Chapter One

Olivia stood in the precinct in front of her desk, "Olivia, we got a nine year old girl, raped in an alley." Olivia heard the words nine year old girl and it made her stomach turn and chills run down her back. She had a secret that no one knew about her. She had a baby nine years ago, but gave her up for adoption when she was born. She got pregnant from a one night stand with the man that she as loved since that night. Elliot Stabler. They met in a bar before they were both placed in the special victims unit. He was beyond drunk and Olivia was just as drunk as he was. They went back to his apartment and they had sex without even knowing each other's names. When she woke up the next morning, she left before Elliot could wake up. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but gave her up because she knew that she couldn't take care of her baby without a father. When she gave up the baby, she tried to find Elliot(even thought she knew that it was too late) and gave up after a while when she realized that she couldn't find someone without even knowing his name. Then, when she was assigned to the unit, she found Elliot after all of this time. She decided that there was no point of telling him about the baby when she found out that he was married with kids of his own. The way that she put it, she would kept the past the past, even thought she wasn't able to keep her daughter off of her mind.

At the crime scene, Olivia opened the do to her car and made her way to the ambulance with the young girl that was crying on the gurney. "Hi, I'm Detective Benson and this is my detective Amaro. I know your scared, I need you to be brave and tell me what happened to you." The girl couldn't look at Olivia , but she looked necklace that was still on her neck that Olivia would have thought the rapist would have took. "He wanted my necklace, but I wouldn't let him. It's the only thing that my birth mother left me before she gave me up." Olivia wanted to cry thinking about the necklace that look similar to that one that she left for her daughter, but hers had her picture in it. She knew that when she didn't look at her, she wasn't ready to talk about the rape. "See, it 'I love you but this is what's best. Keep this and I'll always be with you as long as you have this necklace. I love you." Olivia froze hearing those words mad her eyes water, but when the girl finally looked up at Olivia, she began to cry, "Mom?" Olivia just looked at the little girl, finally being able to see her blue eyes that she had got from Elliot. "Oh my god." Olivia said touching the side of her face. "Why did you leave me? Didn't you love me?" She screamed once the fact that she finally met her mother synced in. "No, I love you so much more than you will ever know,, but it's just," She had to make up a story other than her just saying that she just had a one night stand with her partner when they were both drunk. "Your father and I were so immature to take care of you. We barely knew each other and we just got out of the police academy and we wouldn't been able to take care of you even if we tired." The girl's tears began to become silent when she said, "People always told me, 'Paige, let it go. They never wanted you so makes you think that they want you now?" Olivia's heart fluttered when she heard her daughter's name for the first time, but at the same time, she wanted to cry when she heard what the people who adopted her tell her such a horrible thing.

"We need to get going," The paramedic said and Amaro got out of the ambulance knowing that he needed to give her some time with the girl and as soon as he was out. They drove off. "Paige, I want you to know that I haven't been there for you these few years, but I'm going to make sure that you're safe now. I love you more than anything in this world." Paige began to cry as she reached for Olivia's hand, but then she suddenly passed out. "What's going on!" Olivia screamed as she watched her daughter pass out of the gurney. "She's lost a lot of blood due to the vaginal injures." He replied. Olivia began to cry seeing her long lost daughter she just got back, on the way of losing her again.

At the hospital, Paige was unconscious, but needed O negative blood that the hospital said that needed to be donated as soon as possible. She had AB positive blood, but she knew one person who had O negative blood so she knew that she was going to go find him so that he could save their daughter. So she took her cell phone out of her pocket and called Don Cragen. "Olivia? What where the hell are you? You should have been here an hour ago!"

"Captain, I know that I should have been there, but I need ot know where Elliot is and I need to know NOW." There as a pause of silence and then he said. "he's donw in Queens at a beach house, 241 Palmer Drive. I can tell that you really need to talk to him about something serious. What's going, Liv?" Olivia looked though the window into Paige's room and then replied, "Our daughter. " With thouse words, she hung up the phone looking at Paige for another moment and then began to make her way to find her father.

She turned into the driveway of the house that matched the address when she saw a red truck that she had never seen before. She took her keys out of the ignition and sat there as she took a deep breath thinking about what she was going to say. She knew that she had to face him either way. So, she got out of the car , walked to the door and knocked. Her heart pounded as she waited for Elliot to open the door and when the door opened her heart dropped to her stomach. Then standing in front of her. "Liv? What are you doing here?"

"Good to see you, too, El." Olivia said as she walked into his house. It looked gloomy, almost like it was abandoned. "Look I came here for one reason and after this, I promise that I won't ever come back here again." He lead her to the living room where it felt a little more homey. "Look, there is no easy way of telling you this, so I'm just going to come out and say it." Elliot looked at Olivia who sat next to her on the couch. "We had a one night stand years ago. I don't if you even remember it, but I do." Elliot looked at her and nodded, signaling that he knew what happened that night. "Well, you go me pregnant. Al the time, I didn't even know your name. So, when I had the baby, I knew I couldn't raise her on my own, so I gave her up for adoption. When I was assigned to the unit, I just couldn't tell you, but I always meant to but I thought the past is better left in the past."

"Wait, are you saying that I have a daughter with you and after all fo these years of working with me, you didn't tell me?" She just looked at him hurt that she didn't tell him and now that she know that if she did, things for Paige might have turned out differently. "Okay, so if you gave her up for adoption, why are you telling me now?" Olivia knew that this was going to be harder to tell him than telling him that she even existed knowing that he would personally hunt the man that raped her down and kill him. "She was raped last night." Elliot's face began to turn red with anger, but also sadness that he couldn't have been there to protect her. "What? RAPED?" Olivia nodded as she began to cry and immediately wrapped his arms around her. "Liv, I," HE couldn't finish his sentence because Liv interrupted, "Please, all I need is some blood. Paige needs O negative and you are the only one that I know who has it. I promise you that I will never bother you again, but please just save our daughter" Olivia cried waiting for Elliot to agree, but instead, he cupped her face and then kissed her. All of a sudden, the anger that she had towards him disappeared with the moment that his lips touched her. Olivia pulled away and then asked, "Why did you do that?"

"Because I love you since that night. When I was at work, I would look at you and my head would have fill with thoughts of you." Olivia smiled at him as she then kissed him again and said between breaths, "I love you, too." She pulled away from a kiss that began to become very passionate kiss when her cell phone rang. "Benson," She soon jumped off of the couch and said, "okay, I'll be right there."

Elliot got off the couch, too ad walked towards her as she asked, "What's going on?" Olivia grabbed her purse and jacket making her way to the door. "Paige is away and she is asking for me." Elliot looked at how worried that she was and said, "I'm coming with you so that I can save her." Olivia froze for a moment, but then walked to the car just wanting to get to her daughter and Elliot got into the passenger's side with her.

Olivia opened the door to Paige's room to find her crying on the bed. "Paige? Are you okay?"

"No! He was here. He came by to see me." Olivia gave her a confused looked as he patted her brown hair down and when Paid told her who the man was, her heart stopped. "The man who raped me."