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It was all her fault. Things had been going fine until then – well, as fine as things could go in a training simulation designed to make them fail. But then they had forgotten that it was a simulation. And it was all her fault. M'gann knew that she hadn't done it on purpose, and that no one on the team blamed her. But she still felt horribly guilty. Everyone could've really died, because of her stupid, stupid mistakes.

Seeing the League vaporized hadn't been as bad; she didn't fight alongside them every day. She wasn't as close. And at the time, she had known subconsciously that it was all a simulation. Then Artemis had been vaporized. M'gann squeezed her eyes shut as a torrent of images swept over her. Artemis's form, dissolving from the ray of light, her skeleton outlined for a brief second before that too disappeared. "Artemis!" M'gann had screamed as she felt her heart break, grief burning within her, a burning pain that wouldn't disappear or cease.

It was then she had lost the knowledge that it wasn't real. The unbearable pain that shattered M'gann as she realized she had just lost the person who had become like a sister to her, who was like family…it made things terribly, painfully, horribly real. Maybe if she had been stronger, no one else would've had to been hurt like that either. Maybe the team wouldn't be having to go through therapy. But M'gann hadn't been strong enough. It was her that had forgotten, and her mental link with the team had caused all of them to forget as well.

Completely her fault. After Artemis, Aqualad had disappeared. The calm Atlantean who had always tried to encourage the team, keeping the often argumentative team together, was gone in a devastating blow. Then Robin had become leader. M'gann knew he had tried his best, but she somehow saw his plan, and she knew that, despite Robin's intentions, however justified, his plan couldn't be carried out. The price was too great, too painful.

Superboy had been her shield for so long. They were there for each other, reassuring figures they knew they could always rely on. Then Superboy was gone, after he had assured her everything would be okay. "It's what Superman would do," he had stated simply before leaving. Then he was vaporized along with the rest, and M'gann had lost that protection and comfort she had relied upon for so long. It numbed her, hollowed her out. In a way, that was a blessing. Her heart had realized she couldn't deal with any more grief, so it numbed her instead. But in a way, that hurt just as bad as the fiery grief that had coursed through her when Artemis died.

M'gann hadn't been fully paying attention as they snuck onto the alien mother ship, not seeing Robin's new plan until it was too late. Her uncle had led her away. They made it out in time, but as the building exploded behind them, M'gann knew that she was the last surviving member of the team. They had lost hope, gained it, and then lost it all over again in multiple attempts. But at least M'gann could somewhat console herself with the fact that her uncle was still with her.

Then his fist had come crashing into her, snapping her ribs and painfully taking out a lung, possibly both of them. M'gann's eyes had filled with tears as she fell backwards, as blackness had invaded her vision. Then she had woken. It was supposed to all be over. But the pain remained, even as she reassured herself by staring at her living, breathing teammates, and the kind look in her uncle's eyes. It took a minute for M'gann to fully understand what happened, but when she did, guilt immediately crashed over her. It still hadn't left, like a painful wound that refused to close completely.

The team didn't blame her; they had assured her of that so many times. But that didn't change the fact that she had watched them all die, that it was her that made the training simulation so dangerous, adding the possibility that they could die in reality as well.

It was all her fault.

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