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sydny:is it fiolee or finiona or fumball or...

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chapter 1:An Ordinary Day.

Finns P.O.V:

"I'm flippin board man"I said throwing myself onto the couch."I know man" my bro jake said while playing a game in bmo. Then an idea popped into my head.I jumped off the coach and blurted it out "Let's go to marceys"Jake crawled under the coach to where I could only see his eyes and said in a hushed worried vioce "No way man,she still freaks me out."

"Ow come on man,she was just messing with ya."I said heading to the door."fine."Jake said unhappily heading to the door as we set out for marceys.

Meanwhile in the land Aaa. Fionna and her sister,a Magical cat, were heading over to the candy Kingdom. prince Gumball, prince of the candy kingdom, had said to come over imidietly. He said that he had found something exciting. He also said that they should meet him in the gardens.

Fionnas P.O.V:

"I wonder what prince Gumball found"I said to my sis cake,the magical cat."Maybe he found a jumbo size bag of catnip!"cake said in high hopes."Cake I highly dought that"I told my extatic feline sister. cake was not happy and so she huffed and mummbled under here breath"It's possible..."but was cut of as they reached the garden and were greated by Prince Gumball with a large smile hanging on his face.

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