Chapter One – The advertisement

Friday, the last day of school days, has come.

Leo was trying as hard as he can not to fall asleep in class. He hated math, and the robot teaching the class bored him greatly.

The alarm rang; the class was over. Every student hurriedly packed and made for the door, eager to leave the accursed classroom.

Leo looked around; a certain friend of his wasn't there anymore. He packed and left and soon caught up with his friend.

"Hey Aeris, you know what I've just found in Modern Warfare 3 yesterday?" Leo asked his pink friend,

"No, and I don't give a fuck!" she replied, and continued walking.

"A hacker!" Leo said, ignoring Aeris.

"Leo, shut up," she stopped walking, "I'm stressed by the amount of homework that prick has given us."

"And unlike you, Leo, I actually care about my grades," She retorted "So I can't just pretend he never gave us any."

That hurt Leo's feelings a bit; his parents were not happy with his recent grades.

"Uh, see you at the apartment, then" Leo said, and walked away.

Leo walked through the crowed corridor, looking around every now and then.

Then he noticed a poster; it featured two cats —that he recognized as the new students in his class— pointing towards the general direction of the reader, behind them was a set of drums. The poster said:

"Hellkatz wants YOU! We're currently looking for a rhythm guitarist, a vocalist, and a bassist for our speed metal band. If you think you qualify, meet us at the old studio room on Saturday (13:00-16:30)

Benefits of joining: Money, chicks, and extra grades added by our teachers."

Leo smiled after reading the ad; "Extra grades, money, and free pussies. Great!"

I've always wanted to write an OC fic, but I don't know what to write about. After watching documentaries of metal bands, I had the inspiration to write a fic based on the bands.