Hi, y'all! It's been so long since I've been in the world of fanfiction! I've had this story stewing in my mind for a long time now and finally decided to start writing it. I'm sure it's been done before, but I haven't written in so long, I just needed something to do. Reviews are much appreciated and motivate me to write faster! :)

It was happening again. I was in the car once more, tossing over again and again. Glass flying everywhere, as the roof and sides caved in around me. The car flipped three times before finally coming to a halt on its side. I opened my eyes, breathing heavily. I looked up for my other passengers, my mother and father. But before I could determine anything else, we were hit again by another oncoming car, sending the car skidding across the pavement.

Then I opened my eyes with a start.

My name is Jen. Well actually, my name is Jennifer. Jennifer Hannah Watson, but nobody ever calls me Jennifer. Please, just call me Jen. That car wreck was three years ago and yet, I still dream about it almost every night. It's practically engraved into my memory forever. I lost both my parents in that accident. And it was my fault.

I mean, I was the one driving after all, and if I had just seen that other car speed out of nowhere, I might have prevented the entire thing.

My therapist says that it would take me a while to adjust back to normal life, but is it normal to suffer post-traumatic stress for three years? I'm a doctor of physical health, not mental. I wouldn't really know. Anyways, my therapist's idea of dealing with my adjustment back into a normal life is to write a blog. Quite frankly, I didn't have much interest in doing such a thing since absolutely nothing happened in my life. Ever.

However, all that was all about to change one day. One unexpected day. The day I met Shirley Holmes.