Author's Note: By the way, I just wanted to say that I'll be deleting Broken Pot, Fixing the Broken Pot, Answers, Finding Tenma...I am aware that they are not in three days. Basically, none of it makes sense any more so I am deleting them. Besides, the Broken Pot was supposed to be a oneshot that went a little longer. It wasn't even supposed to have a good ending. But the point is that I am deleting them because it is the last few chapters of Holiday all over again. It wasn't read worthy after that, trust me. So to prevent it from happening again, I'm stopping it all now. Other than that, enjoy~!

-Tsurugi's POV-

Have you ever been to a hospital? What am I saying? Of course you have. Maybe for check ups or maybe to visit someone you know who is ill. No matter what though, in the end, going to a hospital just never feels good. After all, it is the place where all the sick and injured gather. So if you are in the hospital, it can not mean anything good. And there is only one thing worse than being admitted as a patient. And that is sitting in front of an infirmary, staring at the walls as an unbearable silence hung in the air.

You can't hear anything.

Even when you know that everyone around you was pacing back in front, muttering to themselves that he was alright or giving encouragement to others everything would work out fine, you still can't hear a thing.

Only the tick of the clock. And with each tick…tick tick tick…

The haunting images would play back over again and again like some sort of horrible torture that would never end.

"...this is all your fault..."the voice whispered again. "…if you had not been there… …none of this would have happened…this all your fault…"

Another minute had passed and the clock alerted me with another tick and the images soon began to replay themselves once more…

It was earlier this afternoon. It was bright and the skies were clear. It was a beautiful day, not that many noticed. I, myself, included. Tenma, however, was one of the few who did notice. For someone who was always so happy-go-lucky, always with an optimistic outlook about everything and his beloved soccer in mind, today was absolutely perfect.

Everyone was practicing at the moment. Even when the fight to regain soccer was over, they were still made to practice everyday like there was no tomorrow. Personally, a day off would be a great reward but did my opinion matter? So I sucked it up and kicked another ball. It went right passed Sangoku and went straight into the goalpost, adding, yet, another goal to his perfect streak today.

Lately, my shoots have been stronger and faster than before but looking back at all the hard training and work of having to score goals repeatedly against the powerful SEED's of Fifth Sector, it should only be natural for them to be. I smirked and began patting myself in the back when 'they' appeared and began barraging me with their usual useless blabbering about my shoots and kicks, asking me if I could teach them how to do that too. I sighed, hoping they would get the message to leave me be but like always, they didn't. I huffed and walk to a nearby ball and decided to vent all my frustrations out on it with one swift kick.

Soon, it was airborne and it flew all the way to somewhere near the old club house. It was an impressive that left the pair speechless. Even I found myself gawking a bit at how far it had gone. I told everyone that I would go and get it.

A few steps and I noticed that 'he' was following me again but I said nothing. I've grown rather used to his company, not that he would ever find out. We walked for a bit. He asked me one more time if I could teach him how to kick like that. I nodded but only so he would leave the subject alone. Besides, he would probably forget later on that he even asked me, much less that I had agreed to teach him.

When we were close, we looked around and I saw the ball lying near some wooden girders. I didn't really pay much attention to it. Only the ball. I went to fetch it and that was when it happened. It was all so sudden but I could remember it all clearly. I remember tripping over the rope that bound them. I remember turning to see all the girders looming haphazardly over me. And then I remembered hearing someone call my name. Something hit me and sent me back.

The next thing I knew, I was picking myself up from the ground a few feet away. It didn't feel like I was hurt. There wasn't even a scratch. But…what about him? I looked back and that was when panic began to set in.


…and that was how we all ended up back here. And to think, we were just celebrating captain's recovery just a few days ago. Speaking of the captain, he had been a wreck since it happened. Probably fearing the worst like the rest of us and I couldn't blame him. He didn't just faint on a soft, patch of grass. He was knocked unconscious and buried underneath wooden beams that were as heavy and as they were hard. He was bleeding when they called the school nurse, who in turn, called the hospital.

The clock let out another tick when the doctor came out.

"How is he?" Endou asked.

"Unfortunately, his eyes have taken the worst of the damage." The doctor informed dishearteningly. "He needs the bandage on at all times so he won't be able to see for the next the few days but other than that, he has only a few minor cuts and bruises and a minor concussion. He should be able to make full recovery in a few weeks time."

It was relieving news. It sounded like his injuries weren't as serious as we all had anticipated. The doctor said that he could leave once regained consciousness when the door behind him opened with a small creak. Tenma, now wide awake, poked his head just a bit out of the tiny gap.

The first thing the entire team took notice were rounds of bandages covering his eyes with only a few on his hand, arms and legs. Despite being told not to worry and that all his injuries were fairly minor, Shinsuke tearily ran and hugged him. The rest of the team quickly ran over to check on him as well but soon, I quickly noticed something terribly off. Tenma did not chirp back happily or apologize for worrying everyone, saying he was fine or even responded back in any form or manner. Instead, he was rather confused by Shinsuke's sudden actions and that worried me.

I carefully went over to him, held his shoulder and asked if he was alright. Tenma looked to my direction with his head slightly tilt. He looked troubled, as if he could not understand anything.

-Tenma's POV-

…mmh…w-where was I? I had just woken up but I couldn't see anything. There was something covering my eyes. I felt it and I quickly realized that they were bandages. I felt around my arms and legs and there were some more bandages though there were only a few. Not a lot but did this mean that I was hurt? But…when? Ngh…and why does my head hurt so much…?

I heard voices and they sounded close by. I staggered on my feet and cautiously began to the direction of the voices. I held my arms up to make sure that I wouldn't bump into anything.

Eventually, I touched something cold. It was glass. I felt a little more till my hands reached what I guessed was a handle.

I opened the door and suddenly the voices stopped. I didn't know what was going on. I… Perhaps maybe one of them could tell me? But before I could say a word, someone suddenly cried out. All of a sudden, I could feel someone's embrace. Whoever it was, he was very small.

Then all the voices started talking again. They were asking me things I couldn't understand but I didn't know what to say.

Then I heard footsteps.

Someone held my shoulder and asked if I was alright. He called me by my first name. I looked at where I thought he was but I wasn't so sure. Everyone got quiet again and I knew I had to ask now. So I opened my mouth and said, "I'm sorry but…do we know each other?"

By the way, thank you Im going crazy, for being the only one to at least try to guess my puzzle. I made it up myself so it meant a lot but as a puzzle aficionado, I will only send you the answers to the puzzle via PM, so as not to give the answer away. One more thing, trivia: Lethe is one of the five rivers of Hades. All those who drank its water would experience complete forgetfulness. It means "concealment", "forgetfullness" or "oblivion" in Classical Greek, hence the title, as Tenma's memories are now in oblivion.