The idea for this story came to me after a friend of mine, and fellow Land Before Time fan, told me of how the scene in "The Time Of Great Need" where Cera the threehorn had a mental breakdown while tending to the sick sharptooth reminded her of the condition her late grandfather, a World War 2 veteran, suffered for years after he came home.

He was eventually diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. It was first noticed in Vietnam War veterans shortly after that war ended in 1972. It was eventually linked to not only veterans of the 2 Great Wars, but also ordinary people who had witnessed, or experienced, something deeply traumatic in their lives. Like a murder, the death of a loved one, and even an alien abduction! The symptoms most commonly described are nightmares, phobias, cold sweats, palpitations, hallucinations and depression.

Landmarks are currently being made in the ways of treating this condition so that the sufferers can lead normal everyday lives. My hat goes off to the people responsible in researching and treating this terrible condition!

As regards this story, the thought came to me: What would it be like if Cera was suffering from this condition after what she went through in The Valley of The Sick? Would her closest friends be able to figure out how to help her overcome her "mysterious sickness" before it was too late? Would they be able to help her before she eventually does something terrible to herself and others? Or suffer irreparable mental damage?

This story tells about this very process. I find it's also a great morality story about friends staying friends no matter what. As well as friends doing the impossible in helping one who is in need. I strongly recommend you read the prequel to this story, "A Time of Great Need", in order to get the background to the plot for this, which is literally its sequel. Thank you for your attention and support.