Confusions chapter 3

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After the mission, wally had ran home, too scared to think what artemis might do to him.

Artemis, as everyone had noticed, was calm, and composed.

Standing there, she was left to talk to the crowds.

"well, you heard him. Nothing is going on. You can leave now." Robin swooped in. he turned to artemis. "ouch. That's gotta hurt."

"truth doesn't hurt. If that's what he really thinks of me, then that's what he thinks of me. I don't care." She said waving her, walking away. her voice gave her hurt away, but robin being robin (and also having started this… maybe he did have a guilt feeling?) didn't ask any more on the question.

"well, after the mission, we were going to the cave to eat some cookies M'gann baked."

"nah. I think I'll just head home. Tired, you know?" no, in fact he didn't know.


So now, here she was in the basement beating the crap out of the punching bag.

Rrrrrinnnng rrriiinnng


"artemis, dinner time."

"Coming mom."


He lay on his bed, and thought about what happened right before the mission.

They fought, held hands, (tried) avoiding each other….

And then she said she liked him.

Wally! She likes him! Err…now probably liked. after today, there was no way she still liked him.

Heck, he isn't sure if he likes himself!

So he decides to go to the cave, and apologize.

"bye mom!"


"artemis, what's wrong?"

"nothing mom. Nothing at all." She gritted out, stabbing her chicken.

"it doesn't seem like nothing."

"well it is! It's exactly that. Nothing."

"artemis, are you sure-"

"YES mom! Its NOTHING! Its nothing. You know what? I'm going to bed. I have to get up for school." She pushes her chair away from the table, and leaves.


"She isn't here wally." M'gann informed him coldly, mixing up some batter.

"how do you know, she isn't here? She could be in the training room, or the pool, or the-"

"STOP wally. Just- just stop it. She isn't here. That was really mean, what you said." She said, giving a hurt look over her shoulder to him.

"I'll just…talk to robin…" he sped away, looking for boy wonder.

"no, you won't just talk to robin." Someone said behind him. Wally jumped.

"ah! Man! That scared me!" he scolded. Robin just ignored him.


"well, have you seen artemis?"

"no. but even if I saw her, wally, I wouldn't tell you."

"why? I just want to talk to her."

"if I was her, I wouldn't want to talk to you. In fact, I'm leaving. Maybe you can catch her tomorrow." And he did the batman, melting into the shadows.

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