CHAPTER: What Happened So Far...

This is a chronological summary of the story. Everything that happened so far is outlined very briefly by the text that is underlined. Reading only this should refresh your memory. If, however, you feel that the given information is not enough, the text below is a more detailed version that contains everything that I, as the author, think is important for the story.

Harry comes into his inheritance. The Weasley's think it to be a curse (The Burrow)
Triggered by the rise of the 222nd full moon since his birth, Harry comes into his inheritance as a submissive Vykélari during dinner with the Weasleys. The Weasleys bring him to St. Mungo's when his magic shatters all his senses for restructuring and then draws back into his core.

The Malfoys & Zabinis are informed of Harry's condition during Draco's and Blaise's engagement party. Lucius sends Draco and Blaise to St. Mungo's (Malfoy Manor)
When his condition worsens despite excessive treatment for curse damage, a Mediwizard (McAuley), who suspects Harry being a Vykélari, foregoes his superior and consults the head of the Vykélari community in Britain, Lucius Malfoy, who is on House Arrest in Malfoy Manor where Blaise and Draco are currently celebrating their recent engagement.
Once he deduces that Harry is becoming a submissive Vykélari, Lucius sends his son and Blaise to St. Mungo's to help him through the inheritance and then take him to Italy to mate him. The two Slytherins reluctantly comply.

Draco and Blaise assist Harry during his inheritance and take him to Italy in secrecy once he loses consciousness (St. Mungo's)
In the hospital they have a short hassle with some agitated Weasleys before they are taken to Harry's room by Healer in charge Andrew Cowan and Mediwizard McAuley. They find Harry terrified and confused and generally in a horrible condition, with his wings bound together and his arms and legs tied to the bed, emitting warning calls unconsciously. Infuriated they refuse any hospital staff to accompany them. Then they help Harry regain his senses and take him to Italy.

Harry wakes up and is informed of his situation and status as a submissive Vykélari. He is outraged and doesn't believe them and is consequently grounded by Blaise (Lanai Manor)
Harry wakes sometime at noon in a bed room in Lanai Manor with wings, claws, enhanced sight, feathers in his hair and green and ultraviolet markings on his body.
Draco and Blaise come and take him to the gardens for lunch, telling him that he has become a submissive Vykélari and that his rights are practically nonexistent when it comes to Vykélari mating. When Harry deduces that they took him from the hospital to mate him, he demands to be taken back to London and tries to leave in a fit of rage after being denied, Blaise orders the House Elves to not let him come near the Manor's wards or get access to a wand.

Harry tries to flee unsuccessfully using the floo. During the following argument Harry's wayward magic attacks Blaise. Harry subconsciously tries to reject his inheritance (Lanai Manor)
Furious, Harry leaves and stumbles over a fireplace with an open floo connection. He tries to escape but is stunned by a House Elf, sent after him by Blaise and Draco who saw his flight attempt through the windows.
Blaise binds and enervates him. The Slytherins humiliate him, Blaise is furious that Harry endangered himself by trying to floo to an unknown location in a country where dark magic is highly regarded and he tries to intimidate Harry and force him to accept his position as a submissive but Harry's magic attacks him instead and negates all changes of Harry's transformation.
The Slytherins are shocked when they realise that Harry is trying to reject his inheritance and is ill with magical exhaustion and they try to gently convince Harry to accept his being a submissive Vykélari by calling his attention to everything he could do with his newfound powers. Harry is still suspicious even when they promise not to force him into mating, not least because they refuse to commit themselves to a date when they might let him leave Lanai Manor.
Later Blaise and Draco decide to try and get Harry to mate with them.

Severus is informed of the situation, Narcissa tells the Weasleys of Harry's inheritance (Malfoy Manor)
Severus comes to the Manor to congratulate his godson and fiancé since he wasn't at their engagement party but is told by Lucius of the situation.
It is revealed that he has a part in keeping Lucius out of prison by using a spying potion on the Aurors responsible for the Malfoy case (basically like a Pensieve that instead of memories shows what a person is seeing. For it to work, a drop of the liquid needs to be applied to the victim's eye).
The Weasleys and Hermione come to Malfoy Manor in search for answers after meeting only dead ends before. Narcissa tells them that Harry is a submissive and has been taken to a secret place by her son and future son-in-law.

Draco and Blaise have a conversation with Lucius, Narcissa, Amalyne, Severus and a few portraits of Draco's Vykélari ancestors (Lanai Manor/Malfoy Manor)
Draco and Blaise talk to their parents and Severus via a two-way-mirror connection, telling them of their decision to court Harry but also that they won't force him into it, to which Lucius, Amalyne and Narcissa agree. Severus tells the Malfoys and Zabinis of Harry's past with the Dursleys.
The portraits of two of Draco's Vykélari ancestors – Adler Malfoy and Ives Malfoy, née Prewett – agree to help the Slytherin's in their pursuit of Harry.
Narcissa promises to try to send them some of the submissive's possessions along with the portraits and some of Severus' spying potion to be used on Harry.

Harry sends a secret letter to Hermione and Ron (Lanai Manor)
Harry writes a letter to his friends and tricks a House Elf into sending it to England via owl post.

Blaise and Draco promise to let Harry speak with his friends (Lanai Manor)
Because Harry still doesn't really believe them, Draco and Blaise offer to let him question them under veritaserum but Harry instead demands to speak to his friends, telling the Slytherins that he will believe Hermione and Ron. They promise to arrange for Harry to meet his friends on Monday.
They spent the rest of the day at the beach behind Lanai Manor.

Harry speaks with Ives and promises to give Blaise and Draco the chance to court him
Ives, whose elder brother is the direct ancestor of Molly Weasley, nee Prewett, offers Harry a deal: he will tell him how to force Blaise and Draco to let him go the day before the new term in Hogwarts starts (31st of August); in return Harry is to give the two Slytherins an honest chance to court him and make an effort to understand them. Harry agrees.

Harry, Draco and Blaise connect magically for the first time. Harry has his first flying lesson. Blaise suggests a political career for Harry.
Harry tells Draco and Blaise that he'll give them a chance, but doesn't mention what Ives promised him.
Because Harry is still influenced by his painful first transformation, he is not able to transform, so Blaise has them all connect magically, allowing Harry to feel and observe Draco's transformation. While Harry likes the intensity and depth of the bond, Blaise and especially Draco are uncomfortable with it.
Harry transforms himself and Draco and Blaise teach him how to fly.
Afterwards they talk: Harry forgives Draco for his past wrongdoings. They speak about career choices and when Harry says he doesn't want to become an Auror Blaise proposes a political career for Harry and Draco promises to support him if he chose such a path. Draco leaves to speak with Adler.

Blaise and Harry find out that their instincts are not so easy to overcome. Harry admits to having sent a letter to his friends. Blaise gives Harry an emergency portkey and kisses him.
Harry, thinking the Slytherins' unease over the connection is a sign that they changed their minds and don't want to mate him anymore, hints that he'd be fine with returning to England. Blaise loses control over his instincts and cages Harry within his wings, displaying his magic which puts Harry into some kind of trance. Noticing what he is doing Blaise retracts his magic and convinces Harry with some difficulty that he didn't do it deliberately. Still under some magical influence, Harry admits to having sent a letter to his friends. To protect him in case someone learns of Harry's whereabouts from the letter, Blaise gives him one of a pair of emergency portkeys he had made for himself and Draco during the war and then proceeds to kiss him. Harry, upset because both of them are still somewhat influenced by their magic, retreats to his rooms. Later Draco and Blaise come by to apologize and ask him on an official date.

Draco speaks with Adler who reassures him that it is possible to close off an established mating bond for privacy and tells him of Ives' deal with Harry
Adler confirms that it is possible to close an established mating bond and thus maintain a level of privacy. He then tells Draco about Harry's deal with Ives (Harry giving the Slytherins the chance to woo him in return for a free pass to leave on the 31st of August). Draco is angry but understands why Harry did it. He and Blaise later decide not to mention anything to Harry and instead make it seem as if they had planned to return to Hogwarts with Harry all along. Harry believes them.

Pansy brings her two-way-mirror to the Burrow and Ron speaks with Blaise and Draco
Blaise and Draco convince Pansy to go to the Burrow and give her two-way-mirror with a connection to Lanai Manor to Ron and Hermione. She notices the growing attachment her friends have formed to Harry and is concerned that they might destroy their reputation if they don't mate Harry.
At the Burrow, Pansy is met by Ron. After she has given him the mirror and leaves, Ron makes a magical vow to retaliate if Draco or Blaise betray Harry or hurt him deliberately (Tiwaz oath). In turn Draco and Blaise vow to not force Harry and to do right by him.

Harry speaks with his friends and Hermione reads an article to him about his inheritance and the Vykélari laws, Harry decides to help his hosts
Harry tells his friends what happened so far and informs them of the letter. Hermione and Ron confirm that Harry basically has no rights concerning Vykélari courtship and mating. They read an article to him that was published that morning by Sonia Crane: through an interview with a Mediwizard it is described what happened in the hospital. A historian specializing on purebloods and Vykélari (Jennifer Palmer) describes what be happening to Harry now (forced to mate, share his magic, refer to his husbands in matters such as employment, in time birth a heir). The article criticizes the purebloods, the Malfoys (emphasizing their role in the war as Death Eaters) and social structures where there are ministry independent institutions mostly run by purebloods and demands that the ministry interferes.
Hermione and Ron think the article can be used to change the Vykélari laws and could even lead to Lucius' conviction. Harry wants to protect Blaise's and Draco's reputation and asks Hermione to arrange an interview with Crane over the two-way-mirror to relay his viewpoint.

Draco and Blaise meet with their parents again
Lucius is beside himself with rage over the article as it endangers the outcome of his trial and the standing of purebloods and demands that Draco and Blaise force Harry into a mating bond and bring him back to Britain where he intends to use Harry's prestige and power to keep himself out of prison and his family's reputation intact. Amalyne explains their plan to arrange an illusion for the public to disguise the true role they have intended for Harry and Narcissa makes it clear that she has the means to force Harry to yield to their wishes. First Severus then Draco and Blaise try to reason with them until Lucius tries to guild-trap his son and Blaise loses his temper, closing the mirror-connection after telling their parents that he and Draco will never force Harry nor allow them near him while he is still unmated.

Draco and Blaise warn Harry and his friends
Draco and Blaise take some precautious measures to keep Harry safe (alert Adler and Ives and give them House Elves so that they themselves can become active in an emergency, revoking Harry's ban to leave, tell the House Elves to prevent owl-post from reaching Harry, to protect him and to not let anyone enter the Manor's grounds,).
They warn Hermione and Ron from their parents and ask them to retreat to a safe house. Hermione promises to take Ginny and Ron to Australia to their parents.
Harry offers to help them with the ramifications of the article but Blaise refuses, telling him openly what their parents have planned for Harry. Draco his displeased as he is still somewhat loyal to his parents.

Harry, Draco and Blaise go on their date.
Draco, Blaise and Harry have their date: together with the Battellis – an Italian family the Slytherins have sworn to secrecy – they play a kind of aerial battle on chariots pulled by Pihassan horses (winged horses) while heading for the foots of the mountains. Once there, the three of them skydive to the ground where they spent the afternoon and the Slytherins show Harry a Pensieve Theatre. Afterwards they apparate to a restaurant floating over Rome.

When Harry returns to his rooms he is greeted by a dominant Italian Vykélari in the two-way mirror who kidnapped Hermione and Ron. Threatening to torture and kill his friends the dominant wants to force Harry to mate his son.
When Harry returns to his rooms after the date a dominant Italian Vykélari calls out from the two-way-mirror of which Hermione and Ron have the corresponding mirror. In it Harry sees the Italian standing next to his tied up friends – who seem conspicuously frightened and wrecked though uninjured – in an unfamiliar room. In front of Harry's eyes the man tortures Ron in an attempt to force Harry to leave the manor and mate his son. Harry acquiesces.

Harry tries to flee but Draco and Blaise intercept him. Blaise's uncle and a group of Italian Aurors (guardia) appear.
A House Elf informs Blaise and Draco that Harry is forced to leave the manor. Draco immediately runs after him. From a window he sees Harry walking down the driveway towards the manor's wards. He tries catching him in flight but Harry is faster. Blaise appears with the House Elves and manages to intercept Harry in a risky manoeuvre. By proposing that Harry could leave in the morning using the emergency portkey after contacting his friends, Blaise verifies that Hermione and Ron are used against Harry. Just then group of Italian Aurors (the guardia) appears with one of Blaise's uncles.

Harry leaves with Blaise's uncle. The guardia accuses Blaise and Draco of abusing Harry. They are put under House Arrest and their wands are taken.
Draco takes Harry aside while Blaise goes to confront the newcomers and tells him to use the emergency portkey to leave Italy. But Harry insinuates that they are being eavesdropped on and attacks Draco, rendering him unable to fight. Meanwhile Blaise's uncle reveals that they got Harry's letter and Blaise and Draco are accused of the abuse of a submissive Vykélari. When Blaise turns because he hears Harry attack Draco, he is stunned from behind. Blaise's uncle leaves with Harry, making it seem as if he is taking him away for his own good. The guardia takes away Blaise's and Draco's wands and put them under House Arrest (enforced with bracelets that will notify the guardia if they leave the manor's grounds). It becomes obvious that they believe the Slytherins to be guilty. Only one of the wizards is doubtful. The guardia leaves.

With the help of the spying potion that Adler used on Harry, Draco finds out how Harry was blackmailed to leave the manor and where to find Harry. Meanwhile Blaise tries unsuccessfully to convince some of his Italian acquaintances to help them.
Adler admits to Draco that he used Severus Snape's spying potion on Harry, so that all his memories are copied into a Pensieve. Using this Pensieve, Draco sees Harry's memories of the date and realises that all three of them were about to fall for each other. He witnesses Harry being blackmailed by an unknown (probably polyjuiced) man and how he tortures Harry's friends. While he can't really reason Harry's whereabouts from that memories, he is confident that once he reaches the fresher ones from after Harry left the manor, they will probably reveal where he has been brought to. Meanwhile Blaise tries to convince some of his Italian acquaintances, including the Battellis, to help them, but they refuse out of fear of Blaise's relatives.

Blaise enlists Daphne's help. A distraught Draco barges into the room telling Blaise they need to save Harry now .
Blaise contacts Daphne and gets her to help them. She is to contact Snape and have him go to his save house to wait for Harry to arrive with the emergency portkey. She is also to talk to McGonagall and the Weasleys and Lupins, inform them of the situations and ask for their help. While Daphne and her sister Astoria are thusly occupied, Draco barges into the room, obviously upset and fearing for Harry and tells Blaise that they need to leave now and save Harry.

Blaise's uncle brings Harry to the Lanai's country estate where they want him to bond with Taide Lanai. Taide however helps Harry to free himself. Everything goes horribly wrong when the Lanai patriarch Valerio orders Hermione and Ron to be killed in order to create a distraction and recapture Harry. At his Limit, Harry prepares for revenge.
Blaise's uncle Eleuterio brings Harry to the country estate of the Lanai. Upon their arrival Harry's magic is immediately bound, leaving him defenceless. When Harry refuses to proceed any further before his friends are released, Valerio makes an Unbreakable Vow to not catch, harm or hold captive anyone Harry holds dear after he is mated to his son Taide, but to kill his two captives if Harry does not comply. After that Harry is made to drink a calming potion and pressured to mate Tade. But Harry finds himself incapable of doing that. Taide meanwhile does not wish to mate Harry at all and helps him escape by releasing the block on his magic. Harry's magic is agitated and trikes out. The oldest Lanai falls hardly and is unconscious or dead. After getting his magic under control again, Harry pretends to take Taide hostage to force Valerio to release his friends. Valerio however orders them to be killed instead and while Harry is distracted, one of the Lanais stabs a magical dagger into Harry's back, that sucks away his magic. Desperate and grieving, Harry pushes the rest of his magic out of his body to attack his tormentors and loses consciousness.

Harry makes his magic leave his body and loses consciousness. His magic cruelly kills everyone present except Taide Blaise and Draco apparate to a point close to the manor and fly up to the ruins with two House Elves (Alfar, Giallina). They manage to save Harry and sent him back to Britain via the emergency portkey, however Alfar dies and Draco is wounded.
Harry manages to overcome the dagger's power that continues to draw from his magic by pushing it out of his body entirely. He immediately loses consciousness from the ensuing magical exhaustion. Taking the form of a black stag and hundreds of birds his magic tortures and kills everyone present except Taide, who is hurt only when he tries to reach Harry in order to stop the killing spree. Blaise and Draco try to apparate to the manor with the House Elves' help, but it is warded against House Elf apparition. They land somewhere close and Blaise takes Alfar and Draco Giallina and they fly up to the manor. There they find everything destroyed and in ruins, and several corpses burnt beyond recognition. Giallina finds Harry in the middle of a tornado of burning birds and flies towards him (as he sae Taide unconscious but alive in the carnage and theorized correctly that Harry's magic can differentiate between friends and enemies). Blaise, not knowing what Draco does, fears for him and has Alfar attack the birds before Draco can reach them. They scatter and regroup and attack Alfar, killing him, but recognize Blaise as an ally, leaving him mostly uninjured. Meanwhile Draco, trying to help, tries to reach Harry in order to calm him and his magic. He is intercepted by the stag and taken on its antlers but it recognizes him and ceases its attack. With Alfar dead, and Giallina hidden the magical beasts go quiet again. Blaise reaches Harry and recognizing the leech dagger he tries to transfer magic to the other boy. When that doesn't work he puts the emergency portkey on him and Harry is immediately transported back to Britain.

Severus arrives at the Zabini's safe house in Britain and stabilizes Harry's condition. Narzissa and Amalyne arrive at the safe house, notified by the portkey being used. Amalyne plans to leave for Italy to help their sons while Narcissa remins behind to "secure Harry for their families".
Snape, called upon by Daphne, arrives at the safe house Damask Tower where he finds Harry in his grave condition. He retreates to the more secluded lower parts of the tower and leaves behind traps to slow down Narcissa and Amalyne who he anticipates to arrive later. He manages to stabilize Harry with enormous difficulties as Harry's magic is still violently repelling foreign magic. Later, Narcissa and Amalyne arrive thinking one of their sons has had to evacuateto the safe house, and perhaps the other might not have survived because they know that only one portkey has been used. At the entrance of Damask Tower they find a letter from Snape, telling them their sons are still in Italy and that it was Harry that had been evacuated. The letter advises them to go to Italy and help their sons with the fallout. Amalyne decides to do just that while Narcissa is to stay behind and make sure Harry will be ready and willing to mate Blaise and Draco.

Severus convinces Narcissa not to try and force Harry to mate Draco and Blaise.
Severus convinces Narcissa that Lucius will have to go to prison no matter whether Draco and Blaise mate Harry or not and that it would lead to a milder sentence if they pretended that they only ever intended to keep Harry safe until Hogwarts reopened.

Draco and Blaise have unwillingly taken Harry's darkened magic into themselves and are apprehended by the Guardia. A Vykélari experts explaines why Harry's magic killed the Lanais (Ceadda's darkness)
After they sent Harry away, the physical manifestations of Harry's magic find new hosts in Draco and Blaise, transforming them into darkened Vykélari with bird-like features that are far closer to their instincts than Vykélari usually are. They are apprehended by the Guardia and brought to the Italian ministry. At the ministry, minister Nascimbeni has a Vykélari expert brought in who explains the origin of leech daggers and the phenomenon of Ceadda's darkness: when a Vykélari is close to dying and can't save himself with the use of his magic (usually after being impaled on a leech dagger, which sucks magic inside), they can hurl their magic out of themselves to kill their enemies. Ususally they die directly afterwards of magical exhaustion or from the wound of the leech dagger.

Draco and Blaise are interrogated by the guardia. They decide to renounce their families.
Draco and Blaise are interrogated by the Italian head of the Guardia Department, Generale Carraci and another Guardia, Spina. The Slytherins need to hide the involvement of the spying potion in the events of the last night as it would call Draco's acquittal into question and are not capable of giving satisfying answers to key questions. Frustrated, Carraci shows what he could charge them with (obstruction of the guardia, possession and use of unsanctioned portkeys, abuse, kidnapping). When he reveals his suspicion that Valerio Lanai kidnapped Harry mostly as a revenge because Amalyne Zabini wasn't brought to justice after killing his brother, the Vykélari lose control over Harry's magic, causing a smaller magical explosion. In the aftermath they decide to break loose from their families

Harry's allies arrive in Italy. Amongst them Ron and Hermione.
Harry's allies arrive at the Italian ministry along with the Greengrass heiresses. Hearing Ron's voice, Draco and Blaise escape their interrogation room and find them. They explain how the Lanais managed to kidnap Harry: they learned of the inheritance during Draco's and Blaise's engagement party, found out the identity of the submissive and stalked Harry's closest friends. They imperioed Harry's House Elf in order to hijack the mirror connection and steal hairs for a polyjuice potion.