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It turns out Annabeth was in my science class too. She sat across from me on the other side of the room. The black haired girl sat to her right, and the brown haired girl sat to her left.

The science class wasn't really bad at all; the teacher was a little sarcastic, but that wasn't what held my attention.

It was Annabeth.

I wasn't sure why I was so obsessed with someone I haven't even met yet, but everything about her made me want to look longer. She looked perfect. But, surprisingly, it wasn't her beauty that made me stare. It was her eyes.

They were so out of place on her. She looked like the stereotypical California girl: tan skin, blonde curls, athletic body. But her eyes just caught your attention. Even though they were out of place, they were extremely mesmerizing. They were like a storm forming in her eyes. Like the storm that took Dorothy away! It was like a Kansas tornado going around and around and around…

Every so often Annabeth would catch my stare. I always looked down, embarrassed. But the funny thing was, she didn't. She kept staring at me. It wasn't a dreamy stare like a teenage girl with a crush; it was more like she was analyzing me. I found it kind of odd like she was summing me up.

"Mr. Jackson, Miss Chase?" the teacher called out, looking in between the two of us, "Please proceed in paying attention to the lecture rather than staring lovingly into the other's eyes."

The rest of the class laughed at the two of us. I looked at my hands on my desk embarrassed, and I think I saw through her façade, a little blush play on Annabeth's cheeks.

Grover and Nico on both sides of me were nudging me and laughing with the rest of our peers.

"Nice job man," Nico joked.

"Yeah, you got the most popular girl in school," Grover clamped me on the back.

Annabeth's friends were laughing too. She just sent them annoyed looks.

"Okay class." the teacher interrupted, "Settle down! I know I'm funny, but seriously. Settle down."

I had the next three classes with Annabeth. By the third, instead of looking away, I worked up enough courage to remain eye contact. Annabeth only seemed to find this amusing, giving a small smile and looking back at the teacher.

After those three I had Combat.

"What's Combat?" I asked Grover and Nico.

I was following them down more sidewalks to our next class.

"Oh, you just learn how to fight without weapons," Nico answered, "kicking and punching. It gets pretty extreme."

Sounds like my kinda class.

We walked up to another medium sized building. The building wasn't as extravagant as the science building, but it defiantly held its own. On the arch was the word αθλητισμόςwhich somehow, like the science building, I knew meant athletics. Behind the building were giant, green fields for every kind of sport you could think of. There were soccer goals, a giant baseball stadium, and I even though I saw a barn to one side.

"You'll do well in that class," Grover assured me, "We've never had anyone with your kind of ability, so this should be fun."

The inside was any athlete's dream. There were gyms after gyms after gyms. I saw basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and even a hockey rink. The school's hundreds of trophies were all on display in secured glass cases. It was amazing how many of them there where.

Grover and Nico lead me down a sterile white hallway, explaining to me it was "The Maze".The Maze was an intricate maze of hallways that even the teachers get lost in. It's all perfectly white, looking exactly like the next hallway. There were only a few markers like the locker rooms and the infirmary. Apparently nobody really knows what's really in there; some people say there's an illegal black market going on in some hallway.

I just decided I'll just go straight from the locker room to class.

The locker room wasn't really that exciting, just navy blue walls. I changed into suitable clothes, t-shirt and basketball shorts, and followed Grover and Nico down The Maze again.

Only one corner and 2 hallways away, a big, wooden door popped out from the extreme, white walls. Combat was etched into it in black letters.

Nico opened the door, and we all stepped in.

At first glance it seemed ironically like a ballet studio. One side of the room was all mirrors, and sunlight came through windows on the other side. But when you looked closer, you could see more unique features to the room. The blue mats covering the floor had small stains of blood on them, barely seen unless you were looking for them. One full wall was covered with all arrays of weapons: swords, knives, arrows, any weapon you could think of. There was also a rather large first aid kit in the corner, just waiting to be used.

Only about 5 other people were in the room, all classmates. They sat in a circle to one side, legs crossed, joking and laughing.

Annabeth and the black and brown haired girls were the only females there. They wore tank tops and short athletics shorts with their hair in ponytails. There were 3 other guys there already.

One of them had long, blonde hair that shaded over his eyes. He was kind of putting off this whole 'artistic boy' aurora. In the back of my mind I could picture him with a guitar, the ladies going wild.

The two other boys were clearly brothers. They both looked almost exactly the same to me; the only difference was one was a little shorter than the other. They had this weird glint in their eyes, a need for trouble. They looked worse than I did. Maybe I was going to keep my distance a little bit…

But Nico and Grover walked right over and joined their little circle, sitting down next to the blonde boy. I followed kind of awkwardly, feeling too much like the weird follower. I sat down kind of behind Grover, keeping my space.

But they barely had time to realize my presence before the teacher came walking in.

He was a very muscular man with sandy brown hair. He looked about in his 30s with a brisk, independent stride as he walked into the room. The rest of the class straightened up, as though they were afraid to slouch.

"Grover?" The man asked.





"Here" The blonde boy replied.


"Here." The brown-haired girl answered.

"Connor and Travis?"

"Here!" the two mischievous boys answered in unison.


"Here" the black-haired girl replied.



The teacher looked down at a sheet of paper.

"Percy Jackson?"


He looked up at me and smiled.

"Welcome to Goode," he said to me, "My name is Chiron and I'm your combat and sword teacher. You seem to be my only new student. Would you like to sit back and watch first or jump right in?"

He sounded like that kind of teacher that just jumps into things right away. Hey, at least he's not one of those teachers who give 2 hour lectures on who they are and how they became teachers.

"I'll just start." I replied slowly.

Does he know my ability?

"Okay then," he said, "We'll start with a stretch."

Like a cue, everyone stood up and split. I followed Nico and Grover to one side of the room, thankfully away from the wall of weapons, and began to stretch.

I watched as the girls went over to a bar on the wall and also began to stretch.

I couldn't help but stare.

It was like someone as inflexible as I was watching a dancer stretch. It was amazing. They got their legs all the way up, parallel to their body. They did perfect splits. They were so flexible it was just too much for my small brain to process.

"How do they do that?" I asked Nico, still staring.

"All the girls have to do gymnastics," he explained," apparently it helps with flexibility and grace. They pretty much expect all the guys to do sports anyway, so we thankfully don't have to be forced to do something like that."

"They must be really good," I noted.

Grover chuckled.

"After watching them," he said, "You'll never want to watch the Summer Olympics again."

"CLASS!" Chiron boomed.

Everyone abruptly stopped stretching and quickly jogged over to where we started and sat down.

I followed. Because that's what you do on your first day. You follow everyone around and feel like that awkward bystander.

"Well everyone here except for Percy here has had my class." Chiron paced the floor in front of the class.

He smiled to himself as he did, like he knew something we all didn't.

"Why don't we test him to see how much he can do?" Chiron asked.

He winked at me.

He knows my ability.

"Yeah, yeah!" the class cheered.

"Percy," Chiron instructed," please come up here."

I stood up and walked to the middle of the room, next to him. The class cheered some more.

"And Annabeth."

The class went silent. Annabeth's eyes went wide. She walked to the front, giving Chiron a confused look.

"Shouldn't Percy be sparring with someone less advanced?" Annabeth asked him.

I'll give you advanced.

"I think Percy will be fine," Chiron replied, "You don't plan on actually killing him do you?"

She smirked and looked over at me, analyzing me up and down. She was intimidating, yes, but I had faced many intimidating people before. This wasn't my first rodeo.

Annabeth shrugged, "Maybe."

Chiron smiled to himself and motioned us to face each other. We did as we were told; her intense gray eyes met my green ones. She smirked at me.

"Ok Percy," Chiron interrupted," the rules are whichever one of you defeats the other first wins,"

He walked to the wall to give us some space.

Soon, he turned around and added ,"Oh, and please. Try not to kill one another."

I gulped. I think we need a few more rules.

My mind was interrupted by more cheering from our classmates. I felt like a lone gladiator in the coliseum, ready to fight whatever angry lions or bears that were thrown at him. I was nervous to a degree, mostly not wanting to make a fool of myself, but overall I was pretty confident. I mean like, how hard could Annabeth be?

I looked over at her. She was staring at me, mapping my first move. She seemed like the person who would have a plan before she striked, anticipating my first few moves and how to defend them. I usually never came up with plans.

But, maybe I should. I mean like, she's taking her time thinking. Now would be the time.

I looked up into her eyes, trying to find what she was thinking.

Those gorgeous eyes…

Those gray eyes…

I deflected a foot aimed at my head.

And we were off.

She ducked down as I kicked for her chest. It skimmed over her head, not affecting her at all. She was fast. She spun as she got up and made a quick kick for my temple. I deflected it.

We exchanged blows back and forth.

I was amazed how skilled she was. Fighting her was defiantly not a piece of cake, even for me. Apparently her little plan inside her head was more intricate and accurate than I thought. Whatever I threw at her, she would throw back with more force.

By the way we were fighting there were no rules.

I swung a leg to kick her temple, but she dropped into a perfect half-split with her leg out.

Unfortunately for me, I tripped over it.

I did a somersault as I landed, but was pushed back down on my back by a force on my chest. I opened my eyes to see Annabeth standing above me with her foot firmly planted on my chest. So cliché…

We were both panting. She smiled, proud of herself.

I smiled back at her, grabbed her foot, and yanked it over my head. She fell into a somersault and got up. I was already on my feet.

Her eyes narrowed as I smirked at her.

She aimed a punch at my face, but I caught her fist. I just had enough time to see her eyes widen as I caught her around her waist and thrust her over my shoulder.

She was light as a feather.

Our small crowd went wild. But they went quiet again when she rolled off my shoulder backward and kicked me in the back.

I went sprawling out on the floor.

I winced as I felt a knee on the small of my back. That was my weak spot.

The crowd cheered again, but for Annabeth this time.

We both were panting our hearts out, even though the entire fight had only lasted for a minute or so. It was a very action packed minute may I add.

Annabeth got off my back and I flipped over.

"Are you ok?" she asked me.

Yep, the first words she ever spoke to me, 'Are you ok?'

I'm such a wimp.

"I'm fine," I replied looking up at her.

She held her hand for me. Since I was a natural good sport, I took it and she helped me up.

Ok, so maybe she tried. It was mostly me.

She wasn't as strong as she seemed.

The class engulfed us, and the room was filled with 'Good jobs!' and 'Way to go's.

"CLASS DISMISSED!" Chiron boomed.

The crowd parted and everyone walked out the door, still talking and laughing.

I wanted to say something to Annabeth, but Grover clamped me on the shoulder.

"You almost beat her man!" he exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes.


"Dude," Nico said, "You almost beat the best! No one's ever been able to beat Annabeth!"

"But I didn't," I pointed out, "And I have my ability, she has nothing." I reasoned.

"Still," they replied together.

I just rolled my eyes and entered the lockeroom.

I walked down the sidewalk by myself to the Mess Hall for lunch. Grover and Nico had to go grab something from their lockers, so they pointed me in the right direction and told me to fend for myself. Great friends, right?

Halfway there, I heard someone calling my name.


I turned around. Annabeth was running toward me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," she caught up to me, panting a bit, "I wanted to tell you that you're really good."

She looked up at me, smiling. I didn't realize how short she was, compared to me, when we were fighting.

"Yeah, you can blame my ability," I replied.

She gave me a confused look, "What is it?"

"My reflexes are crazy fast." I answered as nonchalantly as I could.

"That's cool," she replied ," But I don't think it would have made a difference."

I raised my eyebrow at her.

"You think?"

"What you have is talent."

"I didn't win though," I pointed out.

She laughed.

"Don't take it personally," she said, "It's your first day, and I'm the best of the best."

"So you think I'll beat you tomorrow then?" I asked playfully.

"I wouldn't bet on it," she answered, laughing.

"So how'd you get so good?" I asked, "You have an ability too?"


We both turned around. Thalia was yelling for her.

Annabeth laughed as though I made a joke instead of asked her a question.

"You're cute," she said laughing.

"See ya around!" she yelled back at me as she ran to see Thalia.

"See ya around," I replied anyway, even though she was too far to hear.

I smiled all the way to the cafeteria.

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