-Tenma's POV-

"Lost Angel!" Tsurugi yelled the name of his move as he kicked the ball towards Gassan Kunimitsu's captain. I wasn't watching as much though because I was worried, not for the creepy, orange-haired kid I knocked out by accident which, in my defense, he really shouldn't go around hugging people from behind for surprise.

Anyway, I was worried about what happened earlier when Tsurugi asked me about what I thought about soccer. Honestly, it was scary what with all those hissatswatchamikallits and manifestation things. There has got to be a name for those things! When I said that, he got really mad and I mean more than usual. Everyone else was the same too. They got all quiet and sad but before I could apologize, the second half began.

As I saw them leave, I got this sense that they were leaving me. I know that they were but… I just hope that no matter what happens; we'll still be together…

-Tsurugi's POV-

Scary? The soccer we broke our bones for everyday for was scary? My shoot recoiled and I jumped into the air and kick the ball hard. "Death Drop!"

My temper worsened as I watched my shoot miss by a meter. I grumbled as I walked away when Shindou held my shoulder. "Calm down, Tsurugi." He said.

"I am calm." I replied but it was obvious I wasn't. I was really, really pissed. I heard Coach Kidou, who was subbing under favor from Coach Endou, call me out. No surprise, he benched me for Kurama.

"If it helps, I thought your shoot was really cool." Tenma tried to comfort me with that goofy smile plastered all over his face which wasn't helping. "Are you sure it's cool and not scary?" I asked.

"Well, just a bit." He replied and I got up and left to wash my face. And then I heard him say my name. Like before, he followed me. "I'm sorry! Whatever I said, I'm sorry!"

He really had no clue did he? I thought that to myself as I turned and I was shocked to see him crying. "Please don't be mad with me…" he hicced. He looked like he was close breaking any minute. Damn!

"W-Wait." I tried. Come on, think! "I'm not mad at you. I…just ate something bad today and I think I might have caught something."

"Oh! Is that it?" Tenma smiled, feeling better. "Aki gave me something for stomachaches! I can give you some!"

"Er, that's fine. I'm feeling better." I dodged. He bought it and we headed back to see Gassan Kunimitsu leading 3-1. How did that happen?

-Shindou's POV-

I saw Tsurugi returning with Tenma and he's seemed to have calmed down a bit. I went to ask coach if we could put him back in and he nodded. I went over and called Tsurugi back as we switched Kurama and him. He just went over to his position. There were only five minutes left. By the least, we needed two goals but knowing Tsurugi, he'll aim for three.

The whistle and Hikaru passed him the ball after which he passed it to Nishiki. Masamune managed to get him with Claymore but I managed to steal it back and passed it over to Nishiki who then passed it to Tsurugi. As the defenders swarmed him, I ran over to my position.

Tsurugi passed the ball to me and I called my Keshin out. "Fortissimo!" I yelled I kicked the ball in. Hyoudou tried to block it with his Keshin, Kyoshin Gigantes but he was already at his limit and it went in beautifully. Tsurugi followed up quickly with Lost Angel and Shinsuke came and used Buttobi Jump jut before the final whistle. Everyone, especially Shinsuke was happy until he glanced back and we saw Tenma just exiting our clubroom, having missed the entire thing.

-Shinsuke's POV-

I scored the winning goal! I can't believe Tenma missed it and hissatsu I used was the one he helped me perfect! I ran over crying that as he doubled back. "S-Sorry! Taiyou woke up and he wanted water so…"

I looked back at Taiyou who was indeed conscious and glared at him.

-Taiyou's POV-

"S-Sorry! Taiyou woke up and he wanted water so…" once I heard that, Shinsuke turned and glared at me. "I hate you!" he yelled. Poor little guy. I guess this must be tough for him as well.

"I'm sorry. If it helps, I brought something that might help Tenma with his amnesia." I said and he softened. Everyone was surprised by my statement as I explained about what Endou told me before handing it over to Tenma. It was a whistle of some sort.

We waited excitedly for his reaction and then…he burst into tears and began sobbing.

-Tsurugi's POV-

"Taiyou!" we all screamed. Midori began yelling at him as Sangoku and Hikaru tried to calm him down. He didn't calm down and eventually he lost consciousness. We carried him inside so he could rest and after an hour, he finally woke up. Naturally, Shinsuke was the first to run up to him. "You're finally awake!" he cried. Taiyou, who waited along with us, ran towards him but didn't hug him out of fear of being punched a third time.

"I'm so sorry, Tenma! Endou said that it was your treasure and that it would bring your memories back and…!"

"T-Taiyou! It's alright!" Tenma eased quickly but tiredly. "It's okay. He was right. This is my treasure and I remember everything now. It's just…remembering so much at once…I'm sorry for making a scene earlier. I guess it was a bit too much for me."

No one replied and just stared at him. "D-Did you say you remembered everything…?" Shinsuke asked.

"Yes." Tenma replied before everyone went to hug him because that was all that was important. Welcome back, Tenma.

-Endou's POV-

I came over to see how things were going and I can see I was right. Still, this whole thing wasn't over. I'm not sure myself if I'll be able to figure it all out but I can try. I turned when I saw a woman by the gate but she quickly left. Stranger and stranger…