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Claudette peered over Komui's desk, eyeing the bunny coffee cup. She had been there for exactly three days and several things had happened. The first thing was it had been decreed that nobody was to give her coffee. The second thing was that Claudette had decided she was going to get another cup of coffee.

She cast a cautious glace around the room before reaching for the coffee cup. Her hand was just an inch awa-

"Hey, kid," Lavi said, picking her up, "I thought Lenalee said no more coffee," He scolded her with a smile.

Claudette sighed, "Baka usagi…." She mumbled. She wasn't exactly sure what it meant, but the man with the pretty hair seemed to use it a lot.

Lavi looked crestfallen. "Aww, don't be like that," he said, ruffling her hair as he placed her back on the floor – though he put her away from the coffee. "Why don't you go play with Lenalee? Or Allen?" He suggested, trying to get her mind off the coffee.

Claudette's shoulders slumped.

Lenalee was no fun. She was always telling Claudette things she shouldn't do. You shouldn't have a cookie before dinner. You shouldn't jump around like that you might hurt yourself, Blah, blah, blah. And she always said annoying things like 'I'll tell you when you're older.'

Besides that, Claudette had spent the entire morning getting away from Lenalee.

Allen wasn't much fun either, but for a different reason. He would always show her funny magic tricks – but he wouldn't teach them to her. Plus, he kept trying to get her to play this game called 'pocker,' – or at least that's what Claudette thought it was called. Claudette did not like Pocker. Allen kept getting cookies and calling them 'pocker chips,' and then he would take call the cookies he gave her! It just wasn't fair.

She looked at Lavi, "Lavi play?" She asked hopefully. Maybe he could play with her instead? Lavi was much more fun to play with then Allen and Lenalee. Lavi always spent time to explain things to her. He would read to her too. Plus, he knew lots of cool things – like how to make Komui freak out.

Lavi shook his head, "Sorry kiddo," He said, ruffling his hair and not making any eye contact with the puppy dog look he was getting. "I've got to go," He said, waving good bye to the little tyke. He started out the door, calling, "Go talk to Lenalee," He insisted

It wasn't until he was out the door and on the train several hours later that occurred to him someone ought to be watching the kid.

Claudette sighed as he wandered meekly through the halls. She had decided against the idea of trying to sneak another cup of coffee. Besides, she had been pretty sure she'd heard one of the members of the science division coming. She didn't want to get yelled at for sneaking coffee. She knew it was wrong –

-But it tasted so good.

She sighed, wondering who she could play with. Over the past few days, she'd met a bunch of people that had seemed like fun. She'd met Miranda – who had greeted her with a shriek of terror. This was mostly because Claudette had still been hanging onto a very pissed off pretty man's leg.

She'd met Krory, who the pretty haired guy had almost hacked to pieces at the greeting 'Wasabi man!'

And she'd met Noise Marie who the pretty –

Maybe she should go and play with the preeetty guy?

She hesitated before running headlong past a group of finders, "Soooorrry!" She yelled behind her. She wanted to go and get the preeetty man to play with her. He was the only person – well, out of Lavi, Lenalee, Allen and Komui – who hadn't played with her yet.

Claudette wondered what Kanda liked to play.

After quite a bit of running around, Claudette finally ended up in the training room. Kanda sat meditating off to the side.

Of course, Claudette had never seen anybody meditate. To her, it looked merely like Kanda had fallen asleep in a rather strange position. She had never seen anyone so still. Except her Daddy when Kanda had rescued her. But that had been when he had -

Was he dead?

Claudette didn't fully understand death yet. The only thing she really knew was, once a person was dead, they couldn't play anymore – you weren't even allowed to see the person if they were dead. She wanted to keep seeing Kanda!

"Nooooooo!" Claudette wailed running to Kanda in alarm. She successfully started Kanda from his meditation. It was a shame too – he had been doing a very good job of ignoring Claudette. He was further shocked when the small body smashed into his with surprising force. He grunted in shock, but he did not topple backwards.

He did however wince when Claudette pulled hard on his hair as she pulled herself closer to him. God damn it, he really hated the thing from hell.

"Don't be dead!" She wailed.

Kanda blinked. How on earth had that statement come about? "Tch. I don't die," He said, prying her off his body. Claudette tried to cling, but he managed to extract her. "Why are you here?" He grumbled, irritated at that she had interrupted her.

He cast a look around the training room. Nobody else was there.

"I wanna play! Pleaaaseee preeettty man?" Claudette said brightly. Apparently, the news that Kanda didn't die was good news indeed.

"Tch. I don't play," He said, closing his eyes and trying to go back to meditating.

Claudette looked upset. "No! No sleeping. Play," She insisted opening his eyes with a small finger. He twitched.

The next part so happened so quickly Claudette hardly had time to blink before Kanda had stood and pointed Mugen at her. "Don't do that," He hissed.

There was a second of silence.

Then tears started to form in the little girls eyes, followed by loud wails.

Kanda couldn't help but think that he really should have kept Mugen sheathed – even if nobody was around to witness. Shit…He thought. Lenalee and Komui were going to come and investigate.

They were going to kill him.

Kanda had a slight – not that he would admit it to anybody – fear of people who liked children; especially since he had met that lady with the purse.

"Shhh," he tried to quiet her before the alarm sounded. "Shh," He insisted. The crying almost got louder. He hesitated – what was he supposed to do.

That's when he remembered something for several days okay. "Stop crying…I'll get you a cookie!" He hissed.

Claudette sniffed. "Chocolate?" She checked.

Kanda rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Chocolate," he growled in annoyance. Now he just had to figure out how to get her one without drawing attention to himself.

He stiffened when he got another leg hug.

He sighed in irritation.

Claudette sighed in satisfaction.

She was going to play with Kanda much more often.