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*Gaki – Brat (I may not be using this correctly, so if you knew different please correct me.)

Lavi, had never in his life, seen such an adorable sight. The little blond child, known as Claudette sprawled across the bed, her legs over Kanda's hip and head off the bed. Lavi chuckled a little, at the loud snore the kid gave. It wasn't the little snore he'd expected of a child; it was a grown man's snore. God, how could Kanda sleep with all that noise?

Lavi's question was soon answered by his observation of Kanda lying on the bed; face down, a pillow he'd stolen at some point turning the night over his head. At some point during the night, the Japanese man's hair-tie had come loose and the long black locks had spread over the bed. He was snoring too, but it was a softer snore….It was a cute snore, something that wasn't difficult to sleep with.

The redhead laughed silently to himself, shoulders shaking. God, they should have forced Kanda to watch over a kid sooner. The man had clearly gone soft. Lavi shook his head, kicking off his shoes. He wasn't going to waste this opportunity. And so, he crept over quietly to the man and the little girl, adjusted the little girl so her head was at least on the bed, before crawling over the two of them so he was lying next to Kanda.

Now this, was comfortable. He snuggled closer to the Japanese man, closing his eyes for a minute, before slowly falling asleep, his own snores joining theres as he fell into a happy dream.

It was good to be home and he planned to play with Claudette for the rest of the day. He felt bad he'd had to leae when the small thing had asked him to play with her. She might have liked to play things like tea-party and dress up, but she didn't mind listening to Lavi babble either. Something that other people in the order tended to get bored of after a few days – or in Kanda's case, a few seconds.

Lavi smiled as he fell into a deep, restful sleep - if the scene on the bed was anything to go by, he was going to get to play with Kanda for the rest of the day too. Well, if Kanda didn't kill him for falling asleep on his apparently shared bed with the little thing – whose head had fallen off the edge of the bed again.

"Reeed-man!" Both Lavi and Kanda were awoken by Claudette's loud screech of delight at seeing Lavi – Lavi was her favorite playmate; Next to the preeeettty man anyway. She shook Kanda's shoulder eagerly, "Look, Look preeeettty man," She said excitedly, hardly able to get the words out, "Reeed man caaame while we sleep!"

Kanda however, was more concerned – well not concerned, more like pissed off – that Lavi was snuggled up next to him. "What the fucking hell baka usagi!" His voice was a little higher than usual. For several reasons – the main one being it was early and he was caught off guard. And of course – he was thoroughly embarrassed to be caught sleeping next to the little girl.

When had he fallen asleep anyway? This wasn't fair at all.

Claudette turned her head slightly to the side, hearing Kanda's words. Those were new ones.

"Yu-chan! You're awake!" He said, not terribly nervous that Kanda could do much – Mugen was on the other side of the room and it would probably make Claudette cry if he threatened Lavi. "I hope I wasn't disturbing your quality time with your girlfriend," He teased a little.

It was only a hunch, but Lavi was willing to guess Kanda wasn't really a fan of crying children. Well maybe he was – this was Kanda after all. Most Finder's were under the impression Kanda kicked puppies for fun. But Lavi knew Kanda better than the Finder's – and the fact was, despite Kanda being a total jerk, the man usually went out of his way to make sure people didn't cry.

Sure, he'd maim and beat up anything that was hindering him, but crying was something that made Kanda nervous. Mostly because he wasn't good at comforting crying people.

"You fucking idiot," Kanda spluttered, shoving Lavi off to the floor and swinging his own legs over the bed as he searched for his hair tie.

"Language Yu-" Lavi stopped at Claudette's next words.

"Fucking?" She repeated Kanda's word. What exactly did that mean? She hadn't heard the word before.

Lavi looked like he might have a heart attack – kids were not supposed to use that sort of language. He picked up Claudette hastily, shooting Kanda a look at what you've done! Look. Kanda looked – not exactly stricken but close. Lenalee was going to kill him if she heard Claudette talking like that. "Claudette, don't use that word!" Lavi said, "Only bad children use that word."

Claudette titled her head a little, looking confused, "B-but preeettty man."

"Preeeettty man," Lavi stretched out the pretty as Claudette did, ignoring the death glare he got from Kanda, "Is a baaad maan," He insisted. "You can't say everything he says."

Claudette seemed to be caught up on one fact though . "No!" She declared, squirming out of Lavi's arms, onto the floor, before running over to Kanda, clinging to his leg. Kanda tried to shake her off more out of reflex then anything. "Preeetttty man good! Reeed man bad," She said dismissively, clinging to Kanda's leg.

Maybe Lavi was one of her favorite playmates, but Kanda was the best – he gave her cookies! And ultimately, the man who gave Claudette cookies and let her tell the story at night, had Claudette's love.

"Che, you still can't use the word, gaki," Kanda told her, trying to rectify the problem before it became too much of an issue. He continued to try and pry her off his leg. She gave him a clueless look, "It's a big people word," Kanda said using a little words that couldn't possibly be bad.

The door creaked open.

Claudette snapped at Kanda, "I a fucking big person!" She declared – and Kanda immediately told her to shut up.


The breakfast tray Lenalee had brought the sleeping trio slammed into Kanda's head.