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The next day Tori Vega wandered through the halls of Hollywood Arts like an aimless mist. Ever since yesterday's terrible news, no matter how her thoughts ebbed and flowed, they kept winding back at Robbie's predicament. She's not entirely sure if it's the anxiousness of losing a friend, or if it's the fear of how it will affect those left behind, but she does know that it's driving her crazy. Robbie strikes a solitary figure in the abandoned hallway. He's at his locker and there's almost nobody at Hollywood Arts yet. Hesitantly, she pushes towards him, wondering what has happened to his missing companion.

"Did you already sell Rex?" Tori's voice catches Robbie totally off guard as it bursts though her lips. Peering up as she leans against the locker next to his, Robbie notices the way Tori's eyes are widened. It's as though she's as taken aback by her words as he is.

"No, I just thought it'd be good not to bring him today. You know, get used to not having him around." Robbie replies, trying to remain fearless in the face of the unknown. He's fighting desperately against an all encompassing storm that's battering every second of his existence and just when all hope seems lost, Tori appears. Her sunny disposition peeks over the horizon and reminds him Rex isn't his only friend these days. A storm can only last so long. Surely the sun's going to hang over his head eventually.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do without him. I mean he's the only reason I'm at Hollywood arts. I'm nothing without him." Robbie's lament pulls at the strings of Tori's heart and as Robbie turns to face her she regards him carefully. Her sculpted eyebrows drag together and she's unsure of what to do next.

"That's not true! You're talented Robbie. Even without Rex, you're a great actor. Just give it some time. You'll know it's true." There's no trace of hesitation in Tori's words as she counters Robbie's point. Robbie's eyes blow open as Tori speaks. He can feel the clouds above him parting, the unrelenting rain finally ceasing it's assault on his confidence. There's still a flicker of doubt in his mind, but he desperately wants to believe her.

"You really think so?" Robbie's throat is thick with apprehension and his eyes tumble to the floor as he speaks. Tori's lips quirk upwards slightly, Robbie's bashful demeanor plucking at her own heart strings. She's not sure he's ever heard a kind word before.

"Absolutely." She replies, a gleam of white flashing between the two teens as Tori's lips split into a grin. In spite of Robbie's smile that mirrors her own, Tori takes a few moments to chose her next words. Without Rex, Robbie's fragile. She's got to tread carefully.

"I was thinking we could do a play together. It would be based on the book Dear Walter by Jeff Dunham and I figured it could be like Rex's farewell play." Tori's offer drifts between the two. Tori knows it's not much, but she thinks it will help hold her friend together during his darkest days. For Robbie, it's a dream, flittering around his head. He's not sure he'll ever catch it, but for once he dares to hope.

"I'd love that, just let me see what Rex thinks." Robbie answers. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out his phone and begins to type. He hopes Rex will be as excited as he is. As much as she wants him to feel better, Tori can't help but wonder what on earth Robbie is doing. Rex can't possibly be capable of operating a phone without him around.

As Robbie continues to type on his phone, Tori is surprised at how easy the walk to class is with just the two of them. She had wondered if there would be awkward pauses in their conversation without Rex, but she finds Robbie is much easier to talk to without the troublesome puppet around. She wonders why Robbie would even bother carrying that dead weight when he's so naturally charming. The classroom door is in site when, much to Tori's surprise, Robbie's phone goes off.

"He says he'd love to." Robbie states, reading a short message on his phone. His lips curve upwards and he's sure he can feel the sun's rays beating down on his skin for what feels like the first time in forever. Turning his eyes to Tori, he wonders why she is peering back at him like that.

"What? How'd you do that?" Tori demands, grabbing Robbie's phone from him and looking at the message. Sure enough, it's just as Robbie had explained. Rex's name and the message saying what Robbie had told her. As Tori's mind attempts to wrap itself around what's before her eyes, Robbie wonders why she's looking between him and the pear phone so incredulously. It's just a text message from Rex, nothing to get worked up over.

"Do what?" He replies, shrugging and pursing his lips. He's sure there must be more to her reaction than a simple text message.

"Never mind…" Tori mumbles, resigned to the weirdness that sometimes creeps through the halls of Hollywood Arts. She's seen things that defy reality before, but this definitely makes the top of her list since the Christmas break. Robbie once again hurls her mind into chaos as they approach the door to their first class. He dips in front of her and holds it open for her, a lopsided smile on his lips. A girl could get used to this kind of treatment.

Robbie wonders what's going through Tori's mind. He's holding the door open for her, and she's just making these strange facial expressions. He wonders if she's lost in some kind of dream where her dream guy is holding the door open for her. It's an arrow to the heart no doubt. But when a brilliant smile drifts his way and she sits next to his usual place in his class, the pain isn't so bad. Sharing a grin with Tori as he claims the seat next to her, Robbie's sure he could get used to this kind of thing.

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