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Hello, this is a sort of sequel taking place almost two years after the events of my other story "An Adventure of my Own". It is once again from my POV and nothing much has changed. This is my first crossover story and also the first crossover story between Invader Zim and Beetlejuice. Please go easy on me and I hope you like it.

"So as you can see, by modifying the visuals we'll be able to get a much higher quality on the visuals at Zims house." Dib finished explaining as he packed up his diagrams and folders.

I nodded, "And it is just his equipment you want to get pictures of, right?"

He groaned. It had been almost two years since I had moved into the neighbourhood and made my decision that I would not help Dib to expose Zim as an alien, but also help Dib to stop Zim from world domination. Like I had explained before, I was on GIR's side, in the middle and friends with both. However, that had never stopped them from trying to convince me otherwise. For example, Dib right now was trying to get me to let him get visual evidence of Zim as an alien to show to the Swollen Eyeballs. I however was not giving in, the equipment was fine, but not Zim, I didn't want one of my friends on some lab table having his guts pulled out! I looked at Dib in the eyes and smiled sweetly, it was a little trick I used when necessary.

"Fine." Dib gave in, stuffing his things into his bag, "So I'll see you at skool tomorrow right?"

"Yep, and I'll bring those copies of Paranormal Weekly I found in the charity shop." I promised.

He nodded and waved as he left my house. I stared after him for a moment and found myself smiling. I jumped as my mum walked swiftly into the room from behind me.

"Dib gone?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think I'm heading around his after skool tomorrow."

She sat down next to me and looked meaningfully at me, "Amy, have you ever thought that maybe, you're spending a little too much time with Dib, and Zim some days too." She continued when I arched my brow questioningly, "I mean, why not try and find some… normal friends, like, try and find a couple of nice girls to hang around with for a bit of girly time."

"It's fine, plus, all the girls in my skool are really horrible most of the time, plus I already have a girl for a friend, Gaz." I reminded her of Dibs sister.

"I mean your own age."

"She's only a year younger than me. Where's this coming from?" I asked, anxiously.

She sighed and shook her head, "It's nothing. Now, you know I like your friends but I'm just worried that you're hanging around with the wrong crowd, the… odd crowd, that's all."

I had to admit that from her point of view, we were a weird bunch. I was the foreign British chick that was still pretty new in the town, Dib was the eccentric paranormal nut who often came across as pushy or slightly 'unstable' and his sarcastic, scary little sister Gaz then occasionally there was Zim, the loud, slightly sadistic kid with a green 'skin condition' and green dog to match. Okay, so I knew exactly where she was coming from. We were odd. But…

"Everyone's a little bit odd, mum, it just makes life a bit more interesting." I smiled, "Plus, they may be strange but... they're the best friends I've had."

Knowing that she was fighting a loosing battle, she nodded and returned to whatever it was she had been doing before she came along. I sighed and went up to my room, collapsing onto my bed. I sighed, okay, I admit that I did miss the girly talk and shopping trips with my friends from Wales, but in hindsight, going on alien adventures and saving the world and researching the paranormal with Dib and Zim was so much more fun.

I suddenly felt like I was being watched, I sat upright and peered out of my window over at the house next door. It was different from the other houses in the street, and in the window facing mine, a pair of electric blue eyes stared over at me. The little stitch-like mouth beneath them grinned wildly and it's arms starting waving at me. I grinned and waved back at GIR, laughing as a larger figure with dark pink eyes and green skin wrestled him to the floor out of sight. The figure returned and glared out at me. I continued to wave and mouthed a 'hello' at Zim, who nodded curtly in acknowledgment and then shut the curtains. I laughed and returned to laying on the bed.

Yeah, I wouldn't change this for anything, yet, mums words were starting to eat at me. Maybe I did need a little girl time for a bit. But the problem was that all the girls in skool were either really rude and stuck up, or they were (without me sounding mean) totally ignorant to anything around them. I wasn't a high maintenance person and was rarely judgmental, but I'd been at that skool long enough to know that I wasn't going to be able to get along with any of the girls there.

The next morning, I pulled my rucksack up onto my shoulders and headed over to Zims house, I often called for him in the morning before skool and occasionally walked home with him. I wasn't sure if he was okay with this, but I wasn't his enemy, so where was the harm? I skilfully edged around the evil gnomes in the front garden and knocked on the door. A dog-suited GIR answered and instantly jumped into my arms.

"AMY-CAKES!" he cried, nuzzling into my neck.

"Hey GIR," I smiled at the nickname, the first time we met I had given him a cake, the name stuck ever since, "is Zim ready?"

He nodded and scrambled out of my grip and into the house, I followed and walked in just in time to see Zim slipping his contact lenses into his eyes. I shuddered, I was always grossed out by the little squelch sound that happened whenever he put them in. He arched his brow at me and folded his arms expectantly.

"Ready for skool?" I asked.

"Zim shall be ready when ZIM is ready, human!" he snapped, there was a pause and he then stormed past me and out the door, "Zim is now ready."

"Ahem!" I called, picking up a black furry object from the floor and dangled it in the air.

Zim turned around and saw what I was doing. He cried out in horror and sprinted back into the safety of the house, gloved hands covering his bare head. He snatched the wig from my hands and placed it onto his head. I chewed the side of my mouth to stop myself from laughing, he glared at me and composed himself as if nothing had happened and then walked back out of the house. This time with me following.

"So how was the squid-muffin experiment?" I asked, remembering him boasting how it would be the next step in his world conquest plans, don't ask, I have no idea…

"Oh such a success it was! But, thinking about it, Zim had more clever plans to carry out, squid-muffins would only have made it too easy." His eyes darted nervously.

"Fair enough." I smirked, in other words, it had backfired and that was the reason there were screams of fear and agony coming from underground the other day, "And they are…?"

"Classified!" he yelled, making me jump, "They are so classified that even the almighty ZIM does not know them yet!"

My smirk widened as I nodded in understanding. He seemed satisfied. He did make me laugh from time to time, even when he didn't mean to. We reached skool and we entered the classroom together. He took his seat by the door while I took mine next to Dib by the window. He smiled at my arrival and I returned the gesture. I was about to reach into my bag to hand him the paranormal magazines I had promised when Ms. Bitters slithered snake-like behind her desk and called for attention. I had to admit that I was less than pleased when I found out that she was going to be teaching us again after two years…

"Class, marking the anniversary of classroom over-crowding, we have been given a new student. This is Lydia Deetz."

She growled, moving aside to reveal a thin, pale girl with a shoulder length black hair and dark make-up around her eyes, a spider shaped badge clung to her jacket. Lydia smiled shyly at the class and gave a little wave. I smiled back. I remembered being the new kid and having to feel the burn of every eye in the class glaring at you.

"Now, let's see…" Ms. Bitters continued, her finger travelling around the class, "You're face it getting too familiar, to the underground classroom with you!"

The girl who I'd never really spoken to but sat behind me shrieked as the floor beneath her vanished, sending her plummeting into darkness. Both me and Lydia jolted in panic; I'd never seen anything like that in the classroom before! I turned to stare at Dib questioningly, he shrugged and quirked his eyebrow as if to say, 'I know, but it's what happens around here'. Lydia nervously took her seat behind me, I turned to smile welcomingly, thankfully, she returned the gesture. I turned back around and glared at Dib, raising my eyebrows hinting that he should do the same. He tilted his head in confusion and then shrugged, turning around slightly and waving at her shyly. She nodded at him with a smile. Dib looked at me as if to say 'happy now?' and returned to his work. I rolled my eyes, poor girl…