Rizon Drax was relieved to hear that his suspicions were true. Cera was suffering from a head sickness brought on by the misplaced guilt she felt over not being able to save all of the sharptooth who died of the "Bloody Tummy" epidemic. Although he and his healer colleagues have not found a name for it yet, he figured "Horn's Misplaced Guilt Syndrome" would be appropriate. He'd have to wait and see what his healer colleagues would say about this. But one thing he was sure of: He'd be the first sharptooth healer EVER to cure a flattooth from an unknown disease. He couldn't wait to see what sort of honour Chief Berserker would bestow upon him, once he got back to The Sharptooth Lands, and word got around of his accomplishments.

He ALSO knew for sure that the course of treatment he suggested would be best thing to do to help cure her of the sickness. The very next day, a session was set up with Cera and all of her friends to begin the healing process. Rizon Drax and the sharptooth messenger would attend as well. Cera would then confess of what's been bothering her all this time, what she felt she could've done back then to save more lives than she really did, and why she felt she didn't fully do what was her solemn duty back then. Towards the end, she was moved to tears, and was comforted by everyone; but also praised her for her tremendous courage at telling something that she thought was deeply traumatic.

Chomper shared with her his own story of how he felt the exact same way when V'Leck separated from him, and took Roary with her as she moved out from the cave dwelling they all shared. For awhile, he felt it was his fault that she moved out, and took their son with her. He felt that if he hadn't held on to all of those "Silly notions" about the green eaters, and wanting to teach Roary what he knew about his green eater friends, she never would've left him. He confessed that he was feeling quite depressed for awhile, but convinced himself that what he had learned from the flattooth when he was young was NOT "silly"; and that the sharptooth would eventually be made to see that they could stand to learn a lot from the flattooth ways. This gave him renewed hope, and made him feel better as a result.

There were a few more such sessions like this, and Rizon stayed to attend those as well. Once he was assured that Cera was feeling better, that the nightmares and hallucinations were gone, Rizon took his leave to return to the Sharptooth Lands. The messenger who had accompanied him also returned with the report of all the events that transpired, as well as a few other unrelated happenings Chomper felt was worth Chief Berserker hearing about. Before he left, though, Rizon told Cera that, although she was felling better now, a head sickness like hers could come back with a fury; but she knew what to do if ever she started getting the nightmares and hallucinations again. Rizon has seen other types of head sicknesses that lasted for an entire lifetime, he figured that this one was no different.

Following what's happened, Little Foot made it a priority that other green eaters be trained in medicine, in case Cera should relapse again due to her head sickness. Since Cera's father-by-mating, Korkum, already knew something about medicine, he was the first one to receive full training by Cera. Other worthy volunteers would come later.

On the night before Rizon and the messenger left, though, a private celebration was held in honour of Cera's accomplishments. It was an evening full of feasting and singing. Chomper entertained them with some traditional sharptooth songs that he had translated to the green eater language. Little Foot and his gang thought up a song in honour of Cera's sickness. They thought it was pretty funny. They called it "Nervous Breakdown". Cera also thought the song was funny when they sung it to her.

The sharptooth had a mixture of fish and mammal meat while the green eaters had their usual fare. The meat came from a mammal that was killed by V'Leck earlier that day; and as it turns out, it was similar to the mammal Chomper killed a short while back! She was already working on stripping the meat off of the skin, and fashioning the headress she wants to make out of it! The mammal was slightly smaller than the one Chomper killed. She figures it must've been a female, and Chomper had killed a male. Since V'Leck is slightly smaller than Chomper, the headress would fit just right! She's have to let it dry out under the bright circle for a couple of days before she's be able to wear it, though. Chomper did the same with his headress.

The next morning, Chomper saw Rizon and the messenger off. It was another gorgeous day in The Great Valley, where life has returned to normal.