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By the time they got back to rest of the group, the temperature had dropped substantially. Walking side by side, Tori was glad that she had someone to keep her warm in more ways than one. Everyone was sitting around a large bonfire and basking in it's heat.

"What have you two been up to?" Beck asked as the two sat down. They had been gone for the greater part of the afternoon without much explanation, so Beck's question wasn't completely unwarranted. Still, the tone in Beck's voice left little doubt in Tori's mind that they suspected something was up. That and the fact that Beck's all-knowing smile was plastered all over his face.

"Not much. We just walked a little. What were you guys up to?" Tori said trying to change the subject. Beck seemed a little suspicious, but decided against saying anything.

"We played volleyball with Parker and Beth. They were real nice and gave us their numbers. They actually don't live that far," Andre answered. Beside them, Jade gave a snort of derision. Sensing that Jade would be less than willing to share what had happened to the girls, Tori turned her attention to Cat instead.

"Oh, I just introduced Jade to the guys I met last time we were here. What are the chances that they'd be on the same beach the second time we came?" Cat said in all her usual enthusiasm. Judging by the glare from Jade, she did not enjoy the encounter with the beach boys quite as much. Perhaps Jade hated them because they reminded her of Beck. From Cat's description of them last time, Robbie figured they could give Beck a run for his money in the looks department.

Robbie had long since given up on trying to impress Cat enough to ask her out. While by no means would he consider himself the most handsome man around, he thought his personality would make up for it. Unfortunately for him, it seemed that Cat was too naive to see past it. That combined with the fact that they lived in California, land of the surfer boys, led Robbie to finally rethink his crush on the young red head.

Robbie thought it was disappointing to think that Cat could be so easily distracted by a good pair of abs. There was no changing the girl though, especially since she turned a few heads herself. If today had proven anything at all, it was that there was no way he could compete with his two friends when it came to women's affections. Even Jade had put up with Beck for the longest time despite their legendary and infamous fights. It is important to point out that he had nothing against Beck. It's just that sometimes Beck resembles every other surfer boy in town. It just takes awhile to get deep enough to finally see what's hiding behind his good looks.

By the time the fire died out, everyone decided to go home. Loading into Robbie's car, the four friends started driving home. With the low hum of the engine, it wasn't long before Tori fell asleep in the passenger seat. Behind him, Jade and Andre were talking about Jade's adventure with Cat.

"Sometimes I can hardly believe her you know? Does she not understand that the only reason they're giving her so much attention is because she's a tease?" Jade lamented. Andre nodded his head solemnly. No matter her mood, the little red head had a way of turning heads.

"I mean you should have seen the way they were staring at her. She can be such a slut sometimes." Jade added as her rant continued. While Robbie felt that "slut" may have been a strong word, there was no denying the fact that Cat could be quite promiscuous. Whether or not it was her intention, could be argued either way.

"And when they decided to turn their water gun on me? That was their last mistake." Jade said, ending her rant. Robbie shuddered a little, thinking of all the ways that Jade could have retaliated against the boys. They probably had no idea what hit them, although after listening to Jade describe them, it was difficult to feel sorry for them.

"If it makes you feel any better, the girls we hung out with today were even worse. They acted like they expected us to drool every time they tried to get the ball." Andre tried to reassure. The glare that Jade shot Andre made Robbie think that he wasn't very effective.

"Why would you tell me that? The last thing I need to hear is that my friend and ex were prancing around with two even sluttier girls." Jade shouted loud enough to wake Tori up. Immediately, Andre regretted his choice of words. He needed to do some damage control quickly before he too received Jade's wrath.

"I just meant that even though they were hot, we didn't really have a good time with them either." Andre explained, hoping that it would placate Jade. Unluckily for him, it didn't seemed to work. Jade's anger was slowly snowballing into an uncontrollable fury. Still a little confused after waking up so abruptly, Tori turned a questioning eye toward Robbie who responded by mouthing "girls" to her. Seemingly satisfied, Tori turned her attention to the conversation in the back.

"Really? Because it seemed like when you two came back, you guys had a splendid time." Jade countered a little bitterly. If Robbie didn't know any better, he would almost suspect that Jade was more mad at Andre then at Beck. Maybe that's just because Beck wasn't within shouting distance. Whatever the reason, Andre handled Jade's wrath extremely well. The last person to be this cool under fire was Beck himself.

For the remainder of the trip, Andre spent his time doing what he could to placate Jade's anger. As they arrived at Jade's house, she seemed a little calmer. Perhaps it was the late hour, or Andre's carefully crafted speech. Either way, Tori and Robbie were both glad to have Andre with them.

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