~∞ ROSES ∞~

Chapter Twenty-Four: Roses

Five years later-

"I'd love to be the godmother, Lupo! Little Wylk is so cute!" Max cooed, hearing baby Wylk squeal through the telephone line.

Lupo laughed lightly. "Awesome, Max! So I'll see you on Saturday?"

Max nodded, even though Lupo couldn't see it. She fidget with her cell phone for a moment, before asking a question that was on her mind. "By chance, Lupo, who's the godf —"

"I'm so sorry, Max, but I have to go! Love you!" And with that, the phone line went dead.

She sighed to herself, placing the phone down to massage her temples. Don't worry Max... it can't be…

Another part of her mind cut in. But what if it was…?

It doesn't matter. You're over it, Max.

She stood in the back of the church in a white skirt and blouse, her dirty-blonde, sun-streaked hair pulled back neatly. A small smile graced her face as she looked at Lupo, Iggy, and their baby son, Wylk, across the room.

"Where is he?" she heard Iggy mutter quietly. "That idiot. If he's late…"

Lupo placed a hand on the side of his face. "Oh don't worry on a day like this! He'll be here!" Lupo said with a smile. "He better be here…" she mumbled under her breath.

And then he walked in, making her breath catch as it always did when he was around. He looked as stunning as she remembered last, and her heart pounded heavily in her chest.

His obsidian eyes met with hers and widened the slightest around the edges.

I am so going to kill Lupo and Iggy… Max thought grimly.

After the end celebration, Max rushed to leave, saying a quick goodbye to Lupo, Iggy, and Wylk.

She pushed the glass door open and walked out, sighing with relief that she had finally left that constricting place, where he was.

A hand grasped her shoulder softly, yet firmly, and she tensed. "Max…" a broken voice whispered. "God… Max… It's you…"

Her heart pounded wildly, and her head began to spin as she took in his intoxicating scent.

Without think what he was doing, he grabbed her arm, and pulled it to his body, embracing her to him.

No… You wasted enough tears on him… No more… she told herself. "I'm so sorry… Just… don't run away this time until I explain… I can't stand losing you again…" he murmured, suddenly pulling back. "God, I'm so sorry, Max."

She looked up at him, directly into his eyes. The intensity was the same as it was five years ago.

Max… she thought to herself. Oh, what to do?

Relaxing her tense body, she focused on what her heart wanted to do, over her head. Five years of held back, withdrawn feelings flooded through her, warming her all the way to the tips of her toes. How can one guy do this to me? One that broke up with me like a douche, five years ago?

And then she let him explain.

Two years later-

He took a deep breath, the anxiety pooling in the bottom of his stomach, as it did when he saw her for the first time after that five year gap since highschool. It was now two years later, but he hadn't quite shaken off that feeling. C'mon man, you can do this… he thought to himself bitterly, replaying Iggy's pep talk in his head.

She entered through the front door, smiling widely at him. "Hi," Max grinned, giving him a tight hug. The anxiety increased in his gut.

They sat on the couch, and he internally had a nervous breakdown. Now's the time.



Inhaling another breath, he tried to smile at her, hoping it didn't turn out to be a grimace of sorts. Looking into her eyes, he said, "Let's get married."

Whoa. I knew I wasn't going to expect a whole speech… but that was just… exactly what I wanted, Max thought, trying not to giggle at how nervous Fang looked. She placed a hand gently on his cheek, and nodded. "Okay."

He exhaled, a large grin spreading on his face. Fang softly took her head in his hands, and kissed her cheek.

Max stared at him, an amused smirk on her face. "Well… that was crappy."

His heart froze. She didn't like the proposal? "Wh-what? Should I have proposed be —"

She pressed her lips to his and kissed him. "No. Everything was perfect. Except for the fact you missed my lips," Max smiled.

Fang grinned at her, kissing Max again. "Better?"

"Much." Max toyed with his hair. "But I'm surprised. No r —"

He reached down and pulled a rose from the vase beside him, getting off the couch, and kneeling down on the floor. "A rose for you, milady."

And wrapped around the perfect stem of the single red rose, was a ring.

"I love you, Max."

"I know. I love you, too."