Chapter 1: Dilando!

Dilando… that mysterious name that brought fear into every heart, that made soldiers sweat under their tocks, that made great kings go crazy insane…

Who is that man? Why on earth does he terrify everyone so much?

I had to find out I couldn't control the urge of discovering his identity. Ever since I was a child there was this story told in various ways yet always the same…

A cute princess (usually referring to me, since I was a real princess) and a strong loving prince with wonderful looks (referring now to my fiancé Allen Mandau de Schezar, since he too was a prince) who would always save his princess from the evil, dangerous, maniac pirate… referred to usually as dilando.

And I still remember till now the chills on the back of my governor when she talked about the pirate. I don't know why I never liked those stories, they wear such clichés, I wanted something else, something new and dangerous…

But my story so far isn't that much different… lamer of course, missing magic and fairies. Yet I was engaged to a prince with long blond hair and bright blue eyes (considered charming for every girl, but me). He is rich and he will soon become king of the country… he is a "dragger". A very good one that all the ladies of the court think I am lucky that he had chosen me.

Well our parents did interfere in his choice. But still he acted all nice and caring around me, but no true love was to mention. In fact I never knew what love was I have never felt it for anyone.

Oh sorry! Too much blab talk… back to that moment: I am dressing up for my wedding! Everyone seems exited but I am not, I am busy thinking about what I had discovered yesterday…

Flash back: (author)

It was dark, every person in the palace had gone to sleep only princess hitomi couldn't find sleep she had been dreaming about that pirate named dilando: she had always imagined him like some ugly man in every way with crazy white hair and bloody red eyes, and with black teeth always out to break homes and separate families…

She had heard once the story of him being put in prison for 13 years in the famous "Chateau Dive" and was the only person in history to have come out of there alive.

So she went steadily down the stairs bear foot with only a candle to light her way. She went into her father's office and brought the old key hidden under a shelf and went down the underground basements and entered the small room where all the files concerning old prisoners are held. After hours of searching she had found a file classified forbidden, so she opened it and like she guessed it was about dilando. But unlike the other files there was no personal info about his origins or the reason of his imprisonment, not even a picture of him only few words were written: "life long prison ... Recommended by prince Allen... Classified dangerous to the royal thrown. Name: van de Fanel". She took the paper and rushed back to her room and hid it in her tiny gold box.

Actual time:

'Van de Fanel…'

"Darling are you done?" said Prince Allen as he was slightly opening the door.

"No don't come in! Don't look! It is bad luck for the groom to look at his bride's dress before the ceremony" said the princess horrified.

He giggled slightly and closed the door. Then as soon as the governor dressed the princess fully she turned around and walked away to leave the princess a few moments alone.

S o hitomi went out on the balcony of her room to breathe in some fresh air. It was then she saw a weird man hiding behind the bushes and she decided to go down and find out who he was.

As she was heading out the door towards the bushes the man saw her and decided to hide and just as she reached them. He grabbed her from the back and silenced her and took her away. She had tried to fight back or scream but both ways she couldn't.

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