I know I probably should be working on some of my other stuff but this idea was just too good to pass up. Which is weird because it originated from the name and the desire to do an OC who is blind. It just sort of evolved with a bit of idea bouncing courtesy of my brother and sister. Mostly my sister (Nami Navigator) though who also beta'd this. (B/N: YAY! I'm hyper on Skittles!) And yes that what a Beta's Note from my sister.

'The beginning huh. Where did it begin? With Naruto's birth and the sealing of the Kyuubi? When Jiraiya took him out of the village to train him. When they met me? When we met Riyu? When we walked through Konoha's gates? No. I think the true beginning of our tale started when Naruto protected a certain pink haired girl from some bullies. Not what most people would think, but that's what started our story. One of love, adventure, self-discovery and war. Of the Sage, Swordsman and Demon hunter. Of the Savior, Seeker and Revolutionary.'

-Excerpt from The Swordsman's Journal by Kazanari Hamano

"Are you sure about this?" Asked Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, as he looked across his desk at the man in front of him. His former student, and now the Toad Sage, Jiraiya.

"You saw the way the villagers treat him. Even if he enters the academy that won't change. I doubt the teachers will be kind to him either." Said the white haired hermit, particularly serious for once.

"So you want to take him an have him trained at Mount Myoboku?" Said Hiruzen, steepleing his hands.

"To an extent. He will travel with me as well so he can interact with people and it will only be as a replacement for the academy. I will return with him in time for graduation and team placements."

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow. "So you have thought this through. I apologize, I assumed you were being impulsive."

Jiraiya waved him off. "Don't worry about it sensei. It's only natural given the way I normally go about things."

Hiruzen smiled. "At least you seem to be showing some maturity now, late as it is. I will allow it. Naruto will train with you and at Mount Myoboku. On one condition. Do not turn your godson into a pervert. I'd like to spend my time peacefully when I cross over not avoiding being torn apart by Kushina. Understood?"

Jiraiya nodded.

Naruto sat on the head of the Yondaime Hokage on the Hokage monument. It was one of the few places where the blonde 5 year old could sit quietly without being bothered. Not tonight though. The blond didn't even notice the white haired man till he'd sat down next to him.

Naruto was so surprised by the action that he didn't even think to run away.

"Bad day Gaki?" It wasn't really a question.

Naruto stared at the man. He was reasonably old with red markings beneath his eyes. The headband he wore was horned with the Kanji for oil on it. He also wore a red cloak and a green short shirt kimono with matching pants. The blond could also see mesh armor showing on the mans chest and arms, a pair of hand guards and as the man was sitting down, a pair of geta were clear on his feet.

"Who are you?" Snapped Naruto, not sure what to make of this new arrival.

Normally at this point Jiraiya would go on one of his wildly posed, genjutsu backed and overly long introductions, but given the situation he decided against it. "I'm Jiraiya the Toad sage. One of the Sannin."

A flicker of recognition flashed across the young boys face. "Jiji mentioned you once. I think. Can't remember why."

Jiraiya smiled at how the boy addressed his former sensei. It fitted surprisingly well.

"He is the one who taught me how to be a ninja." He explained.

The blond now looked at him with awe filled eyes.

"Cool. Does that mean you're strong?"

The hermit chuckled. "I like to think so."

Naruto turned to look out over the village. "I'm gonna be strong one day. Strong enough to be Hokage, and then everyone will acknowledge me. Believe it!"

Even from his oblique angle Jiraiya could see the determination burning in the boys eyes.

"I'm here to help you with that."


"I'm going to train you how to be a ninja." Elaborated the toad summoner.

Naruto now stared at him eyes wide. "Really?"

Jiraiya nodded. "Yes, but you'll have to leave the village."

"What! But I wanna be the Hokage. I can't do that if I leave the village." Yelled the exuberant blond.

The sannin made a placating gesture with his hands. "Don't worry. You won't be leaving forever. Just till the others your age graduate from the academy."

The 5 year old did an immediate 180. "Cool. When do we leave then?"

Jiraiya smiled. This kid was a lot like he was at that age. The boy could be great. He just needed teaching in the right way.

"Tomorrow gaki. Now get some sleep, maybe say good bye to some people."

Naruto looked at the floor. "I don't have anyone I want to say good bye to except Hokage-jiji."

Jiraiya frowned the kid. His godson had had it worse than he'd thought.

"We'll see him tomorrow before we leave. Get some sleep gaki."

With that he got up and left, Naruto following suit straight after.

Next day.

Naruto stood at the gate looking in at his village for what would be the last time for 7 years. Jiraiya stood back letting him take his time. They'd already said good-bye to the Hokage but leaving the village was another matter entirely.

The blond was about to turn and leave when a flash of pink caught his eye. It was the girl he'd helped a few days ago by chasing off the bullies that were picking on her. She was looking straight at him.

Jiraiya noticed the slight change in his new student and followed the boy's gaze. "Forgot someone?" He asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Sorta."

"Go on then." Said the Sannin gesturing with his head.

His new protégé grinned widely and ran over to the girl.

"Er hi." He said, awkwardly scratching the back of his head once again. "Sorry I ran off after helping you."

The girl smiled. "It's ok. I just wanted to thank you. My name is Haruno Sakura."

"That's a pretty name Sakura-chan, just like you." He said, exuberantly making the pink haired girl blush. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto and I'm going to be the next Hokage. Believe it!" The girl bonked him on the head. "Quiet down a little. You baka." She saw the pack he was carrying. "So you are leaving?"

"Yeah. Jiraiya-sensei is taking me to train as a ninja. I won't be back till the others my age will graduate from the academy. That's 8 years from now."

Sakura pouted. "That's not fair. I just made a friend of you and now you're leaving."

Naruto looked at the floor. "Sorry, but I want this." He looked back up at her. "But I promise I won't forget you Sakura-chan, and we will see each other again. I always keep my promises."

Sakura smiled at that. "I promise I won't forget you either Naruto."

Naruto nodded. "Promise of a lifetime. See you then."

Before he could run off back to Jiraiya Sakura grabbed him in a hug.

"As a proper thank you." She explained, blushing once she released him. Naruto nodded dumbly, his own face red as well. "Be safe." Sakura added.

Naruto smiled at her. "You too." He said, before walking away with a wave over his shoulder.

"You done now?" Asked Jiraiya once the boy had got back.

Naruto grinned at him. "Should be. Lets go." He said heading out the gate.

Jiraiya spared a moment to look back at the pink haired girl that was watching his student leave. "Lucky Gaki." He muttered to himself before following his student out.

8 Years later.

A lot can change about a person in 8 years and Uzumkai Naruto was no exception, and it was quite clear as he walked along the road leading to Konoha. He'd grown from the hyperactive 5 year old that Jiraiya had taken to train.

He'd calmed down somewhat, a least he thought so. Jiraiya repeatedly stated the opposite to be true. He'd grown and put on a considerable amount of muscle. So he was now 4'10" and very well toned. His wardrobe had undergone an upheaval under Jiraiya's supervision. It now consisted of a burnt orange lightweight jacket with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back, the front open to reveal a black undershirt. Black bottoms with orange stripes down the sides and black open toed shoes completed the look.

He'd also become a ninja. Well, not a proper one yet as he had to take the genin exams in Konoha, but his teachers at Mount Myoboku had been told him he was more than qualified to be a chunin, let alone a genin. However, he wanted to work his way up like everyone else. He had been given enough advantages already being taught by Jiraiya and having the Kyuubi's chakra to draw on.

Skill, knowledge, growth and maturity were not the only benefits from the trip.

Naruto looked over his shoulder to see the two friends he'd made on the trip. They were chatting quite amicably as had become the norm between the two. Naruto couldn't help but roll his eyes, Jiraiya caught the action and chuckled.

The pair continued talking regardless.

First of the two friends was Kazanari Hamano who he and Jiraiya had met, along with the rest of the Nomadic bloodline wielding clan of swordsmen that were the Kazanari two years ago.

He was a good guy, ludicrously fast because of his bloodline and dependable. With a large amount of sarcastic wit. Naruto got on very well with him. Though the Swordsman kept more than a few secrets.

Despite finding it hard to trust people, the young man had taken quite well to life away from his clan as seen by his interaction with their third companion.

Appearance wise, he was quite tall for his age being 5'2" and only a year older than Naruto. He was quite wiry in build; with messy light brown/dark blond hair and his clans usual blue eyes with rectangular pupils indicative of the permanent stage 1 of the Kaitsuugan.

His face was angular but handsome. Naruto would not be surprised if he got fangirls when they got back to Konoha. As for clothes, well of the most part the best description was dark. Black lightweight trousers like combats but with a few less pockets. A reasonably heavy dark navy jacket with hood large enough to hide his face though he usually kept it down. Underneath the jacket was a fawn t-shirt with the words "I'm not trying to be difficult, it just come naturally" printed on it in black. Naruto thought that that fit him down to a T. A pair of well-worn black trainers and the twin swords on his back finished off the look. (1)

The other friend they had only met 2 months ago. Onishi Riyu, a 14 year old member of the wondering Demon hunters that made up the Onishi clan.

Needless to say the Kyuubi didn't like her.

She was quite amusing to talk to, seeing as she was incredibly blunt. She also had a tendency to be quite severe but shared Hamano's sense of humor, which explained why they got on so well.

Watching her now it was easy to forget that she was blind. A side affect of the ritual sealing that bound an Onishi to a demon to give them the power to fight demons on an even footing. Hers was a fire elemental which she called Daburu (2) At least that what she had said. The glowing red, apparently sentient, chakra arm that appeared when she trained or fought never said anything.

Appearance wise she was quite beautiful. Though her dead grey eyes somewhat detracted from it. A narrow face and long flowing black hair. She was quite petite but well formed with a modest, and still maturing, bust. As for clothing she wore a light brown trench coat over a red T-shirt and a black vest a bit like the Konoha Chunin vest. Thin dark jeans and a pair of red converses made up the rest.

Seeing as his friends were getting on fine, Naruto turned back to the front just in time to see the gates of Konoha come into view.

As it did so, the blonds mind went back to the pink haired girl, Sakura, who had been the only person who he'd said goodbye to apart from the Hokage.

He remembered her and the promise he'd made. He always kept his promises after all. He hoped she remembered him as well, but he wouldn't blame her if she had.

Jiraiya and Hamano had made sure he didn't forget, unwittingly or not. Both had teased him about it. Jiraiya had been present at the farewell and Hamano had learned about it. Either from Jiraiya directly, or through the mind reading that the stage 2 Kaitsuugan granted him.

And by the way his two friends were talking, Naruto was sure Riyu would know about it by the end of the day.

"Hey Naruto." Called Riyu from behind. "Thinking about your pink haired friend?"

'Scratch that she already knows."

Naruto didn't bother lying. It was pointless with them. Hamano could read people like a book and Riyu was granted enhanced senses by her contract with Daburu. Allowing her to tell by slight shifts in tone of voice or increased heart rate.

"Yeah. Just wondering if she remembers me." Said the blond with a slight sigh.

Hamano chuckled. "Don't worry too much about it. Even if she has forgotten you she will remember pretty quick when you turn up. You're kind of hard to forget completely." He said in an amused tone.

"Yeah a bit too loud for that." Muttered Riyu quietly, though everyone still heard her.

"Hey!" Naruto complained as Hamano and Riyu chuckled.

"Come on you lot." Called Jiraiya, who had put a reasonable lead on them. "Do you want to get to Konoha or not?"

"Hey Ero-sennin, wait up." Yelled Naruto running after his sensei, who had yet to actually stop.

Hamano glanced at Riyu, who smiled, before both performing a Sunshin no Jutsu to catch up. Earning a cry of foul play from Naruto as he didn't think to do it himself.

It took only a few more minutes to reach the village gates.

The two sleepy Chunin guards suddenly became alert when they noticed Jiraiya's presence.

"Greetings Jiraiya-sama, I assume you're retuning so your apprentice can take the Genin exams." Stated the one with a bandage across his nose as he looked at Naruto. "And the two extras we were told about." Said his companion, looking at Hamano and Riyu, who both scowled at being called 'extras'.

"That is mostly correct." Replied Jiraiya. "Hamano and Riyu will also be participating in the Genin exams."

Both Chunin raised their eyebrows at this, but didn't question futher.

"You're free to go in. The Hokage is expecting you.

Their walk to the Hokage tower was uneventful. At least until they until they got close enough to see the door. That's when Jiraiya veered off, or at least tried to.

"Where do you think you're going?" Hissed Riyu in a warning tone after the hermit causing him to freeze.

"We will be using the door like normal people. Not the window." They all knew the perverted toad sage's habit of using windows rather than doors.

Jiraiya let out a sigh and rejoined them, not wanting to provoke the ire of any of his charges.

Moments later the group was at the door to the Hokage's office. Jiraiya knocked and immediately entered, the three teenagers following him.

"Well this is a nice surprise." Said the Sandaime Hokage looking up from his piles of paperwork. "I was expecting your usual entry through the window Jiraiya." He added, nodding at the window in question.

The white haired sannin frowned. "Someone disapproved and I didn't want to have to deal with the clean up of them trying to stop me." He said, looking pointedly at Riyu.

Hiruzen smiled. "Is that so? You must be an interesting young lady to get my former student to listen to you like that."

Riyu blushed.

"Anyway, to business. Naruto, how are you doing?" Asked the old man.

The blond grinned widely. "I'm doing great Ojji-san. I'm more than ready for the Genin exams."

"Good, good." Replied Hiruzen smiling at the fact that Naruto hadn't lost his exuberance. "I understand your friends also wish to become Konaha nin."

Hamano stepped forward at that. "That is correct. I am Kazanari Hamano. Hokage-sama. The Kazanari wish to forge relations with Konohagakure. Having me, the heir to the clan, being part trained as a Konoha Nin would be conductive to this." He said, tone formal.

Hiruzen nodded. "That is a most agreeable offer." He replied, noting that though the boy played being an ambassador well he was uncomfortable with it. "I will have you added to the list to take the exams. You may relax." The brunette immediately did so with a rather loud relieved sigh.

The Sandaime ignored it though and turned to Riyu. "So what about you miss…?"

Riyu didn't react at all other than replying. "Onishi Riyu. I do not represent my clan, as every member of the Onishi can act as they see fit. I believe I would most benefit from the more advanced Shinobi training this village can provide. My only condition is you accept that my loyalty will be to my clan first, then the village."

Hiruzen thought about it for a moment before replying. "That is acceptable. I believe I should be able to get the council to agree to that. There is one problem now though."

Everyone all looked at the old Hokage intently.

"Team placements." Sated the old man. "I have already formed prospective placements for those who I believe will pass. If it had just been Naruto there wouldn't be an issue. However adding you two means two extra very likely graduates that have no team assigned."

Hamano glanced in Riyu's direction and she nodded. It was weird. Naruto thought only two months and they didn't even need words to understand each other half the time.

"Why not just put us on the same team as Naruto?" Riyu asked.

Hiruzen shook his head. "The council wouldn't approve of having two outsiders on the same team as Sasuke Uchiha."

"The last Uchiha?" Asked Hamano rhetorically, pausing a moment to think. "Say we're meat shields to protect him in more difficult missions. To die so he will live sort of thing. They should buy that."

The elderly Hogkage stared at the young clan heir for a moment. "I think that be good enough of a reason. You will make a fine clan head when you're older Hamano-san."

The young swordsman bowed. "Thank you Hokage-sama."

"So who would be our team leader and final member should we all get through?" Asked Riyu, having been thinking while Hamano talked.

"Your team leader will be Hatake Kakashi, also known as the Copy Nin." The three teens nodded. They'd all heard of Sharingan no Kakashi while outside the village.

"As for your last team member. Her name is Haruno Sakura." At that everyone apart from the Hokage looked at Naruto, who quickly went rather red.

Hiruzen looked confused for a moment before remembering the day Naruto had left as he'd watched it though his crystal ball.

"You still remember her Naruto?" Asked the old man, getting a nod in reply. "I see. That makes things rather interesting." The Hokage reached into his desk and pulled out three sets of keys and tossed on to each of the teens. Then did the same with three maps.

"The key's have the address they open on them. I trust you can find them using the maps?" A joint nod. "Then you may leave."

Naruto tried to protest but was dragged out by his two friends yelling something about showing jiji-san some of his awesome moves.

Jiraiya watched them go before turning back to his former sensei.

"You do realize putting just one of them on a team unbalances things. Putting all three on a team… well unfair doesn't quite cover it." He said.

The Hokage looked at him fingers steepled.

"Are they that powerful?" Asked the old man.

Jiraiya looked out the window smirking. "You have nooo idea."

(1) This was basically what I was wearing at the time. I just changed the T-shirt to one of my favorites and added a hood.

(2) Daburu means double or twin.

Chapter 1 done. Next to update will probably be the second, and final chapter, of guidance or the second chapter of this.

Request for art of Naruto, Riyu and Hamano from this story will also be added to my art corner shortly. I will try doing some CG art of the ships in the Rebellion but I can't do people either CG or free hand.

Now for a little list of the Jutsus everyone knows. Well at least the ones that are different from before. For now it will be Naruto, Hamano and Riyu in this list but Sakura and probably Sasuke will be added in the future. The list will only include what has been mentioned up until the point in the story that it appears. Though they all know the academy techniques. The way of presenting this is copied from Maileesaeya's story Naruto: Bloodlines read it, it's awesome.


Bushin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, taught by Jiraiya
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, taught by Jiraiya
Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, taught by Jiraiya
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, taught by Jiraiya
Sunshin no Jutsu (Body flicker technique) D-rank supplementary Ninjutsu, taught by Jiraiya


Kage no buyō keishiki (Shadow Dance Style) Elite Clan Kenjutsu style, clan taught.
Bushin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Sunshin no Jutsu (Body flicker technique) D-rank supplementary Ninjutsu, taught by Jiraiya


Sourubaindo Keiyaku Shīru (Soul bind contract seal) SS-rank Fūinjutsu, Kinjutsu, Performed by Miyaka Onishi, Subject-Fire elemental
Ma Kankaku (Demonic senses) B-rank supplementary Kinjutsu, effect of Sourubaindo Keiyaku Shīru
Ma no chakuraāmu (Demonic Chakra Arm) A-rank offensive Kinjutsu, effect of Sourubaindo Keiyaku Shīru
Bushin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) E-rank supplementary Nijutsu, clan taught
Sunshin no Jutsu (Body flicker technique) D-rank supplementary Ninjutsu, taught by Jiraiya

The list will grow for each of them as the story goes on. They all know a lot more than this it just hasn't been mentioned.