summary- Naruto is dieing at the valley of the end after fighting Sasuke and Kyuubi offers him a choice live as the one thing the villagers acused him of or not and keep living with his mask.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or and characters except for my OC but other than that no nothing is mine. If i did own Naruto, Sasuke would be dead and sakura along with him and Naruto would be all powerful!

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Naruto x OC- Hitoko Yamigaki

Naruto: Given a Choice!

It was raining, that he knew for certin he could feel it on his exposed skin, through his ripped, bloody, and burnt clothes. It felt so cold to his warm body that was racked with so much pain it was a miricle he was even concious at the time.

But to him it did not matter, he had failed, he failed to do the one thing he had told himself he would never do. Naruto had broken a promise, not just any promise but a 'promise of a life-time'. It diden't matter the odds of the situation he had made a promise and he always kept his promises.

No matter how much it hurt to make the promise, he tried not to show just how much it hurt to promise Sakura he woud bring Sasuke, that tratouros scum-bag that he is, back. Not only did he knock Sakura out and leave he on a bench but he had fought with all his might to stop Naruto from bringing his power hungry carcus back, oh no, he did not plunge one but two of those acursed chidori in to his chest one in his shoulder and the other mere inches from his heart.

Naruto knew he shoulden't have held back that last rasengan but he diden't want to kill the little phyco-path. And now hes lying here dying in the Vally of The End, a fitting name because for some kami awfoul reason someone dies here in every confrotation they have no matter the village.

" I never thought I would die like this, cold and alone in this wet and dreary vally." thought Naruto solemly to himself. Blood was still pouring out of the two wounds in his chest. Even the Kyuubi could not heal the deep and lethal blows to his body fast enough to save him, he knew this, all the reatings he receved as a child showed him how the Kyuubi's chakra worked, how fast it could heal different wounds.

As his life slipped away by the second he could feel a pull on his mind telling him the fox wanted an audience. Without struggle he let the pull take him letting him come face-to-face with the being that made his life such a meisery.

Naruto ended up in the sewer like mind-scape the Kyuubi called home.

He knew how to get to the cage it was like a sixth sence to him he automaticly knew where to go. In no time he was in front of the cage that was held closed by a piece of paper with the kajin for 'seal' on it.

Naruto always found it funny that the most powerful biju, the Kyuubi no kitsune said to be able to crush mountians with its tail, create tsunamis with a flick of its powerful tail, could be held back by a measey piece of paper.

As he aproached the cage he could hear the breathing of the great demon fox, as soon as he was in front of the cage two huge crimson eyes, those deep pools of blood that told a story of untold wisdon and hate, the shere magnitude of those eyes could turn the most war torn vetern into a sniveling baby.

As the eyes landed on him though Naruto did not even flinch, his life was full of hate and anguish why would he fear the eyes of a beast such as the Kyuubi, he has been beaten, stabed, had multiple assassination atempts on his life from day one, his bright ocean blue eyes held so much complete and utter sorrow, the eyes of someone who has been to hell stayed there for 100 years and witnesed all the grousome events and come back, eyes no man, woman, or child, human or demon, should ever have.

After a minuet of waiting to see if the Kyuubi was going to start or if he was going to have to ask he began."Why have u called me here Kyuubi?" He asked.

"I have brought you here, mortal, to give you a choice. I have resided with-in you all your misreable life, seen your hardships and how you masked your pain behind a mask of stupidity and ignorance, you hid your talent so as not to make the villagers fear your power and wisdome." The Kyuubi paused here to make shure it had Naruto's attention, which it did so it continued. "I caled you here to see if you would want to ethier, lie here in this god forsaken vally where you could be found and live and continue your little sherade with your village, with the majority hateing your very excistance no matter what you do or say. Or would you allow me to fix your body bascialy turning you into a hanyou where you would become the very thing your people always thought you to be." Finished the Kyuubi.

Naruto thought very intently on the oppertunity presented to him. Continue to play the weak idiot to the village, or become the very thing they acuse him of while gaining the strength to protect his presous people.

"What other abilities and side affects would come in me becoming an hanyou?" Naruto asked making shure he would make the right choice.

"You would ecencially become immortal because you would become half demon but you can still be killed ethier by decapitation or total eratication of your body, you will have total mastery over an single element, regenerate at a greater speed than you can now which right now is better than any human could dream of, your body will have to be reconstructed though because of my demon chakra being injected and mixing with your human chakra, and you will have demoic features to go with your new demon blood." replied the Kyuubi.

Naruto thought for a monent before looking strait into the Kyuubi's eyes and replying." I choose to become a Hanyou."


chidori- one thousand birds

rasengan- spiraling sphere

kyuubi-no-kitsune- nine tailed demon fox