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Lucas pulled his vibrating phone from his pocket. Seeing a restricted number he answered, "Hello?"

"you shouldn't let your wife play in the street." came the response.

"who the hell is this? Stay away from my wife"

Lucas heard a click and began to dial Peyton. "please pick up" he said aloud.

The caller laughed as he tossed the phone back to The blonde. "think she missed me?"

"of course she does. Peyton told me herself. That's why we have to wait to go back make it a real surprise."

Lindsay walked towards him slipping off her top. "Now lay down," she ordered as she climbed on top of him.

Nathan walked into the cafe, to visit his wife. Spotting her he hurried over. "guess who is in town?"

Haley opened her mouth to deeply but nothing came out because her husband cut her off.

"Lindsay! She's back"

Dropping her tray as she heard a screama outside. They both turned to run out the door. Seeing a crowd forming in the street and their son yelling.

Screeching tires and a scream tore Jamie away from his now ex girlfriend, he ran towards the intersection.

"Aunt Peyton!" he yelled as he rushed towards her. Kneeling down to help her. She wasn't moving and she was bleeding a lot. Not knowing what to do he yelled for somebody to call 911.

"lily, grab the bag by the door. You will have to drive me. I'm in labor"

Bouncing up and down. Lily squealed. Hurrying to pick up the bag. " let's go Aunt Brooke," when she got no response she turned around to see her Aunt lying on the floor.

Running over to her she picked up the phone and dialed 911