"Mom...Dad...I'm pregnant!"

Tony's jaw immediately dropped. This couldn't be happening. No. This couldn't be happening. His little girl; His little princess was having a baby.

"Oh my G-d, congratulations, sweetheart!" Ziva ran over and hugged her daughter, so happy for her. Her little girl was going to have a little one of her own. She remembered how she felt when she discovered she was pregnant. She shook her head when she saw her husband. "Tony, close your mouth and give your daughter a hug."

Tony walked over and awkwardly hugged Leah, still in a trance.

"Daddy?" Leah asked, confused by her father's reaction. "Daddy, you're gonna be a grandpa!" Why wasn't he excited? Or at least happy for her and her husband?

"Leah, I think your father is in shock. Give him some time, he'll come around. He loves you," Ziva whispered into her daughter's ear. Leah laughed. Leah's husband, Michael, sat on the couch in Ziva and Tony's living room, looking extremely nervous. He was terrified of what Tony was about to do to him. He hadn't even been this scared when he asked Tony's permission to marry Leah.

Finally, Tony regained some of his composure. "Congratulations, Princess," he said somewhat dazed, hugging her again. "Just...so soon?" He asked meekly, shooting a glance toward a cowering Michael.

"Daddy, I'm only 6 weeks along. I must've gotten pregnant on our honeymoon," Leah explained to her father.

"Just like you mother," Tony muttered, making Ziva laugh. Tony always said Leah was just like her mother. Ziva had gotten pregnant with Leah on her and Tony's honeymoon.

"Mom, I think Dad needs to sit down."

Everyone laughed. Except Tony.

He felt sick. He couldn't imagine his little girl doing the...the necessary things to get pregnant. She was still only 4 years old in his mind. To him, she was still the little girl that came running to the door and leaped into his arms when he got home from work, the little girl that he tucked in at night, the little girl who asked him to kiss her boo-boos when she scraped her knees. His and Ziva's little princess. It had nearly killed him the day she started Kindergarten, let alone the day she graduated from High School, and College. He was still in another world as he walked her down the aisle on her wedding day, wearing Ziva's wedding gown. And now she was pregnant.

He plopped down into his recliner, shooting Michael another dirty look, as if to say, "YOU are the man who violated my daughter. YOU are the reason she's pregnant." He rubbed his temples. His head hurt. He was still not computing the information that had just been shared with him. He sighed. "6 weeks, huh?"

"Yeah Daddy. I've been to the doctor and everything. Michael's been taking really good care of me," she told him, trying to convince her dad he wasn't the bad guy. "He's really excited for the baby, dad, just like I am."

"I love you, sweetheart," He told her, kissing her cheek. She hugged him.

"Nothing's changing, Daddy. I'm still your little girl."

And Ziva smiled at her husband and daughter, proud of the child she and Tony created together.