Gatsby is No Good

Disclaimer: I do not own The Great Gatsby, this is just an assignment I did for school.

Tom and Daisy sat quietly in their kitchen for a moment, neither of them touching the food that was in front of them. Each was lost in their own thoughts of the events that had taken place earlier.

Daisy was staring at her hands, all thoughts focused on the fight raging inside of her. Should she tell Tom that it was, in fact, her driving the car that had killed the woman? Could she tell him that it was her driving, and not Gatsby? No, it was not something she needed to share; it was not something Tom needed to know. Her husband's voice broke her out of her reverie, and she realized she had not heard a word he had said.

"What was that?" she asked, looking up at him.

"I said, Gatsby is no good. He doesn't know how things work around here. I mean, a man who does not stop his car when he hits someone, a woman no less, well, what kind of man is that?" Tom stated angrily, "No man at all in my opinion. I mean, he clearly saw her run out into the run and he didn't bother to stop. Didn't even stop when he knew he had hit her. No man does an inhumane thing such as that; no man hits a young, innocent woman and then just keeps going."

Daisy looked back down, her mind reeling as she listened to what her husband was saying. At first he seemed to be trying to sway her away from Gatsby, but now… Now it seemed like there was more to what her husband was saying other than just how bad Gatsby was. She realized Tom was talking again and tried to listen to what he was saying.

"–had to have seen her, there was no way that you hit someone with that much force without seeing them first." She looked back up, putting the pieces together. Suddenly, Tom's increased anger towards Gatsby and how adamant he was that he must have seen that woman he hit. Suddenly she knew, she knew exactly who that woman was.

"You're right," she said suddenly, "He must have seen her. She ran directly out in front of us." Her hand was stretched out in front of her and when he spoke he placed his hand on top of hers.

"You see," he stressed. "Gatsby is not like us. He does not know how things are supposed to be. He throws these extravagant parties and yet no one attending seems to know who he is; and now, he's killed someone."

"You're right," Daisy agreed. "You're absolutely right. We should leave this place Tom. Tomorrow. We should leave and go somewhere far away from Jay Gatsby, that woman he killed, and everyone like him." Tom looked at her, surprised. He had been sure it would be harder to sway her. He knew she would never leave him, but to take her away from Gatsby, he had thought that would be more difficult. He supposed she had just realized how foolish she had been in thinking that whatever had been going on between her and Gatsby would last.

"Alright," he said at last, "We'll do it. We'll leave. We shall move away, take nothing but the nanny with us. We can hire new servants wherever we go and we can buy new things. It must be a nice place though, no more of these foolish men like Gatsby."

"Of course," Daisy said at one, "No more 'Jay Gatsbys', no more silly party goers, and no more women being hit by reckless cars." She appeared genuine when she said it, but Tom thought he saw something in her eyes when she mentioned Myrtle. Of course, Daisy did not know her name; Daisy did not even know her, did she? No, of course not. She could not. He shook his head, thinking the sooner they got away from East Egg and Jay Gatsby, the better things would be. At least then he would not have to wonder if Daisy was running around on him with other foolish men.

So, we had to do a creative writing piece for my English class and we were given three options. I chose to do the conversation between Tom and Daisy after Daisy hits Myrtle with the car.

I hope you liked it!