Marcilien opened her door to find her 2 adventureing friends. Finn and his dog brother Jake.

Finn's P.O.V:

"Hey marcy!" "Hey" "Jake huffed and walked in behind me. "So what cha' want wienies?" Marcilien asked in a taunting voice."We were board and we were wondering if you... but I was cut off by marcys phone wringing "Daddy why did you eat my fries..."

Marcilien's P.O.V:

As finn was talking my phone rung and cut him off.I answerd irritabaly and said "Macilien a ratical dame that likes to play games." "Hey marcilien are finn and jake with you?"It was her royal gummyness. "Ya,Why?" "Can you all come over ,Quickly! I'v found something amazing!"

"Ya,sure. We'll be there soon pinky."I hung up and looked at my 2 friends

"Finn , Jake We gotta go to PB's place."Finn jumped up and ran to the door and yelled "Algabraic!" and off we went.

Fionna's P.O.V:

"So What Did you want us for PG?" I'll tell you as soon as marshall lee gets here." he said looking around. Then out of nowhere marshall appered behind gumball. He leaned in and hissed by Gumballs literally jumped a foot in the air. Me and cake almost keeled over laughing. Gumball, brushing himself off,and siad with an irritated voice ,pointed at marshall, "Not funny." Then led us into the forest. "So what did you find PG ?" "You'll see as soon as we get there." Gumball replied in a calm manner even though I knew he was still mad at marshy.

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