Chapter 3

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Naruto x OC- Hitoko Yamigaki


After arriving at the trading village Naruto let Hitoko off at the entrance and began moving twards the shops.

"Will you be staying in the town long?" Hitoko asked.

"After I have supplies and new clothes I entend on leaving as soon as day break tomarrow." Naruto stated as he kept walking with Hitoko walking a bit behind.

"oh. . . Can i come with you?" Hitoko said a bit shyly.

This gave Naruto pause, he turned arround and looked at Hitoko in the eye making her fidget a little at the intense gaze.

"I'm tired of this boring village, don't get me wrong I love this village, it's just I want some aventure in my life and I feel like I can trust you to aid me in my dream if you allow me to come with you." Hitoko ended with a smile and hpoe in her eyes.

Naruto gazed at her for a moment 'Should I let her go with me, she said she trusts me to help accomplish her dream, and the determination in her eyes as she talked about her dream, so much like my mask. What should I do.' Naruto wondered. "You should help her kit she is good mate materil, I mean I like my mates strong but with this Hitoko she will love you. Not for your strength and not for your looks but for you. So i say we let her come with us." The Kyuubi added his own input.

Naruto thought about this for a second, he didden't know about the 'mate' part but he would like the company, but he did not want to open up to her just to be shunned like the villagers would. But he could let her come for the sole reason to help her.

With a slight lift at the corner of his mouth he gave his future changing answer.

"I will help you Hitoko."

The sheere joy on her beautiful face made his chest flutter with an unknown emotion.

" But if you will be traviling with me you need a change of clothes and supplies"Naruto continued.

With a nod they both made thier way to the market.


Inside Naruto's mind-scape the Kyuubi was laying on its hunches thinking to itself about it's containers emotion and trust issues. He may hate humans but even demons would not put children through the hell Naruto went through.

'You will find happiness Naruto, what the villagers did to you will heal in time and with the help of your future mate you will be happy'The Kyuubi thought.


After an hour of shopping and the subsuqent lesson on what was important and what was not for Hitoko they were ready to find a hotel.

Naruto was dressed in a sturdy pair of black combat boots and cargo pants of the same color, with a skin tight dark gray T-shirt and attached mask, much like Kakashi's, with a black trench coat and fingerless gloves the outfit was complete with the necklace he won off Tsunade.

Hitoko was covered in a dark blue skirt that reached above her knees, and combat boots with black leggings, she also had on a tight dark blue long sleved shirt that showed off her sizeable bust and toned stomic, completing the outfit was a black and white bandana keeping the hair out of her beautiful amber eyes.

As they searched for an hotel Hitoko was wondering where thier first destination was.

"So...Where does our first stop on this quest lead us Naruto?" she asked smiling.

Naruto was quiet for a moment before answering "We will be heading to the land of snow."

Hitoko looked at him for a moment "That far away?" she asked in slight wonder.

"I have a friend in snow country I would like to meet have you heard of her, Koyuki?"


"Pipe down, and yes we met while I was on a mission to protect her while she took the throne."he answered with his emotionless drawl.

Hitoko just looked at him with awe, she is a civilan after all and hasen't seen many shinobi and those were just glimpses and this is the first time she has ever seen a half demon or a demon period that dosen't kill every human it comes across, so yeah she can look at him in wonder, but to befriend the leader of Snow Country being a Hanyo was remarkable.

"Umm, Naruto can i ask you a question?"Hitoko asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes." He replied evenly.

"Well, can you tell me what other shinobi are like?" she asked with a quizical look as they continued through the slightly busy street heading twoards a hotel near the edge of the village.

"Most Shinobi take for granted the power they are given and others use it for thier own gain and power hungry nature and become arrigoant with thier power and superior outlook on others." Naruto explained. " But there are those that use it to protect what is important to them, be it loved ones, thier home village, or thier dreams." he continued.

Hitoko looked at him for a moment absorbing the information.

"So, what type of shinobi are you?" she asked.

Naruto looked her in the eye and for a second Hitoko thought she could see a fire unlike any she has ever seen, a fire so bright it made her heart skip a beat.

" One that protects all that is precous to me." Naruto said with a voice hinting at untold determination.

After a few minuets of silence they arrived at a small hotel with a hotspring in the back.

As they entered and walked up to the receptionest desk, who was a woman in her early twentys, Naruto asked for a suite and asked if the hotspring was open.

After a miunuet of looking for the key the receptionest came back and handed the key to Naruto who took it with a nod of thanks," Yes the hotspring is open and today is mixed bathing day so please enjoy yourselves." she said with a smile and slight wink to Hitoko who blushed at the implication.

With a nod Naruto payed and went to their room which had two beds and one bath and a closet big enough for two.

"Are you going to the hotspring?" Naruto asked.

"Umm Yeah I need a good soak after all that has happend today." Hitoko replied.

With a nod Naruto said, "Alright, leave your supplies in the room I will be going as well."

Hitoko nodded with a blush and layed her stuff on the bed closest to her with Naruto leaving his as well on the bed opposite hers and both left the room locking it behind them.


Down in the hotsprings we can see a blushing Hitoko and calm and half emotionless Naruto sitting and enjoying the hotspring. With Naruto sitting accross from Hitoko so she can feel comfotable and to give her some space.

Hitoko would now and then steal glances at Naruto with him actually knowing she was by the slight shift in the water whenever she would look at him. And if he was truthful he was looking at her out of the corner of his eye and she was beautiful. With her long black hair and big innocent amber eyes, smooth peach tan skin with no blemishes, yes he was slightly attracted to her.

Hitoko could see many scars on his body which she thought was from all the battles he has had as a shinobi especially a big one near where his heart would be. Yes she was looking at his scars, yeah just his scars, she wasn't looking at his ripped six pack and pecks, no not at all or those big strong arms either, no just his scars.

"Is ther something wrong?" Naruto asked after a few minuets of her glances.

"What?" Hitoko asked while blushing.

"You keep looking in my direction."

"Uhh. . ." Hitoko said embaressed about being cought looking at him.

"No, nothings wrong, its just that you have alot if scars on you, are they from missions?" Hitoko replied then asked after getting her blush under controll.

"Yes, alot of the missions shinobi go on are dangerous and have a high chance of dying." Naruto replied, though what he said was mostly a scar over his heart was from Sasuke and that was a mission but the rest were mostly from the villagers during the Kyuubi Festival on his birthday. But she did not need to know that.

"Oh, thank you. Sorry." Hitoko said.

"Its alright, before we join the shinobi academy we are told of the dangers that might befall us in our shinobi career." Naruto said.

After that it was silent agine and a few minuets later both got out and whent to bed.

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