Another chapter up. I'm going to aim for about 1-2 chapters per week.

After travelling for most of the day the pilots finally spot a large walled town, standing by the ocean.

Seraph: The next town is in sight. We will stay there for the night and carry on towards the capitol in the morning.

Kamina: Hell yes! Another night of drinking and a decent bed!

Seraph: I would suggest you not drink too much. We must depart early if we are to reach the Capitol.

Kamina: Spoilsport...

By the time the pilots reach the town night is falling. The pilots dismount and travel into the town.

Renton: So what town is this?

Seraph: This is the port of Seandar. It's a hub for merchants and traders as well as more... Unsavoury characters. Fortunately the inn we shall be staying in tends to keep the more rowdy inhabitants away. Here we are.

The party stops outside an inn marked the Two Rivers.

Seraph: I suggest you get something to eat and then turn in for the night.

Shinji: Fine by me, I'm shattered.

Seraph: Well goodnight then heroes.

Seraph departs the inn.

Domon: Where the hell does that guy go anyway?

Morning has broken and Seraph has returned to the inn to collect the pilots.

Seraph: Ok let's go.

Seraph is met with a chorus of bleary replies.

Renton: Wait! Has anyone seen Shinji?

Simon: I thought you two shared a room?

Renton: Well he said he went to get a drink and he'd be back in five minutes about an hour ago. I thought he'd gone off with one of you!

Seraph: Oh dear.

Domon: Oh Shit more sums up the situation I think.

Shinji: Ow, my head. Where the he'll am I?

Shinji opens his eyes. He is tied to a chair in the middle of a large, empty room.

Shinji: The hell?

?: Splendid, you're awake. Care for a drink? Some breakfast maybe?

Shinji: Who the hell are you?

?: Just a simple businessman. Although my business differs slightly from others.

The owner of the voice steps into the small puddle of light that Shinji is sat In, revealing a thin, vaguely rat like man, dressed in an expensive looking suit.

Shinji: You're a thief aren't you?

Thief: Please don't use such blunt language young man, else I may have to have you harmed.

As if on cue a large, burly, man, with a nose that was barely more than a smear across his face, materialized next to him.

Thug: Warehouse is clear boss.

Thief: Good, good.

Shinji: Don't you know who I am? I've been brought here to save this world!

Thief: I know exactly who you are, which is exactly why you'll fetch me a large sum of money young man.

Seraph: Ok, I've tracked his aura to warehouse B in the harbor district.

Kamina: Well what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go get him!

The pilots sprint towards the harbour, not noticing when Rei separates herself from the group.

Shinji: So I'm a hostage, is that it?

Thief: If you insist on that term, then yes.

Shinji: They'll find me you know.

Thief: I doubt it. None of you are magic users and you don't have anything you can be tracked by.

Shinji: What about Seraph? Or perhaps Michael?

Thief: What? Michael is the one who brought you here? Damn it..

The thug comes sprinting into the room

Thug: Boss! We got trouble!

Setsuna, Domon and Kamina step into the room, weapons drawn. They are quickly followed by the rest of the party.

Thief: Shit! (Draws a dagger and presses it to Shinji's throat) Nobody move!

Kamina: Damn. Hey Setsuna, can you peg him from here?

Setsuna: Negative, not without hitting his hostage.

Thief: Ok then. Now maybe we can come to an agreement, no more surprises ok?

Which is around about when the warehouse roof disappears, revealing a rather pissed off unit 01

Rei: Surprise.

Thief: (looking up and dropping Shinji) Oh fuck...

Setsuna takes advantage of the thief having shifted away from Shinji and shoots him in the shoulder, making him drop the knife and fall to the floor, looking up to see Domon and Kamina brandishing their Katana's at him.

Domon: Well then, what do you have to say for yourself asshole?

Thief: err.. (Faints)

Domon: Aww you're no fun…

Shinji: Err, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but could someone please untie me?