Annabeth's Pov:

I was on Daedalus's laptop. I wasn't supposed to be on the internet, but hey I don't have a fondness for rules. So anyways, I was just on Google when I had an idea. I typed in my boyfriend Percy's name. I didn't think I would get any information. Boy was I surprised. I found about 11,900,000 results in 0.14 seconds. Wow. Hmm I thought clicking on first result. I ended up on a site called fan fiction. Strange. There were thousands of stories about the camp. This is odd I thought. Percy already has a 5 book series why would there be more. While I was pondering this I didn't notice Percy walk into the Athena cabin. I felt something tap my shoulder and I flew 5 feet into the air. Percy started laughing obnoxiously. I was about to pull out my dagger then I remembered. His Achilles curse. Why oh why didn't they make an off switch to that thing.. That way I could pound Percy's face in. I went back to the computer.

"Whatcha doin?" Percy asked me after calming down from his laugh.

"Nothing of your concern." I replied I a voice that any sane person would be afraid of. I guess we all know how that affected Percy.

"Just tell me." He said. I made the mistake of turning around and looking into his eyes. I got lost in those captivating spheres of sea green.

"Umm.." I stuttered.

"Yes?" Percy said to me with a lop-sided grin. I don't know exactly how it happened but pretty soon we were making out. "Hem hem" I heard a voice cough. I looked to see Rachel. We were friends now but I still had a right to be mad at her when she killed my Percy time. I blushed and moved away from Percy. "What up?" she asked in a tone implying she knew exactly what was up. It was then that I remembered. The eerie website called fan . I showed it to her and Percy. We scrolled around a bit . I was surprised to find stories about Percy and me. "Wicked!" Rachel cooed "Come on." She ran out the cabin at top speed. "Where?" Percy and I simultaneously questioned. "To the Big House of course." She replied without stopping

So that's how I ended up center of attention at the Big House. Every counselor was surrounding my screen. We were just reading the titles. Most of them were based off of the first four books of the series. Then things started getting….. strange. We did some more reading until Travis said "Wow Percy. You and Annabeth have already had ..You know." Percy and I turned completely red.

"What makes you say that Stoll."

"Well besides your red faces the next story says so." Sure enough the next story had an … interesting summary. "But that's not true!" I told everyone. They all gave me that all knowing look that annoyed the crap out of me anytime anyone other than me did it. I was close to creating a short shish-kabob out of all of them until Percy grabbed my middle. "PERSEUS JACKSON!" I bellowed infuriated "Put me down so I can hurt them." I kicked and punched him but his hold on me wouldn't budge. "Damn your abs and muscle." I mutter to myself. "That's not what you were saying yesterday at the lake." Percy whispered into my ears sending shivers down my spine. I definitely remembered that.


We were swimming at the lake. Personally it wasn't my favorite thing to do but anything done with Percy was good in my books. Currently I was on my Percy raft. You see I was tired of swimming so I decided to force him to float. Then I climbed on top of him. And there you have it , my personal floatation device. Problem was there was nothing to really to on island Percy. So I decided to poke him in the stomach. A pained sound was heard. But it was coming from my mouth. "Annabeth are you okay? What happened?" Percy fretted. "One I'm fine . Two your stomach is so hard it hurt me." I reluctantly admitted. As expected Percy started cracking up.

"Oh shut up" I told him. But did he listen to me? Of course…NOT. He continued to laugh.

"I will hurt you." I said calmly. That shut him up real fast.

"No it's just that," Percy chuckled "My abs got you"

"Oh," I fumed "You think this is funny don't you. Well I for one don't like your abs."

"Stop deluding yourself Wise Girl. You know you love my abs."

"Well someone is cocky today."

"Who?" He mocked. Or at least I think he did.

"Shut up and get us back to the beach." So he did. We walked on the sand for a bit and then we found a place to lie down.

"Come on," Percy whined turning toward me "There has got to be something you love about my abs." I thought for a while running my hand along his 'abs' and through his hair.

"Well," I answered "They're hard."

"And?" Percy pressed.

"And they have a nice structure."


"And they're extremely hot." I mumbled my face burning.

"Sorry, I couldn't hear that last one."

"I said they're extremely hot." My face burned.

"So you do love my abs." Percy smirked

I sighed "Yes ,I, Annabeth Chase officially state that I love Percy Jacksons abs."

"That's what I thought." He said smugly and rolled back onto his back. I rolled on top of him. "Shut up, Seaweed Brain." I said before I kissed him

By this time, though I hadn't noticed, Percy had let go of me and now the counselors were actually reading the stories. I walked towards them and read with them. The story was eerily familiar. In fact the main subject was abs. "What." I sputtered "That happened yesterday." I was completely mortified. Everyone could read about me and Percy or anyone in this camp. I grabbed my computer. Cries of protest were heard.

"Look, I know there are some stories and there about Percy and me, but that just because I searched up his name. Let's find out what happens if we search up Travis or Jacob or even Rachel." The people listed glared at me telling me not to.

"Yeah said people don't look to happy. There for we forget this ever happened and just go on with life. Agreed?" The counselors reluctantly agreed not wanting me to blackmail them. They left the Big House one by one. Percy , the only one who was left , snaked his arm around my waist. I fell into his embrace.

"Great," I mumbled "Now everyone knows I love your abs." Percy comforted me

"I'm sure they won't make fun of you."

"Your right." I replied and we walked out of the house hand in hand. Outside a banner reading 'Annabeth loves Percy…'s abs' caught my eye. I got out my dagger and turned to see Percy with Riptide out. We nodded at each other commencing operation 'Kill the Stolls'.