Chapter Six

"What the hell do you mean that he's coming for her?" Olivia asked, her heart pounding in fear of losing her daughter after finding her after nine years. "The tip was from an undercover officer from narcotics saying that her tattoo are a signature thing of his. Mark his girls. Now, he says that he's coming for her."

"Hell no! He's not getting my daughter." She said through her teeth as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her wait. When she looked to see who it was, she saw Paige crying obvious that she heard what they were saying. "Don't let him get me, mama. I don't want to go back to Jay." She cried into her mother's side, soaking her shirt with her tears.

Olivia unwrapped her daughter's arms from her body and looked kneeled down just slightly, but enough where she was able to look at her eye-to-eye. "No one is going to take you, sweetie. Daddy and I aren't going to let that happen." She said, trying to convince the little girl that acted much younger than what she was, that they were going to protect her. Everyone in the unit was going to do everything in their power to make sure that nothing did happen to her.

As the day went on, Paige was next to her mom or her dad the whole time and she knew that that she wasn't going move from either of their sides, scared that something was going to happen if she did.

When it came time to pick up the kids from school, one of them had to stay with the kids while the other one went to go to get them. Elliot knew that Olivia needed to be with her and he learned not to get into the middle between the two of them.

"Are you going to be okay here by yourself?" He asked sincerely, not wanting to make her to paranoid about what was said that was going to happen to their daughter. "I'm fine, baby. I just wanted to make sure that she's in my sight 24/7." Elliot nodded understanding where she was coming from feeling the same way, but he had 5 other kids as well. So he took Eli with him to go get the other four of the children that were at school, leaving Olivia with Paige sleeping in her arms as she just rocked the sleeping child back and forth.

She just began to think about when she was pregnant as well as the day that she gave birth to Paige and decided to tell her, even though she was sleeping. "You know that when I was pregnant with you, all I could think of was how much that I loved you. I know that I should have kept you and now that I realize what you've gone through, I wish that I had a time machine just to make sure that I kept you. You were such an active baby, though. You would kick all the time and keep me up. I think I was lucky if I got five hours of sleep because I swear that I thought you were nocturnal." She couldn't help laughing a little bit at what she would think about those memories, but she continued as more memories popped into her head. "Then, oh my gosh, the day that I gave birth to you was the single most greatest day of my life. It didn't take long at all for me to push you out. I think that it only took three minutes for you to come out, but the labor felt like it took forever. Then when I saw you for the first time, I swear that I thought that a heart beat only for you. When you were gone, it felt like my heart stopped beating all together, because without you, I wasn't myself. You were my only reason for living and the only way that I could function was to think that your heart was beating at the same pace as mine. I love you so much Paige." She said trying to keep herself together forgetting that she was in the precinct with all of her co-workers.

Elliot on the other hand was sitting in his car thinking of a world where he was able to raise Paige with Olivia as a couple and never having to see his daughter feel all of the emotions that came with what she had went thought.

All of a sudden, his thoughts were interrupted by his children walking into the car talking about their days to one another, but all of a sudden, he heard Kathleen talking about Maureen having a boyfriend which immediately caught his attention. "Boyfriend?!" The car got quiet as that word had left his mouth. Maureen sat in her seat, not sure what to tell her father about Rick. "What do you mean you have a boyfriend?! Oh I don't think so young lady. You are way to young for a boyfriend."

"But, daddy. Rick is really nice and he says that he loves me."

"Oh no!"


"No buts. I don't care what you say. No boyfriends." He said sternly looking at his daughter one last time before he began to drive back to the precinct, the car completely quiet.

Olivia say the way that Maureen walked into the room, her hands clinched and her face red. She knew that she was mad because that was the way that Elliot looked when he was beyond pissed. "Maureen, baby. What's wrong?" She asked concerned of why she was so mad. "Daddy won't let me be with my boyfriend." She knew that the boy that she saw her talking to when she dropped her off at school might be her boyfriend, but was hoping that Elliot wouldn't see or hear about him until she talked about it with him. Except with all of the stuff that's going on with Paige kind of reared her thoughts off course.

"Olivia, did you know that your daughter has a boyfriend?!" He asked stomping into the room, looking just as Maureen looked like when she walked into the room. "Uh," Was really all she could say, not wanting to lie to him. "You knew?!"

"Not a hundred percent, but I had a feeling when I dropped her off at school, but honey calm down. She's only eleven, it's just puppy love."

"She's eleven. The only thing she should love is puppies." She knew that there was no reasoning with him right now. She was going to have to wait till he calmed down, which wasn't going to be for a good while.

She kneeled down to Maureen's height and whispered, "I'm going to talk to your dad, but I want to talk to you when we get home, okay?" Maureen from mad to bawling in a second. She threw her arms around her mother who hugged her back. She knew that she hasn't had love from Kathy when she was here. She was going to make sure that she knew that she was going to be loved by her for the rest of her life.

Maureen let go of Olivia and said, "I love you, mommy."

"I love you more than you know." She replied touching the side of her face, but their mother-daughter moment was interrupted when Craigen called her into his office. She looked at Elliot who by then has calm down enough to watch the children while she goes talk to him.

When she got into the office, he shut the door behind them, making her realize that it had to be something that no one should know. "What is it, Captain?" She asked, beginning to grow scared about what he wanted to tell her. "Olivia, I know that you're her mother, but I thought that you needed to know the information that Elliot was too mad hear."

Her heart began to beat harder as her stomach felt like it was doing flips. "According to our source, he's got a man that he has to get Paige no matter what because apparently, there is a government official that has requested her and is paying a lot of money for her. He told me that he doesn't know who this person is, but that he is willing to do anything to get her." She was crying when she heard that there is someone that has requested her nine-year-old daughter for sex.

By that time, she wanted to scream, hit something, and want to kill everyone that had anything to do with the rapes of Paige. "I want to find this son of a bitch along with all of the people that help and send them to prison before Elliot and I kill them." With those words, she walked out of the office and back in to the room where all of her children were.

Everyone saw that her eyes were red and puffy from crying making them all crowd around her asked, "What's wrong?"

"I…I just need to get my kids out of here." She said picking Eli up, taking Maureen's hand(the closest child to her) and told her whole family to walk out. Scared of what happened, Elliot helped them all hurry out of the precinct.

When they got outside, they didn't go to the car, she led them towards the park that was only a few blocks away from the building. "Liv!" Elliot called out, causing Olivia to stop and look directly at him. "Baby, what happened?" He asked looking at his girlfriend who had his son's head laying on her shoulder and his daughter holding tightly to her hand. "Let's just get to the park so that I can tell you what's going on. I don't want to talk about in front of the kids."

He knew that it had to be serious and agreed as the large family made their way to the park with Paige holding her father's hand.

When they got there, all of the kids began to play ground and their parents kept a close eyes on them while Olivia began to explain what Craigen had told her. "Jay has a man that is a government official that is willing to pay a lot of money to have…" She stopped as the lump in her throat got bigger, but continued, "To have sex with her." Elliot immediately turned red as he balled up his fists so tight that his knuckled grew white. When Olivia saw that, she placed her small olive hands over his as she went on, "He said that he was willing to do anything to get her back." She began to cry so hard that Elliot's anger was hidden for the time being and he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, taking their eyes off their children. "Shh, baby. It's okay."

"No it's not! I want to kill every son of a bitch that hurt my little baby!" He just held her feeling the same way, but had to keep himself together for the kids as well as Olivia. He had to be the rock that held everyone together, but he was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a majority of his children cry out for their parents. That's when they saw them coming from the trees that were behind the playground. "Kids! What's wrong?!" Olivia said quickly jumping to her feet. "Someone took Paige and," Kathleen said completely out of breath, but once Olivia saw all of her kids minus Paige and Maureen, she whispered her second missing daughter's name.

There was two screams coming from the parking lot yelling, "Mommy! Daddy!" When the whole Stabler family heard the screams, they all ran(Elliot holding Eli) towards the screams.

The only thing that they saw was the two girls being pulled into a white rusted van crying their eyes out along with one man that she would luckily be able to describe. A man, Hispanic, short dark brown hair, a beard, no mustache, and very built. Elliot on the other hand got the license plate number DLE 934. He had that plate burned into his head as Olivia had the man in hers, because that was the only thing that was going to help them find their daughters.

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