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Hi, guys! Sorry I've been away, but a lot happened to me, but I'm back with a new story now and I promise that I'll be updating and finishing my other fics soon. This is a special one to make-up for the time spent on other things, because I need YOU to help out with it. How?

Well, how would you like to help me create the ULTIMATE REVAMPING OF JAWS 4 IN FANFIC FORM?

Here's what I mean; I recently watched The Nostalgia Critic's Review of JAWS 4 and was disappointed greatly at how they tore the entire movie apart. With the JAWS ride now closed in Universal Orlando, I figured I should make a novel-fic based off of the ride as a tribute (I actually once went on alone and got to help out as a 'junior skipper'.) The plot here will be completely different from what we got as JAWS 4 instead being that Brody is alive and well, but is not in a good position with his wife divorced and will be laid off as Chief of Police from Amity Island at the end of the summer. But when JAWS attacks the island once more, Brody must face his fears once-more.

Anyway, I have the plot figured out, but I need your help to write it. I will be accepting OC's that you can come up with, but they need to have a certain thing to them. Bellow are the OC's I need help from and what they should have in them:

Sexy Young Woman OC (She works at the Amity Island Police Department and is currently interning there with Brody. She serves as Brody's love interest since Brody's wife divorced him shortly after JAWS 2 in my fic. She should be young and pretty, yet close to Brody's age and should have some intelligence.)

Young Male Skipper OC (Works at 'Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours' which tours the locations where Brody battled JAWS around Amity. Should basically be Luke Skywalker with a bit more edge to him.)

Young Female Skipper OC (Girlfriend to the Male Skipper who works with him at 'Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours. Like the Sexy Young Woman OC, in that she actually knows what to do when a Shark comes by, and constantly tries to assure everyone that everything will work out in the end.)

Mayor OC (The New Mayor of Amity. While he is new, his attitude towards Brody is no more different than when the last mayor was in office. He treats Brody like crap, refusing to call off the summer events even when JAWS starts attacking because he doesn't want to 'scare anyone off like last time.' You can choose his appearance here.)

Brody's Rival OC (Brody's rival in the Police Department who is poised to take over as Chief of Police after the summer. He is egotistical and at one point tries to take on JAWS himself [which results in an ultimately-satisfying death.] He should be seen younger than Brody and more brash.)

So here's the format to use for the OC bio's:



OC Position:





Personality (In addition to your selected OC's traits I listed.):


Copy this format to fill out, and leave the finished Bio in the Reviews. Once I have reviewed the submissions, I will selected the best OC's and start the fic. Good luck to all of you out there, and I promise not to let you down again!