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It was a beautiful Friday evening, and any respectable young adult would be outside, partying or just relaxing. Even old people were strolling along the park, holding hands with their other!

But in a dark, grimy building in the slums of gotham, if you peeked in the basement window, you'd be able to see a young lady with a long, blonde ponytail beating up a punching bag hanging from the ceiling.

Let's take a closer look.


In the basement of her apartment building, artemis stood there punching a punching bag, that just happened to have wally's face (kind of now unrecognizable, since the paper was torn up so badly).

"stupid wally." She muttered, throwing a punch. She was embarrassed, and angry. No wait, scratch that, she was furious. She let herself go, opened herself up, and the reward she had gotten? A 'let's pretend this never happened' speech. Now kicking the face, she looked back at what happened.

Earlier today….

Artemis and M'gann walked into the cave, with M'gann talking about the newest scandal in the old M'gann sitcom.

"- and then chad went over to her and just kissed her! Like that!" she snapped her fingers.

"Uh huh…" Artemis said, not really paying attention. Instead, she was walking to the kitchen looking for that doughnut she had hidden yesterday. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled up a chair.

"But I can't believe chad would do that because he was in love with Shirley! Well at least I think he was…"

"That's great M'gann." She said, standing shakily on the chair trying to reach the top shelf.

"are you even listening artemis?" M'gann asked.

"umm… yeah! Totally." She strained, not yet quite reaching the wrapping paper of the doughnut.

"hey there beautiful! I'd listen to you all day…" wally said making an entrance.

Surprised, artemis lost her footing "WALLLYYYY!" she closed her eyes waiting for impact.

FWOOSH! Instead of hitting hard floor, artemis landed on something kind of soft.

"owww…." She sat up and looked to see what she landed on.

"ahhhh…. You should lose some weight, princess." Wally gasped, sprawled on the floor underneath Artemis. M'gann inched out of the room quickly, avoiding the two, so she wouldn't be caught in the blood shed.

"you shouldn't surprise people like that."

"well, I guess there goes that surprise birthday party we planned…."

"and I guess there goes your front teeth!" artemis glared, holding up her fist.

"I knew you liked me artemis, but we aren't going too far." Wally grinned, noticing artemis still on top of him. She scrambled off of him quickly.

"well, I knew you liked me, Wallace, but now you're suggesting making out?" she smirked.

"who said I was suggesting?" he smirked standing up and kissed her. Artemis blinked, not processing what just happened. After a bit, she kissed him back, hugging his neck. He responded by wrapping his arms around her. After a while, they pulled away.

Nothing was said.

Artemis stood in shock, while wally watched her hands to see if she'd punch him.

"look, i-" wally stuttered, but not before being interrupted by another voice in the door way.

"hey guys, done with your…. Session? We have a mission to go on." robin asked smirking.

"robin! What are you talking about?" wally said nervously. Robin's response was something fluttering to the ground. Wally zoomed over and picked it up.

"robin…" he groaned.

"what is it?" artemis asked curiously. He handed the paper to her and she glared, and laid the paper on the counter top.

Sighing, she took wally's hand. "lets go get ready for the mission, or batman will kill us." "ok!" wally smiled, following her.

"when I said let's get ready for the mission, I meant you go change in your room. By yourself." Wally looked downcast.

They left the room, and the paper fluttered to the ground. On the back, scribbled in green marker said,

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