Something Different

Epilogue Part 2

Looking up at the door, I said "I know that voice, but it can't be, 'cause he's in Australia"

"Things change babe"

During this interaction, Lula, Connie and Mary Lou, turned their heads around to look at the door.

"Hey Lula, Connie, Mary Lou" he said

"Oh" said Mary Lou

"My" said Lula

"God" said Connie


I looked down from my bed, Mary Lou had completely fallen off her chair.

"Ohmigod, are you ok?"

"Yep, just dandy" she replied.

"Hey Lula, why don't you go and get a nurse? Lula? Connie?" I waved my had in front of their faces, but neither of them flinched.

"Right, I'll do it" I said pressing the call button.

In the mean time, Ranger had moved and was now leaning against the wall near the door.

A nurse came into the room, not noticing Ranger.

"Yes, Mrs. Morelli?"

"Hi, my friend here collapsed, and I have feeling two more are about to follow"

THUD, THUD, yep, down went Connie and Lula.

The nurse looked down at them, and then looked to where they seemed to be looking, "oh my" was all she could say.

"God, Ranger, what are you doing to them? Though, its good to know you havn't lost your charm."

Ranger just chuckled.

The nurse finally came back to her senses, and called for some orderlies, to come in and take the three stunned mullets away.

"Will there be anything else Mrs. Morelli? The nurse asked.

"Yes, could you please take Mark back to the nursery?"


"Take a seat" I said to Ranger after the nurse left.

"Thanks" he replied.

"So, how are you?" we asked in unison

"You first" I said to Ranger. "How's life in Australia?"

"Good, we're living in Brisbane at the moment, its really nice, the weather is nice and warm all year round, but I miss being here, close to everyone." He paused and looked at me, I must have been staring at him, "what's wrong?"

"You know, I haven't seen you in a while, but I've never seen you talk for so long" I explained

"Yeah, well that has something to do with my wife Melanie, she's kinda a motor mouth."

"Your married?" I exclaimed

"Year, 2 ½ years"

"Congratulations, is she here?" I asked.

"Mel's waiting in the corridor"

"Ranger, for god sake invite her in"

As he got up to go over to the door, Tegan and Danny came running through the door.

"Mommy, mommy" they cried

"Calm down, what's wrong? Where's your father?"

"He's talking to Aunty Lula, Aunty Con and Aunty Lou" Danny said.

"Who are you?" Tegan asked looking at Ranger.

"I'm a friend of your parents, my name is Ranger"

"Ok, mommy, where's Ricky?" she asked.

"The nurse took him to the nursery, ask nanna and pa if they'll take you to see him."

"Ok, bye mommy, bye Ranger" they said in unison.


After they left, Ranger looked at me and asked. "Did you ever get them tested?"

"Huh, oh DNA, nah, we decided not to, and besides we would have needed your DNA as well."

As I finished the sentence, Joe walked in with a short, visibly pregnant blonde woman, who walked over to Ranger and kissed him.

"Hey Steph" Joe said kissing my forehead. "Hey Ranger"

"Hey Joe, good to see you" he replied, shaking Joe's hand. "I see you've meet my wife Melanie, so Steph, this is my wife Melanie"

"Hi" I said, "Please to meet you"

"Same here" she replied "I've heard all about you from Ranger, and I already know Joe"

I looked at Joe "And how do you know her?"

"Oh, Steph" Melanie said laughing, "It's not what you think, Joe is my cousin, um, Bella's mothers sisters great granddaughter"

"This is quite a family we've gotten out selves into, huh Ranger" I said.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't have it any other way" he replied.

"Neither would I"

30 Years Later

"Happy 35th anniversary" the crowd called out.

"Holy shit" was all Joe and I could get out.

It was hard to believe that we have been married for 35 years. Looking at Joe I can still see the 18 year old bay who charmed me out of my pants behind the éclair case at the Tasty Pastry, he may be pushing 70, but he was still sex on legs, and we bonk like rabbits, thank god for viagra, not that we need it of course.

As for me, well, having only just turned 66 in the last couple of months, I feel like I'm still 40, and unlike Grandma Mauza, I can still get away with wearing my bike shorts, our kids and grand kids don't mind, they think I'm fashionable, so who's gonna tell them otherwise.

Speaking of kids.

Daniel and Tegan are about to turn 35.

Tegan with the help of her husband Antonio (the only son of Tank and Lula) bought out Vinnie 6 years ago, and now run the business. There's a 7 year age difference between them, but it doesn't bother them, nor us, because they grew up together. Anyway, they have twin girls aged 2 ½ , Nikita Sara and Megan Stephanie, and they are pregnant with number 3.

Daniel, as he is now known, became a cop, just like Joe, he's a single father, his wife Joy died 5 years ago. Their son Josh just turned 8. He is sooooo smart, his IQ is like somewhere over 110 already. We have very high hopes for him.

Ricky is a computer programmer, working for Randy Biggs. He and his wife Katie have a son, Aaron and Jennifer.

Joe retired 3 years ago, and now he spends his timer playing gold, restoring old Harley Davidsons, helping me bring in the odd FTA, or spending the day in bed with me!

Yes, you heard correctly, I'm still going after FTA's or working Connie's old job - the 2 of us, share the job.

Tank and Lula finally married 4 months after Ricky's birth. They've been married for just over 30 years. Tank is still running Rangeman, but I think he want's Antonio to take over soon.

Lula hasn't changed at all, she's still outrageous and between she and 1 our granddaughters are spoiled rotten.

Mary Lou doesn't have any grandchildren that she knows of, both of her sons left the nest so to speak about 3 months after Lenny died in a freak ice cream truck accident. (Don't ask!)

Connie and Leister never got married but have been living together for just on 30 years, they have 5 children (Sarah - 30, Tim - 29, Roger - 27, Janet - 24 and Alison - 21), letrs just say they rarely venture out of their house! They have 2 grandchildren cuttosy of Sarah and Alison, with several more on the way.

All in all I think life has treated us really well.

The End

P.S. Of I almost forgot, Ranger and Melanie have 3 boys, Rick Junior, Leigh and Dean. They still live in Australia, but come a visit lots.

The End