I've had to rewrite part of this chapter because I simply could not write a mission where team 7 and 10 attend school. I tried but it came out awkward and clunky and just didn't work. I've changed this chapter so I can have an alternate mission I also changed the music for the 'fight' that happens. I apologize to those who wanted the arc with them at school but I was simply not up to the task.

As usual I own nothing. Well that belongs to anyone else.

The first thing everyone talks about is how incredibly powerful they are. To me as their Jounin-leader, the most incredible thing about them was, and still is, their friendship. If one of them had a problem, the others wouldn't rest till it was resolved. They grew to trust each other implicitly. They are a shining example of teamwork that only a special few achieve.

-Excerpt of interview with Hatake Kakashi, from the documentary 'United'

The stunned silence seemed to permeate the air as the two parties faced each other.

"I suggest we take this inside." Said Hamano, being the first to find his voice. "We've caused enough of a scene as it is."

Mebuki only nodded in acknowledgement as she stood aside, still looking at her husband.

The young ninja quickly entered, unwilling to let the woman change her mind.

A few minutes later everyone was comfortable in the sitting room.

"So." Said Mebuki, looking at her husband. "What do you mean she saved your life?"

However, Riyu answered for him from where she was leaning against the wall.

"It was about 4 months ago. Before I met these two," She nodded at Hamano and Naruto. "And Jiraiya-sensei. A B-rank nearly A-rank Rancid attacked a Merchant outpost just outside wave. I was able to kill it, but the place had to be evacuated. I asked your husband to do that while I held the demon off." The demon huntress winced as she spoke, rubbing her right shoulder.

"Why is this the first I've hear of this?" Asked Mebuki, the question directed at her husband.

Kizashi shifted awkwardly under her gaze. "None of us were hurt apart from Onishi-san. So I didn't say anything because I knew you would worry."

Mebuki looked ready to explode when Sakura spoke up.

"Ano what's a Rancid?" She asked.

Riyu grimaced. "They're high-level demons. Their bodies are almost entirely made up of poison or acid. They're not easy to deal with." Replied the demon huntress. "Killing the one that attacked that merchant outpost put me out of action for a week."

"I see." Said Sakura

Kizashi then stood and bowed towards Riyu. "I thank you for saving my life and those of my co-workers."

Riyu waved him off. "Don't worry about it. It's part of the job."

"So is getting yourself badly hurt. Your lucky we found you when we did or Jiraiya-sensei wouldn't have gotten you to help in time." Added Naruto, which earned him a frown from the blind teen.

Mebuki jerked to her feet seemingly only now realizing that Naruto was here.

However, before she could speak Hamano gently but firmly pushed her back down into her seat.

"Please don't say something unfounded. You invited us all in to talk. So let us explain."

The Haruno scoffed. "Unfounded! He's a-"

"Oh SHUT IT!" Riyu's sudden outburst cut the woman off.

"Naruto is not a demon. I'm the most demonic person in the room right now. Naruto is nothing but a container. If he was dangerous I would have done something by now." Snapped the Demon huntress, managing to reign in her temper.

Mebuki could only stand and gawk, unable to formulate a coherent argument to counter the girl.

"Jinchuuriki have my upmost respect." Continued Riyu. "Because not only do they keep the Biju at bay but they have to put up with people like you who don't know how sealing works." To demonstrate she pulled out a sealing scroll, unsealed a set of shuriken before sealing them back in it and placing the scroll away.

Hamano spoke up next. "So, Riyu saved your husband and Naruto isn't a demon. Are you going to use me as a reason next or are you going to withdraw your request?"

Mrs Haruno ground her teeth. "Fine. I won't have Sakura transferred. However if something happens I will do it again in a heartbeat."

She didn't say anything else as Sakura stood up and hugged her mum lightly.

Mebuki could only look at her daughter in confusion.

"Thank you for listening in the end." Said the pinkette.

"I'm just trying to do what's best for you Sakura. I don't want you to get hurt. Are you sure you want to do this?" Asked the elder of the two, seeking to explain herself.

"Yes. This is my choice Kaa-san. I know I want to do this. I'm more sure than ever."

Mebuki could see the determination burning in her daughter's eyes. This wasn't about a crush on the Uchiha heir anymore. Something had changed her daughter for the better in the last two days. The only thing that came to mind was the people who stood in her living room. Her daughter's teammates.

The Haruno Matriarch turned when her husband placed his hand on her shoulder, receiving a small but warm smile from him.

The pink haired man then turned to the teens that had argued their case to him and his wife.

"I have one thing to ask. Why did you do this? Wouldn't it be easier to let it happen?" He asked.

"That's the cowards way out." Hamano answered immediately. "Sakura is our friend and teammate and we will never abandon either. Your decision upset her so we decided to step in."

"Besides." Added Riyu, stepping forward. "Naruto doesn't deserve to be prejudiced against."

"And neither does Riyu." Finished the blond in question.

Despite what she had thought and said, Mebuki found herself smiling. As much as she hated to admit that she was wrong, they were good people and Sakura would benefit from being with them.

"Fine." She relented. "If it's your choice I will support you. But please don't get killed." She said to Sakura.

The pinkette beamed at her. "I think Naruto and his friends are good enough to keep me safe." She replied.

"All right!." Yelled Naruto, causing the Harunos to jump. "Problems solved! Sakura-chan is staying on our team." He shouted with a genuine grin.

Sakura giggled slightly at his exuberance. Something only Hamano and Mebuki really noticed.

Riyu stretched, letting out a yawn. "Ahh, all over. Now how about some training to finish the day. Nothing too heavy though. Naruto, I'm talking to you."

The blond boy pouted. "Aww, and I wanted to level some trees too."

Despite being blind Riyu was still a female so her rendition of 'the look' was more than enough to shut Naruto up.

"I'm up for some more training." Added Sakura, smiling in amusement at Naruto's antics. "I still need to finish learning the Sunshin and maybe try some water walking."

"Sounds good. Hamano. You up for some more training?"

The brunette rolled his shoulders. "Yeah I'm up for it, but we might want to get some lunch first."

The other three all blushed as their stomachs made growls of agreement at Hamano's suggestion.

"So Ichiraku's?" Asked Naruto.

"Sounds fine to me." Answered Sakura.

"I'm fine with it." Said Riyu sounding more than a little disinterested.

"Seems it's decided then." Said Hamano. "We're going to Ichiraku's."

Then saying thank you to the Harunos for letting them in. They filed out. Hamano was the last to go. Pausing at the door he turned around and looked at Mebuki with a large smile. "Definitely." He said before disappearing.

"What did he mean by that?" Asked Kizashi.

His wife could only smile in amusement. 'That Kazanari boy is rather audacious and incredibly sharp.'

"Nothing important right now." She replied.

"Is see… So our daughter is growing up." Said the pink haired man.

Mebuki nodded. "She is, and despite my misgivings and what I said earlier, I think she has found the best people to do it with."

Kizashi hmm'd in agreement.

The next day.

Kakashi arrived at the training ground to find his team already busy with training. Sakura was walking on water with Naruto supervising while 30 of the blonde's clones practiced wind techniques. Hamano was practicing lightning manipulation with 4 clones while Riyu was controlling a large wave of fire using nature manipulation alone. Sasuke was working on tree climbing and now making progress, Naruto having giving the Uchiha heir a scroll of chakra control techniques.

Sakura was the first to spot the Jounin and proceeded, to Kaskshi's surprise, to Sunshin over to him quickly followed by Riyu. The boys all chose to walk over. Well, two of them chose. The other didn't have a choice.

"You're late Kakashi-sensei." Said Riyu in a far too sweet voice. That caused the masked ninja to break out in a cold sweat.

"Better make sure you don't do that again." Continued the demon huntress, sounding like she was admonishing a child.

Kakashi nodded vigorously. Jiraiya had told him enough yesterday that doing anything to annoy Riyu was a bad idea.

"Anyway. Now that you're here let's get these D-ranks over with." Riyu's sudden reversion back to normal caught those that were not use to it more than a little off guard.

"Err, yes. Follow me." Said Kakashi.

With that, Team seven began their journey together.

Two weeks later.

Team Seven quickly distinguished themselves as the best of the new Genin teams, easily completing several D-ranks a day. Even the 'Hell Cat' Tora hadn't proved much of an issue to them, Hamano apparently having a way with the cat. Though, after competing that mission for the third time Riyu had gone up to the Damiyo's wife and told the woman quite bluntly that, "Tora is a cat, not a cuddly toy." Since then Tora's escapes dropped in number to only once or twice a day.

That said, the team did have problems. Mostly focused around Sasuke and his arrogance and stubbornness, but they were usually worked around by the other 4 who worked well as a team.

Now Team 7 and Team 10 were in the Hokage's office, having been called for a joint mission.

"Thank you all for coming." Said Sarutobi, looking over all of them. "I have called you here for a C-rank mission."

That got a few murmurs, particularly from Ino and Shikamaru.

"Normally I wouldn't send Genin straight out of the academy on a mission of this level. However, this mission requires people of around your age and 3 of you already have notable experience. Other teams are unavailable due to missions or recovery from the last Chunin exams."

More murmurs.

"For the mission you will be going back to school.

Several groans of protest had to be silenced.

"Don't jump to conclusions. You will not actually be attending the school." There were several sighs of relief at that.

"Anyway the Hi No Kuni Preparatory Academy sent this request after receiving threats from an bandit group demanding they pay protection money or they would take the school over and hold the Student body and the staff to ransom.

The children of many VIP's attend the Academy and such they have their own protection force. However they fear it wont be enough. Your mission is to stake out around the school keeping hidden. If and when the bandits attack you will assist the protection force should it be required and ensure that none of the bandits escape. Understood."

The gathered Ninja nodded.

"Good. You depart in 2 hours. I suggest you spend that time preparing. And Kakashi, I hope you will be on time for once."

Riyu let out a more than slightly sinister giggle. "Don't worry, he will be." Said the Raven-haired girl with a sadistic grin, causing multiple sweat drops as they departed.

"So how's your mum doing on the replacement clothes for you?" Riyu asked Sakura once they had picked up their uniforms.

Sakura smiled. "Should be done now. Thanks for pointing out that this isn't really appropriate ninja wear." Replied the pinkette tugging on her long battle dress.

Riyu smiled briefly, noting that the others had all split off to get ready. "Better finding out from me rather than from a life or death situation. While we're on this I'd recommend you cut your hair. Long hair is a hazard unless you know how to use it. Just to your shoulders would be enough to avoid it getting caught. Plus I think you'd look better for it."

Sakura nodded, accepting the older and more experienced girl's advice.

"Maybe you could teach me how to use my hair." She replied.

Riyu chuckled lightly. "Only if you choose to grow it out again." She countered with a wave, heading to get ready.

Returning the wave Sakura headed off to do the same.

At the gate.

Surprisingly Kakashi was the first one to arrive to the meeting point, though he was swiftly followed by Hamano and Sasuke.

"I see you took Riyu's warning to heart." Commented the Kazanari upon seeing him.

"Books burn far too easily." Replied the Jounin seriously, eliciting a smirk from Hamano and even a ghost of a smile from Sasuke.

Next team 8 arrived as one . Asuma seemed surprised at Kakashi being there already but having seen Riyu at the briefing earlier didn't question it.

His Genin students were not quite as quiet.

Choji was happily munching on a bag of chips, Shikamaru kept mentioning about how troublesome this was until he decided to do some cloud watching.

Ino was the loudest, jumping on Sasuke's back and began babbling to the Uchiha about what she had been doing and if Sakura had tried to pull any moves on 'her' Sasuke-kun.

Hamano sighed as he watched the scene unfold.

Fortunately Naruto turned up, giving him someone intelligent and willing to talk to.

"Annoyed already?" Asked the blond, dropping his small pack next to his friends.

The brunette grimaced. "Isn't it obvious." He snarked back. "None of team 10 seem to be taking this seriously at all and their professionalism…" He paused as Choji threw a finished bag of chips in the trash and immediately opened another. "Doesn't seem to exist."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah that sounds annoying." He glanced at Ino who was still hanging off Sasuke. "I'm glad Sakura-chan isn't like that."

Hamano chuckled lightly. "You can thank Riyu for that. She would have been nearly as bad otherwise."

The blond shot him a look. "Something tells me you had a hand in that as well."

Hamano just shrugged, then grimaced as Ino's babbling grated at his ears again.

Fortunately Riyu and Sakura chose that moment to arrive, much to the two boys relief.

Upon seeing Sakura Naruto was stunned into silence, staring at her.

The pinkette had cut her hair to about shoulder level in a zigzag manner, which suited her a lot better, with her forehead protector worn like a headband.

Her clothes had also changed. Gone was the red and white battle dress replaced by a red sleeveless vest with a zip up front. The black biker shorts remained but were now partially covered by a fawn split skirt and the strap of a waist pouch.

In addition she now wore elbow pads, fingerless gloves and heavy looking boots.

"Wow Sakura-chan. You look great." Said Naruto, finally finding his voice again.

The pinkette blushed heavily at the compliment and Hamano and Riyu shared a high five at the reaction of the pair.

"Forehead, what happened to you?" Asked Ino, having left Sasuke alone to look over her rival with a critical eye.

"I took some advice. Ino-Pig." Replied Sakura, choosing not to elaborate further.

Ino tried to reply but was interrupted for a moment by Naruto, Hamano and Riyu chuckling at Sakura's nickname for her.

Shooting the trio a glare Ino tried again. "So you were so afraid of losing Sasuke-kun to me that you tried something drastic?" Asked the blond girl smugly.

The pinkette snorted at her rival's insinuation. "Hardly. I just wanted to be a better kunoichi."

Ino started at her former friend and rival in surprise. She had brought up Sasuke and had been brushed off as if it wasn't important.

"If Yamanaka-san has finished making a fool of herself. Shall we go now?" Interrupted Riyu, causing Ino to turn red in a combination of embarrassment and anger.

"Troublesome." Muttered Shikamaru, still lying on the floor.

Riyu didn't even turn round. She just stamped her foot to send out a small burst of flame that scorched the lazy ninja's rear, causing the boy to jump to his feet with a yelp holding the scorched patch.

"Ok, NOW we can go." Said the fire user, completely ignoring the glare Shikamaru was sending her.

With much muttering from team 10 the group moved out.

Just before they passed the gates Asuma moved alongside Kakashi. "She seems interesting." He muttered indicating Riyu.

Kakashi's eye flicked from his 'student' to his fellow Jounin. "You have no idea."

5 minutes later. The combination of Ino's fangirling and inability to shut up, Shikamaru's laziness and Choji's chomping had driven Hamano and Riyu to their breaking points.

Both of them were grinding their teeth to stop themselves from losing their temper with their comrades.

Naruto could see their annoyance and Sakura had noticed as well. However, neither made any move to warn the others. Both felt that the coming explosion was needed to get the point across.

It was Ino and Choji who provided the last push.

"Hey forehead, have you really given up on Sasuke-kun?" She called over from her position next to the Uchiha, who had done an impressive job of ignoring her so far.

A signal from Naruto told the pinkette not to reply. She nodded and continued to observe their surroundings alert in case of an ambush.

Then Choji opened a fresh bag of potato chips.

"For fucks sake!" Yelled Hamano. "Could you guys show at least some level of professionalism?"

The entire party halted at his outburst.

"We're Ninja's on a mission, not girl scouts on a field trip." (B/N: I take offense to that statement.)

Naturally, Ino was the one to bite back.

"Oh shut up." Snapped the blonde girl. "You have no right to tell us how to do things."

That sent Riyu over the edge. "Like hell he does! What he said is right." Yelled the demon huntress, rounding on the Yamanaka girl. "We're ninja, so start acting like it rather that acting like petulant children. And I mean all three of you, not just the blond princess here." She growled, cowing both Shikamaru and Choji.

Ino however was not intimidated. "Stop lauding over us because you think you're better than us." She bit back.

Riyu let out a humorless laugh. "Think? I don't think I'm better than three Genin barely out of the academy. I know I am. Even sightless as I am I know that every member of my team is better than you."

Sakura, having already seen what an annoyed Riyu could do, tried to intervene.

"Ino. Riyu knows what she is talking about."

Unfortunately the blond was too annoyed to listen to her rival or notice the lack of the usual nickname.

(Never forget – Two steps from hell)

"Quiet forehead, this harpy needs showing her place."

Sakura persevered. "I'm really not sure that's a good idea…" She trailed off when Naruto placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I don't think your friend is going to listen. And we both know Riyu won't." Said the blue-eyed teen. He then looked over at Hamano who had taken to punching a tree to vent his frustration.

"Hamano isn't going to be much use either, and I doubt either of our sensei's will intervene seeing as it will be a good learning experience for… the one that loses." Finished the blond, carefully choosing his words, though noting that Kakashi had held Asuma back. Though the entirety of team 7 knew who would win this one.

"You say you know you better. Then prove it!" Shouted Ino stepping into her clan stance. "Though I doubt a blind girl could be that dangerous."

Riyu raised an eyebrow. She was being underestimated. Well she would teach the blond gossip how stupid an idea that is. In the school of pain.

"I will gladly prove it." She replied confidently, completely ignoring the jab at her lack of sight as she dropped into her low Oniken Stance.

"Your move princess." Taunted Riyu.

With a growl Ino launched herself forward straight at Riyu.

The demon huntress stood her ground waiting for that first attack. There.

Ino launched a straight punch with her right.

Riyu smirked.

Faster than any of the team 10 Genin could see she shifted to her left as her right hand shot out to catch Ino's upper arm. Then she turned, pulling the blond forward and bringing her left hand round to the other girls back.

To finish Riyu pulled down, pushing with her left hand and slamming the Yamanaka into the ground. Face first.

Releasing the blond Riyu jumped back, putting some distance between herself and her currently downed opponent.

Ino painfully pushed herself to her feet.

"How?" She asked wiping the dust and blood from a few small scratches from her face. "You're blind."

Riyu cocked her head to one side. "True. But that doesn't mean I cannot 'see'. " Replied the brunette with a hiss.

Ino cursed and quickly threw a trio of kunai only to have them blocked as Riyu brought out her partisan.

"So what now?" Riyu asked in a condescending tone

Again Ino leapt forward to engage with Taijutsu. Riyu didn't even flinch and just dodged or firmly slapped away every attack. Waiting.

Then an opportunity as the blond over extended herself.

Flashing round behind her Riyu grabbed the girls long platinum blond hair and yanked down savagely, dragging Ino to the floor.

This time Riyu stood over the downed girl rather than backing off.

"As I told Sakura. Long hair is a weakness unless you know how to use it." She said offhandedly, tying something into her own long locks.

Ino growled again and kip-upped onto her feet reaching to return the favor.

However, the Onishi Girl pirouetted on the spot causing her hair to swing out, revealing what she had just tied into it. An ornamental jade ring. Ornamental and dangerous. As Ino found out, as the heavy and solid ornament collided with her jaw, sending her to the floor for the third time.

Riyu looked down at the dazed girl. "Well, I beat you at Taijutsu, I beat you with weapons. So what now? You going to surprise me with a Genjustu or perhaps some Ninjutsu?" She mockingly thought out loud.

Ino shook off her daze and glared at her.

"Or I could stop mucking around." Riyu said, placing her hand on the ground. "Katon: Hakka!"

Ino could only watch as a layer of flame seemed to flow from Riyu's hand and form a ring around her. Prone form.

Standing up Riyu made a dog hand seal. "Moyasu ijō!" The layer of flame suddenly rose up to be a roaring ring wall around the girl.

Then a moment later, "Zenshō!" extinguishing the flames to reveal a shaken, and slightly dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed Ino.

"Have I made my point or do I have to kick someone else's ass?" Asked the brunette, generating a small fireball in her left palm, as she looked over at the other two Genin of team 10.

Both boys hurriedly shook their heads in response.

"Good." Riyu growled out, extinguishing the flame before stepping forward and yanking Ino to her feet by her shoulder.

"Now everyone back into formation. I don't want any laziness, complaints," She looked at Shikamaru. "Noisy eating," This time a Choji. "People abandoning their position and unnecessary chatting." She finished on Ino who glared back at her.

Riyu then turned to Hamano who was taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"You good?" She asked.

Hamano nodded and gave her a thumbs up.

"Ok then." She turned to Kakashi and Asuma.

Kakashi nodded. "Lets move out." He ordered.

Later that night. At camp

Sakura sat on watch thinking about the events of the day. It had been relatively quiet following the original incident. Choji had dug out some soft candies instead of his potato chips. Though that was still somewhat annoying, it was an improvement. So he had been left alone. Shikamaru kept having to be motivated with threats in the form of a small flame or the part drawing of a sword but otherwise had been not been much of an issue. Ino though had been quiet, completely quiet. Riyu had clearly made an impression on the Yamanaka heir with their 'fight'.

As she sat there she couldn't help but wonder what Ino was now thinking. Though it had been clear that Ino needed showing what the world she was in was like.

While she mused the pinkette noticed Ino had gotten up and was walking over to her.

Not saying anything, she let the blond girl take a seat next to her.

After a few minutes of awkward silence she decided to speak.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

Ino shrugged slightly. "I think so. I just… I didn't know…"

"Riyu scared you didn't she." Cutting through what her friend/rival was getting at.

The blond nodded in admittance. "I had no idea she was so strong. It wasn't even a fight was it? She just kept knocking me to the floor and lectured me like… Like a…"

"Like a teacher." Sakura finished for her.


"She beat Sasuke you know."


Sakura grinned. "Yep she took him a bit more seriously than she did you. Ended quicker too."

"Guess I didn't have any chance at all." Said Ino with a sad smile.

The pinkette shook her head. "Not really."

Silence descended between the two girls again.

"So you gave up on Sasuke-kun then?" Ino finally .

Sakura leant back slightly arms behind her head. "Not so much gave up as woke up." She replied.

The blond looked at her confused. "Meaning?"

Sakura smiled. "I had some help." She nodded over to where Hamano, Naruto and Riyu were sleeping. "But I realized I was just following the crowd with Sasuke. Sure I had a crush on him but that was mostly because I convinced myself that I liked him."

Ino could only stare at her friend/rival. Sakura had sounded so mature when she said that.

"They helped me a lot not just with Sasuke. My family and my training as well, just helping me so I'm not a burden. I'm thankful for that."

Ino now looked incredulous. "They've done that much to help you?"

"Yeah. Hamano helps me with Taijutsu, flexibility and strength. Naruto helps with me Ninjutsu, while Riyu covers Genjutsu and things like clothes and hair."

"So that's where this came from." Said the blond with a smirk, indicating Sakura's new getup. "Though considering what I had to go through earlier I'm not sure I can believe that they are that nice and helpful."

"I'm not so sure. She may have got angry and beat you up but I think Riyu did it to help you." Ino looked disbelieving, but allowed her friend to continue.

"I mean, do you think you're going to forget what she did and told you."

The Yamanaka heir gingerly rubbed her bruised jaw and shook her head in reply.

Sakura shot her friend a look that said 'You see.'

"Yes." Said Ino quietly before changing the subject.

"So are we friends again now?" She asked. "I mean, despite of everything, I missed it."

"I'd like that." Replied Sakura softly with a smile.

Ino's eyes then narrowed mischievously. "So. Seeing as you're not into Sasuke-kun anymore, is there someone else you have an eye on?"

The rose haired girl reddened slightly at her friend's question and her eyes subconsciously darted over to where the rest of her team were sleeping, particularly a certain shock of sunny blond hair.

Fortunately Ino didn't notice.

"Piggy." Sakura said in a warning tone. However, when Ino resorted to puppy dog eyes she realized the blond wasn't going to drop it and gave in with a sigh.

"I'm not sure. Maybe though."

Snesing some possible gossip Ino seemed to light up. "Who is it? Do I know him? Probably not one of the guys in our year. None are good catches apart from Sasuke-kun. So from your team then."

Sakura's steadily reddening face told the blond she was getting closer.

"Now which one. Hamano or Naruto…" Ino trailed off as she noticed that Naruto had got up and was now walking over too them.

"Good to see you two getting on." He said once he was close enough. "Anyway it's my turn on watch so get some sleep when you're ready."

Sakura smiled and nodded. "Understood. Ino and I will just finish our one on one then call it a night."

The blond boy nodded in understanding. "I'll let you and your friend finish then Sakura-chan." He said before heading over to the other side of the clearing, not realizing that his choice of honorific had caused the pinkette to redden slightly. Which of course Ino noticed.

"So Naruto then." Said the blond girl with a knowing smirk.

Sakura turned the colour of her top. "Ino!" She hissed through her teeth so that Naruto didn't overhear. "I said I'm not sure yet!"

Ino's smirk only grew wider. "But it is Naruto." She countered.

The pinkette's sudden silence was more than answer enough.

"I must admit I'm kind of surprised." Continued Ino. "That you would go for someone you've only known for just over two weeks."

Sakura's face remained tomato red but she managed to reply.

"Technically I've known him for 8 years."

Ino blinked. That was about how long she and Sakura had known each other.

Sakura kept going. "Do you remember when we met, I told you about a boy who saved me from bullies but left a few days later."

The blond scratched her head. "Barely. How do you even remember something like that?"

Sakura just looked straight at her friend.

"Naruto was that boy."

No further words were needed after that and the pair were soon fast asleep in their sleeping bags.

The next day.

The rest of the journey had passed without incident and the group soon found themselves walking through the gates of the school. That said, there was still a somewhat hostile atmosphere between the teams, particularly between Riyu and Ino.

Once inside the group was greeted by a somewhat snooty middle age woman with long brown hair and glasses. "Greetings. I am Ishimaru Michiyo I am head mistress of the Hi no Kuni Preparatory Academy. Thank you for answering our request so quickly."

Konoha library Archive:

Shunshin no Jutsu

•Translation: Body flicker technique
•Type: Ninjutsu, Supplementary, General Skill
•Range: None
•Rank: D-Rank
•Usage: General
•Description: The Body Flicker Technique is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination.


•Translation: Demon fist
•Type: Advanced Taijutsu Style
•Usage: Onishi Clan
•Description: The Onishi Clan Taijutsu style. Intended for use against opponents larger than the user it consists primarily of grabs, trips, throws and slams. The stances tend to be wide and low to grant the user the steady base required for this. Though not actually intended to be used against humans its unusual form can catch opponents off guard and with some improvisation can be used quite effectively.

Katon: Hakka

•Translation: Fire release: ignite
•Type: Ninjutsu, Supplementary
•Range: All
•Rank: D-rank
•Usage: General, Particularly the Onishi clan
•Description: Uses fire manipulation to set a surface on fire. The difficulty and length of time the flames will burn independently depends on the surface it is used on. It is not widely used outside of Onishi clan due to the fact that it restricts the movement of both the user and their opponent.

Moyasu ijō

•Translation: Over burn
•Type: Ninjutsu, Supplementary
•Range: All
•Rank: D-Rank
•Usage: Onishi Riyu
•Description: A technique that uses pure elemental manipulation of a extreme level to temporarily increase the the size of any existing fire within sight of the user. Using the this drastically reduced the life of the fire as it uses up the available fuel much more quickly.


•Translation: Burn down
•Type: Ninjutsu, Supplementary
•Range: All
•Rank: D-Rank
•Usage: Onishi Riyu
•Description: Also a pure elemental manipulation technique. Extinguishes any fire in sight of the user.