitar, pen and paper, just finishing my lastest song. It was my way of copeing with the things that happened in my life.

My father was the only one who knew that I could sing and play. He found me a few weeks after my mothers death (I was ten) in my room sitting in the window, with my mothers guitar, singing a lullaby (she used to sing for me when i was sad) with tears streaming down my face. My father broke down when I finished, rushed to hug me and we sat there a long time just greaving my mothers passing.

I was just writing the last note down when I heard someone clapping, starteling me out of my own little world.

Looking up a man in his early 20´s began walking towards me. He was about 6´3 tall, messy short light brown hair, green eyes, a friendly smile on his fairly good looking face, wearing a white shirt, dark blue jeans and black converse shoes.

I put my things down as he neared. Still in shock over someone hearing me and embarrisment colouring my cheeks.

He stopped right in front of me, making me look up at him.

"Wow you have a really great voice." He said with a bright smile on his face.

I looked down embarresed. "Uh thanks" I muttered.

"That was a great song. Did you just write that now?" he asked.

" Um y-yes or I´ve been working on it for a couple of hours i guess." I said looking up at him again. I really was´nt comfortable talking about it with anyone, so I stood up and started to pack my things so i could get home.

"I´m sorry if i´m making you uncomfortable, it´s just i´m a manager for Shadowkissed Records and I would really like to reprecent you. I was just on my way home when I heard you singing and... well I just had to talk to you." he said. His sounded apologetic and honest. "I´ve been looking for someone with your voice and sound for awhile. I´m just asking for five minutes of your time to hear me out..."

I packed the rest of my stuff together and turned back to him. Folding my arms over my chest looking him over to see if he was feeding me a line or something. But he looked earnest enough. "Okay..."doubt colouring my voice. "I guess i can hear you out Mr...?"

"Ivashkov. Adrian Ivashkov." he said while handing me his buesness card.

"Okay Mr. Ivashkov. My names Rose Mazur and you have five minuts." i said with a little more bravado then before, holding my hand out for him to shake.

He laughed pleased, shook my hand and started to tell me about Shadowkissed Records, what would happen if I said yes to his offer and so on. We ended sitting on the grass for about an hour. He was very thorough explaning everything. In the end I ageed to meet with him at the end of the week to record some of my songs to show to his bosses, but that I had´nt agreed to sign yet and that I would need some time to think it over if they liked me.

I met him like said, recorded a few songs just me and my guitar, he showed his bosses and they loved me and wanted me to sign with them. I took a few week to decide, still unsure if I was ready to show the world what I could do, talked to my father about it and finally called Adrian saying yes. We worked hard to find musicions to be my band, backup singers, rehearsing, recording, photoshoots, music vidioes and so on...

"Rose" a voice said behind me, bringing me out of my memories. Turning around looking at the owner of the voice. Adrian stood looking very the manager he his in his black suit, white shirt and black shoes. "Rose it´s almost time to go on. Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah... I-i´m ready" i stammered my nervers acting up again, butterfies forming in my stomach, heart beating a little faster.

Adrian saw through it, put his hands on my shoulders, making me look him in the eyes. "Rose your going to do great. You are a great singer and people already love your songs. You have nothing to worry about okay?" he said. "Now take a deep breath, go out there, be your self and they will love you. You´ll see." Smiling at me he excorted me to the stage entrance. Giving me a quick hug and a goodluck pushing to go through...